Carrie Underwood – Play On – Available Everywhere Today!

Carrie Underwood’s 3rd album, Play On is available everywhere today.   I haven’t listened to the entire album yet, but from the songs I’ve heard, and the mostly positive reviews it’s received so far, I think Carrie has another winner on her hands.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Carrie has a slew of appearances lined up for the next few weeks.   You can check out her schedule on my Idol Apperances page HERE.   Tonight, she performs on Late Show with David Letterman.   Tomorrow morning she appears on Good Morning America.

Get Carrie:

  • Carrie Underwood – Play OnAmazon
  • Carrie Underwood – Play OniTunes
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  1. On iTunes, the album is already #4 on the country chart and #38 on all genres! Wow!

  2. So far NY times and All Music have not given play on good reviews…. prove them wrong Carrie. On a side note, she sounded great on Letterman

  3. It’s also Carrie Underwood Week on iTunes. Previous albums are available for $7.99. She has a playlist… by now you can guess who’s included; and lists of her fave albums, movies and TV shows.

    Play On is now #2 on country albums and #15 on all genres.

  4. I bought it and I am very very please and happy with it. Go Carrie…Love Her

  5. Loved most of it on my first listen tonight. Carrie is really maturing into a complete artist. She remains my first Idol love, and she doesn’t disappoint on this effort.

  6. I clicked through to Amazon and it still says pre-order. WTF? It’s after 1:15 in the morning here so I thought it would be available. I don’t want to go to Target tomorrow to buy it. I don’t do iTunes nor do I do Amazon mp3’s (except in rare instances). I do want to support MJ’s efforts here by clicking through…maybe in the morning.

    It also asked if I also wanted to pre-order Adam’s album. No thank you. I don’t want to pre-order anything, let alone Adam’s album. The only thing those have in common is Idol. Musically the two are polar.

  7. It’s #10 on all genre, last I checked. Listening to it as we speak…about halfway through and I LOOOVEEEE it!! So excited to see the rest of her upcoming appearances. CMA Awards and Robin Roberts ABC Special —I’m all over it!! (Wed. the 11th and Tues the 10th respectively)

    Oh, and here are some other Carrie links I’ve been checking out: [2 new songs and singles from past albums + an interview] [Opry Goes Pink and “Before He Cheats”] [Official video for Cowboy Casanova]

  8. No.1 @ Country and No.4 All Genres – ITUNES….WOOHOO!!!!!!

  9. Carrie’s CD “Play On” is now at #2 (all genres) on I-Tunes early this morning. The only one in front of it is Glee.

  10. Just got it on i-Tunes!

    I’ve listened a few times when it leaked and once this morning. This’ll probably be my favorite album from her because of the way her singing is matured and because there are a bunch of songs I can tell really reflect where she is in her life. I don’t know if people who don’t know her story as well as her fans do will be as interested though. She’s kept it country on the ballads while the uptempos are all crossover friendly, even Songs Like This which is the most country one.

    Carrie’s head voice sounds so incredible and I’m so happy she’s used it a ton more on the album. She’s not using it for effect either, she makes it work for what she’s singing.

  11. Carrie Underwood just set another record as her album – Play On has reached No.1 spot in ITUNES All-Genre Album and Country as well…

    So fast, in just 9 hours of release!!!

  12. I love “Quitter.” I think it’s the best track on the record. Hope this is the next single.

  13. I gave in and bought the album this morning off Itunes. First country CD I have ever bought.

    I like
    Undo it
    Songs Like This
    I almost wept at Temporary Home not a weeper here.

  14. I like What Can I Say (I like the guy’s voice), Unapologize (the chorus is really awesome), and Temporary Home.

  15. I like

    Undo It (I think this one is a winner)
    Songs Like This
    Temporary Home
    Look At Me
    What Can I Say

    That’s a lot. Love this album

  16. Wow, I love this album. I was thinking how many great songs were on the album last night when I got it, and then I realized I wasn’t even counting the 4 great songs that had already been released. I love how she really stretches her vocals on the cd, and explores where she can take her voice. I think she is going to have great first week sales, she is already #1 on Itunes!

  17. I just picked up my copy at Best Buys. She’s going to kill at the big box retailers — they were taking them out of the boxes in midtown Manhattan. Congratulations to Carrie!

  18. Can’t wait to get my copy! Glad to hear everyone loves so many of the songs so far! I have a birthday tomorrow and have requested it, so I’ll need to wait, maybe until the weekend! Oh well!

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