Brooke White Blogs About Shooting a TV Pilot

Brooke White just posted some exciting news. She’s been cast in a television pilot. She plays a singer/songwriter in a family oriented show, and is in the midst of shooting now. She co-wrote 3 songs for the production. One with fellow Season 7 Idol, Michael Johns.

An exerpt from Brooke’s blog (you’ll want to click the link. Brooke goes into great detail about the experience.)  (thanks OmahaCookie)

I am acting. I’m kinda being an actress… actually not kinda, actually I am completely being an actress. Yep, it’s bizarre and yet quite exciting, and I find it weird as I am typing out the word “actress”. I landed a role in a film for TV/Pilot… and it’s a rather involved role. It’s a long story how it came to be, but it’s one of those serendipitous stories, right place, right time, right people… stars aligned kind of deal. Basically I was attending a conference for Family Entertainment with Summer B., my fellow Girl with Glasses. It was there that I met loads of random creative people including the producer for this movie, not knowing he was the producer for this movie till weeks later when he called me in for an audition.

Truth be told I was shocked when I got the call that I had gotten the role, a whole two days before I could pack my bags and catch the next plane to T.O… I didn’t even have time to be scared, which is perfect. God is smart.

And then there’s my TV family… or the family I have on TV. I have a TV husband, in real life his name is Joe Flanigan, he was a sci-fi star on Stargate Atlantis… he has his own action figure. He is quite the character, and has given me some of the best acting advice… “just listen”. Good advice for real life too. And without giving too much away I have some other amazing and adorable co-stars, these kids are super cuties and talented… oh and they are teaching me. And then there is Jayme Lynn Evans, who has become by BFF on set, she is also a Vegan and it perplexes me, I don’t know how she does it but she is dedicated so i’ve got to give her props. She is gonna be a big time actress y’all, watch out. I don’t want to say too much about the story at this point, but I will say that it is all about the fam, and that’s cool, cause I love the fam. I also play a singer-songwriter, which is such a stretch:) I was able to write three songs that will be in the movie, one of them co-written with my pal and tour mate Michael Johns. Can you believe that was a year ago?!

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