David Archuleta and Rick Springfield Talk Teen Idols for People Magazine

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Idol hearthrob David Archuleta and 80’s hearthrob Rick Springfield (“Jessie’s Girl”) teamed up recently for a People magazine photoshoot for the celeb mag’s 35th anniversary issue. “Teen Idols Then and Now, ” is the theme.

In a short video to promote the issue, Rick and David share their respective stories of life in the bubble.   Rick says that his close family helped him deal with the perils of fame.

Looking over at David’s mom, sitting off camera, Rick says, “You’re mom’s pretty hot…am I out of   line to say that?”

“I don’t know, ” giggles David, “I guess it’s kind of awkward.”


Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Rick Springfield was and is one of the sexiest men around. He’s getting back into acting more of late, and I say yay!!! Doesn’t look his age either, does he? (He’s 60)

  2. Rick is delicious, I don’t care if he’s 60, damn 60? He looks incredible. David is just so honest and genuine, and he is just as cute as ever. I don’t think I ever watch any video of his without breaking out in a huge smile. He’s just a breath of fresh air. I loved the photo shoot. David is coming into his own more and more.

  3. It’s too funny that they dressed Rick Springfield and Archie just the same. It’s like Rick has a mini-me.

    I wish they’d put him back on General Hospital full-time. And bring Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers back all the time, too! (They left him with a very hot son on GH. Patrick needs a dad, right?)

  4. Archie always brings a smile to my face. He is just a sweet sweet person.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I love this! Dang they both look great!
    lol the ending….. yes so classic!!

  6. Whole thing makes me laugh — David’s reaction to Rick and Rick’s to David. LOVE it and can’t wait for the magazine.

  7. Can’t stop smiling over this video. Heartthrobs past and present. David and Rick look to be having a great time together. I can’t wait to see the pics from the photoshoot. This issue of People magazine will be flying off the shelf.

  8. David Archuletta is such a slice of sweetness. I just adore that kid. I wonder if he will always maintain that personality.

  9. That was cute. Dang, Rick Springfield is 60? My much younger sister was head over heals in love with him. I guess for that reason I always thought he was younger than me. Yay, he’s much older. Maybe I have a shot. lol

  10. This was freaking adorable – Rick is still my fantasy. I saw him two summers ago and he gives a good show.

  11. Rick Springfield is still hot! Archie was adorable – love the remark by Rick “you’re mom is hot – was that out of line?”

  12. Okay, the last time I heard about Rick Springfield was this past summer at a David Cook concert in Virginia Beach. The delightful Matt Nathanson opened for him and one of the songs he sang was the very suspicious “Princess.” Matt explains in the beginning of this video that some people claim that he stole the melody from Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl … and then it gets hilarious.

    Watch the beginning for his explanation as to why the accusations are okay by him and keep going to the 3:32 mark when he actually launches into Rick’s song — with much audience participation.

    It is a hoot.

  13. Okay, this guy had to have sold his soul to the devil. How in the world is Rick still looking so hot?!

    I used to have a tiny crush on him back in the day – I won’t even say when (I know, I’m still dating myself). LOL.

    ETA: to fix back.

  14. this was sch-weeeeeet :) we were wondering what david’s people magazine shoot was all about… can’t wait to see this in print….. time has been good to rick, and david is so photogenic i’m sure his pictures are gonna have the fangirls abuzz for days… yep, good times :)

  15. oh how fun!!! I loved Rick back in the day and I love David now. And golly gosh darn if Rick isn’t still lookin hot. Older hottie and younger hottie all in one place. Guess it’s not about the age after all….for the idol or for the fan girl either. Love it!!!

  16. It’s Dr. Noah Drake – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I seriously could not believe he is 60 – had to verify with wikipedia.

  17. Sassycatz
    October 6, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks for the video….now that is the kind of stuff that I luvs at live performances. Can’t get that on the radio.

  18. “Jessie’s Girl” is still so damn catchy. I also saw Rick Springfield’s recent stints on General Hospital. I doubt he’ll be coming back since the GH writers have turned Dr. Noah Drake aka Eli Love into such a loser and he’s not too pleased with that. Though they did write in a way for him to pimp his music on the show everytime he’s gone back. LOL

    Never thought I’d see David Archuleta hanging with Rick Springfield. Never thought Rick Springfield would be semi hitting on David’s mom Lupe. That’s hilarious. I wonder if Lupe was flattered. Heh.

    ETA: Really looking forward to this issue of People Magazine.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhMcGXTzprA

    I love this interview and if you are like me you’ll wonder what in the hell has changed in 40 years…’cause based on this interview with it’s eyeliner and “cougar” references it could have been recorded yesterday (sort of). Just a nice blast of the past.

  20. What a great interview. The interview was funny…loved how they joked about David’s mom. She is a beautiful woman…but of course to David…it’s just his mom — too funny. I remember the days when Rick Springfield was quite the heartthrob – loved his song “Jesse’s Girl” – a big hit for him…and I might have even bought the album at the time.

    I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan now…yes an older fan but I so appreciate David’s soulful / pop sound. I just think he is an amazing singer / songwriter and has a long career ahead of him in the music field. I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet David in person this summer. Although he is shy when you meet him, give him a microphone and a stage and a whole new person comes out. His concerts are so much fun and he is so talented and connected with his audience.

    Love the story and will definitely be looking for this issue of People magazine!

  21. Rick is still sooo damn sexy even after all these yrs!! I still get butterflies looking at him and listening to him. I remember coming home from a few days in the hospital and my mom had the Working Class Dog album sitting on my bed!!

  22. I never miss a chance to see Rick in concert. I just saw him in Vegas in April and last year in Tampa. He rocks it! He usually comes out in the audience and I’ve had the pleasure of ‘helping’ him climb over seats in auditoriums. ;)

  23. David is a sweetie and rick looks still damn hot and he looks like a very nice guy

  24. That was so great! So cute! Rick Springfield is not 60 yrs. old. What has happened to me? A 60 yr. old does not look old to me…wait, 60 is not old!

  25. does anyone know if this made the cover – now that would be extra super duper niiiiiiice :)

  26. Mj thanks for posting! This is awesome- both Rick and David. I love how they both seem to have respect for each other.

    David’s mom IS gorgeous. I wish I looked as young as her, and David got her young genes! Lucky!!

  27. Uh, I’m a little too young to have been crushing on Rick Springfield, but I do know his songs…and wow, talk about aging well! I’m guessing we’ll be speaking the same words about Archie..oh..41 years from now.

  28. Wow, Rick does look good for 60! I had no idea he was that old. I had a huuuuuge crush on him when I was a tween. LOL.

    Paging Dr. Noah Drake to ICU for a serious case of heartbreak! LOL.

    He tours quite a bit. He’s come through here several times in the last decade or so. Maybe I should go see one of his shows. Heh.

    I had no idea he was back on GH.

    PS To Archie’s mom: much better catch than your hubby. Perhaps you should go for it. ;-)

  29. Rick Springfield 60? hmmm he puts me to shame, time to bring out the wrinkle cream ha,ha, Loved his comment about Lupe looking hot, can’t say I blame him, she is gorgeous after all :D ha,ha,

    David was adorable as always, his smiles are contagious and I love his sense of humor :D He still looks to be quite shy with the girls at times, but I find that adorable. Mr. Heartthrob *wink* ha,ha,

  30. Ack! I feel so old.

    Technically, I guess Rick could be Lupe’s dad. heh David should have called him Grandpa. lol

    Lupe is gorgeous and sooooo young looking. One of my favorite pictures of the two of them right before Idol is this one.


    David really did get her youthful looks. Though I’m sure it’s a pain in butt now, he’ll appreciate it in a few years.

  31. David Archuleta’s mom is pretty hot for her age, I wouldn’t mind having her for my wife if I were 40….. >_>.

    Aww, David Archuleta’s still cute, too. Did his voice get deeper?

  32. OMG, they are adorable together. Rick is still smokin hot at his age and David is young smokin hot too at his age. They are really well paired together. Both are very handsome. Must be an honor for David to be chosen for this.
    David always put a smile to my face whatever he does, singing, talking, tweeting, whatever he does.
    I love this kid.

  33. omg, i liked rick way back then but now, david stole my heart, lol!

    rick was the “cool dude” in the 80’s bec of his hawt and rockish star persona and david archuleta is the “new cool” of this era, bec of his clean,sweet, subtle and suave persona, yayyyyyyyy!make sense to me,lol….and remember, he’s one hawt latino guy!!!!

    can’t wait to buy the people mag feautring david and rick and david’s christmas from the heart cd…woot!

  34. This was pretty funny. Never in a million years would have predicted these two would be in an article together. I like it!! They seemed to have fun and anyone who can make David chuckle is alright by me.

  35. Rick reminds me of Kurt Bestor(Utah musician) who did the musical arrangment of some of David’s Christmas songs and Falling. David always brings a smile to my face. He is so refreshing. Yes David looks like his Mom and is definitely lucky to have those genes. I’m sure everyone was stunned when Rick said your Mom is Hot Ha!Ha!
    Can’t wait to see the People Magazine spread.

    Only one week for the album of Christmas songs. Yeh!

  36. Wow David and Rick both are so good looking~this jacket David is wearing reminds me of his picture for Elle magazine and the awesome job the photographer did in depicting a more serious and gorgeous side to David Archuleta. He really is flawless. He has perfect eyes, face shape, eyes. Some people are so perfectly looking! he’s one of those blessed with that gift. Of course, he still has a naive way about him which makes him seem not so sexy when he talks, but when he gets that serious look on him, woah~
    And I love that they have gorgeous Rick Springfield to compare with. Rick was the same type of look when younger. He was very youthful looking when he made his hit “Jessie’s girl” even though he was in 30’s. You would see him with makeup and awkward outfits to make him look teen idolish.
    Things haven’t changed much have they? They do this with David alot too. Put makeup on him. Have him wear preppy clothes or outfits that aren’t quite his look.
    So, it looks like they captured the awkwardness of being a “teen idol” which David’s expressions in the filming show this. He is much more serious when in person really. At VIP’s and stuff you get to see the more “real”, serious, sensitive side of David. In these photo shoots he seems more out of sorts, which I think most non self-centered people would feel very much the same.
    Love David, and love this People photo shoot.
    Off to subscribe to People~

  37. “Rick reminds me of Kurt Bestor(Utah musician) ”

    you know, I kinda agree. Rick and Kurt. Wow! They do look very similar.
    Maybe David felt he was with Kurt, who is known as a jokester. So maybe that is why he is laughing alot. Hee!
    David laughs alot when he’s kinda uncomfortable. And the girls grabbing and Rick so teasing probably added to the out of sorts.

  38. Where, exactly, was this photo shoot taken? Wasn’t it in New York right after the Demi/David tour? Before the Latin ALMA awards performance?
    When he was in New York to sing at the US Open?
    Just wondering when?
    His hair looks really short there.

    And he just said today he got his hair cut again!

  39. Tess
    October 6, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    I love this interview and if you are like me you’ll wonder what in the hell has changed in 40 years’ ¦’cause based on this interview with it’s eyeliner and ‘cougar’  references it could have been recorded yesterday (sort of). Just a nice blast of the past.

    Eyeliner and housewives! 71? Wow, he really did pay some dues, I guess. I had no idea he had a career before Jesse’s Girl and GH.

  40. Rick “Dick Clark” Springfield. Geez! David seemed to be enjoying himself…even if he was a bit wooden at times.

  41. Rick Springfield was my firstest fangirl fixation!!! I can’t believe how hot he still looks!! Dayum!
    Randomly wondering how Archie will look when he’s 60.

  42. David has deep dimples, too, like Rick. heh. Rick seems to be a nice guy that he was a little hesitant to talk about the hott mama. haha. Both of them are good looking and cute.

    Ya, I don’t want David to change as he grows. I want him to stay shy and humble as always.

  43. Anybody remember the 1984 movie Rick stared in….Hard To Hold…I always thought it was pretty good..He played a rockstar in it..LOL! You can get it through Netflix still. Check it out!

  44. Kanadie, I was not allowed to see that movie. Was it rated R? I remember there was talk of a butt shot… ahem. Where are the emoticons. Heh. :blush:

  45. David is way too adorable for life. Love love love that boy! And I have no idea who Rick Springfield is, LOL but that moment with David’s mom was hilarious!

  46. Man, I was crazy about Rick Sprinfield, aka Dr. Noah Drake, in my youth. He has aged far better than I, that’s for sure. And he is right about David’s mom, she is hot – which makes me wonder what in the fire is wrong with his father.

  47. And I have no idea who Rick Springfield is,

    He sang Jessie’s Girl in the mid 80s. If you have ears, you’ve heard it.


    wow–Rick looks pretty good. Nice.

    The photo shoot looked like it was going to yield some great pictures of both of them.

    This is so great for David–to be presented as the “teen idol” of today. Great publicity. (I guess People couldn’t get a Jonas to do it?) (I love David–I just didn’t realize that he’s the David Cassidy of today.)

    Mom must have been flying high for a while after that. I wonder if Rick is single. Just saying.

    David is very cute and a great singer, but he’s really awkward at these things. Still seems so immature.

  48. He sang Jessie’s Girl in the mid 80s. If you have ears, you’ve heard it.

    Hmm, I have heard that song a few times before but I’m not familiar with who sang it. I was born in ’87, maybe that’s why. And I’m not sure if it was a big hit in the Philippines either.

  49. I love this. Two of my favs! Archie and a heart throb from my younger days. I always wished I was Jessie’s girl…..I knew Rick for his music, never saw him in his TV role.

    Quite an honor for Archie to be featured over several others they might have chosen. His name is associated with the moniker “Idol” so it works well!

  50. Quite an honor for Archie to be featured over several others they might have chosen.

    indeed. quite an honor to get the nod by people mag over the usual pop culture suspects of the jonai, jesse mccartney, zac efron for this 35th anniversary issue… springfield is a good pairing for him in this upcoming article… both have great, youthful looks, have been/ are somewhat ”reluctant” idols, with something that sets them apart from the more manufactured ”teen” idols of yesteryear and today – real talent and singing ability. springfield has maintained a pretty decent career acting and singing, david is just getting started, and should have years to continue honing his craft, and branching out into other areas. it works for me :)

  51. Still seems so immature.

    I think it’s shyness, not immaturity in David’s case… JMO.

  52. I agree that it’s shyness, not immaturity. In all actuality, David is MUCH more mature than most 18 year old guys I know.

  53. This is indeed a momentous honor — Teen Idol of today. It’s like he’s won yet another accolade to put on his mantle. It couldn’t happen at a more opportune time since his Christmas album is dropping next week. This is just the right kind of buzz to keep his name fresh in people’s minds. I’m so excited for his career! :)

    ETA: Funny how they both seem to fall out of their stools at the end. :lol:

  54. he’s really awkward at these things. Still seems so immature.

    I went away last night thinking about this statement, wondering why my reaction to the same behavior was different. He’d probably be the first to say that he was immature. (And I support him in his right to mature at his own pace — because I think in some ways this is a choice for him.) Yet I agree with other fans that in some big-picture ways, David is more mature than most 18 year olds I know.

    I see David as genuine, perhaps because I compare him more to people I know. He reacts as my daughters and their male friends near his age might react. He does what I see them do.

    Now, if I were to compare him to others in the industry near his age, say Jesse McCartney or Miley or Justin Bieber, I might say David did come off as awkward in comparison. Then again, to me the other young stars seem full of false bravado.

    Guess it’s just a matter of perspective. The behavior of the other three stars I mentioned is off-putting to me, but obviously they have large fan bases. Hopefully, David will also keep winning fans who enjoy the character traits unique to him.

    And, as his enviably hot mama might tell us, he’ll grow up soon enough.

  55. I keep watching this because it’s so adorable – both of them are adorable.

  56. “he’s really awkward at these things. Still seems so immature”

    Absolutely just the opposite! We’ve come to know him so well and have spoken to him in person. David is definitely not immature – he’s shy! He is very mature in fact. He’s different in that he’s a breath of fresh air! He’s not arrogant and egotistical which is what you would expect from fame! He is so down to earth and that is what I appreciate about him!

  57. It seems David is a little awkward. But awkwardness is not immaturity. I always thought Jason Castro is awkward, but he is NOT immature. He is just awkward and down to earth, which is his charm.

    Those who know David know he is WAY more mature than ordinary people. His thoughtfulness, sensitivity, things he says about others, how to treat others… I have seen other idols yelling at crazy fans, saying something offensive without thinking… They all should learn how to treat others, even crazy fans from this 18 year old. It all comes from inner maturity.

    I remember when Miley received an award one time, she was really surprised and almost cried saying that she thought she wouldn’t win. She was really real, not manufactured. We see that ALL THE TIME from David, genuiness, honesty, purity, goodness and humor. Just change your mindset when you see him and don’t compare him to other manufactured celebrities.

  58. Suzanne, David is not immature. He is shy and very unpretentious which is rarely seen in the entertainment sector today.

    Here is proof of what I’m saying from someone who’s spent a lot of time with David and has become a good friend–David Cook. This is from a radio interview in Missouri done in 2008:

    Female DJ: We were big fans of yours, but after I went and watched the finale and saw him (David Archuleta) up close, there’s no way I could beat him up anymore coz he’s such a little boy.
    Cook: We always joked around with him that he’s a 30 year old trapped in a 17 year old body. He’s one of the most mature kids I think I’ve ever met. He doesn’t deviate from the plan. He’s very focused and very, um, you know, goal oriented. I always felt really immature around him. (Laughter) It was an odd dichotomy.

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