Blake Lewis “Sad Song” Video debut

Season 6 Idol, Blake Lewis, debuts his video for his single “Sad Song” on My Space.

The video has a retro-noirish feel and appears to have cost more than than the cheapo video Sony put together for Blake’s first post-Idol single, “Break Anotha”.

Recognize the leading lady? It’s Casey Carlson from the Season 8 Top 36.

Video after the JUMP…

Blake Lewis- Sad Song

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  1. I like Blake. I like his creativity. Wish this had been his 1st release rather than Break Anotha because I Feel this is radio friendly and this video is WAY better. Its a catchy song and I’m humming the chorus. Good for him and I wish him success. Hopefully his new mgt team will cough up the dough and get this some radio play. What’s with those crazy boxers?

  2. I’ll have to check out the rest of his album. This song reminds me of British pop bands of the Late 80’s/ early 90’s

  3. I actually like this song even if it sounds exactly like two songs on his first album. It reminds me of 1985.

    (Seriously, though, I like this more than Kris’s single or Carrie’s cowboy song)

  4. I heard Blake’s “1000 Miles” on the radio the other day in an Applebee’s and I freaked!! :D

    I really like Sad Song, the video is very…well…Blake. hah. it’s a good thing!

  5. I like Sad Song and I like the video – very ’80’s Brit-alt. Never heard a Blake Lewis song before, but I think it’s more in tune with the current music scene that what is normally put out by Idol alumni.

  6. I thought it was pretty good. I have a feeling this song and video is going to do well.

  7. I think you mean Season 8. ;) Good for Casey! I was a fan.

    I like it, and I like it much better than the songs on ADD, which I wanted to buy but decided not to (tho I’m a big Blake fan). I think it fits him well and you can hear his voice pretty well. If the rest of the album sounds like this, I will probably buy it. (Thanks, Blake, for bringing back the beat boxing!!!) I don’t think he looks very good these days, tho. And yeah, I like it better than Kris’s single.

  8. Huh. Kind of a weird mix of 40s and 80s influences, but not bad. Not bad at all. I liked it. And since the lyrics actually contain the world battlefield, I’m gonna go ahead and compare the tune to Jordin’s Battlefield, and say I think this one is better written.

  9. not a bad song overall. The video is very lame and the image of him sitting in the chair with his tie blowing back and the drink is a total rip off of some speaker ad from like 10 years ago.

    I just find blake wholly unappealing and difficult to listen to or watch.

  10. The video is 1000x better than that abomination that was the Break Anotha video. When I saw Break Anotha, I knew his label didn’t give a shit about him. This video isn’t bad at all and nice to see Casey Carlson again.

    The song is starting to grow on me.

  11. Visually, good homage to Brit pop videos of the 80’s. But I don’t like the fake British accent he uses in the song. Didn’t like the shaving (ew). Not bad, though — hope it’s a hit.

  12. My Impressions:

    1. Song is ok.
    2. Sounds VERY 80’s – not sure America is beggin for that.
    3. Worst video EVA. I mean, c’mon, does any of us want to see Blake in his boxers? He was never know for being “sexy”. Speaking of sexy, is there anything sexy about a closeup of Blake…um…shaving?

    Nope. Ok song – lousy video.

  13. Cool Video. Catchy Song. I like how he combined different elements in his video although it got very confusing pretty quickly.
    Figures Casey Carlson was in it really, isn’t she a bikini model? And she has a connection to AI since she was in the top 36.

  14. I like it. It does have a very 80’s Brit pop feel. (Very ABC) I hope it does well for him just think he is a decade or two behind.

  15. The song sounds a lot like songs played in dance clubs in the late 80s/1990. I guess it’s good for that purpose.

    the video? I watched the entire thing and really tried to focus on it. there was a lot of production here–many scenes/sets/costumes/lots of editing–so there was a real effort there. But I don’t get the story of the video. Is she leaving him? What’s in the letter? what’s with the time period? 40s/early 80s revival of the 40s? And what’s with the rip off of that image of that old advertising campaign with the guy in the chair but the tie flying back because of the awesome sound of the sound system. (Somebody’s getting a cease and desist order if they didn’t ask permission.) Conclusion–I didn’t really get it.

  16. Very 80’s. I loved it. If his label gets behind him – Blake could have a real hit with this one. I hope they’ve several more in the can and ready to go. A handful of good video’s backing good songs and Blake will amass a following and become (gasp!) commercial – something 19E didn’t see when they dumped his ass. I say more power to him. I always liked Blake. Different doesn’t necessarily mean unsellable (except maybe in Idol producers minds). Blake could have done well right off the bat had he any kind of team behind him. Lets hope he’s found the right combo now.

  17. I guess there exists a special place in hell for people who desecrate a Police song on national television and Casey Carlson has found it: playing Blake Lewis’ video girl.

  18. Congrats to Blake! I think Sad Song has the potential to do very well on radio.

    Suzanne, I think the letter is supposed to be her good bye to him.

    TFLS, I agree with everything you said.

  19. I liked the usage of the… what was it Memorex or Sony commercial. I thought it fit because of the usage of the fan rather than the speaker. Just like the music it was a mixed decade fusion thing.

  20. two thumbs up. we have a techno-dance FM station here in STL…
    let’s see if it gets played here, esp given blake’s our homeboy!

  21. You know your career is cratering when you spend every last dollar making a video for the “big hit single” from your second album and all you can get is 25 comments on the top American Idol blog in the country.

    Nothing like being “old product” when this year’s models are hitting the showroom floor.

  22. OH I like this but I have always liked Blake, thanks for this mj – I cannot wait to show my daughter, he was our fav that year!!!!!! Good for him, very radio friendly and I bet it will do well

  23. For me, sounds too 80’s brit pop and I in no way want to hear that return. I could see people hitting the dance club to this though, I suppose.

    At least he covered up the fact that he can’t sing very well by heavy use of auto tune.

  24. Humm, interesting. Fun to see Casey again :) I can’t help but hear “Here’s My Hello” from Blake’s first album when I listen to this song.

  25. I liked Blake when he was on the show (although I preferred Jordin and Melinda), but I never bought his debut album and I’ve really lost interest. I did like the song, but the video was confusing, and I hate blood, especially close up. I liked the style of the video, didn’t like it as a whole… so I guess it’s a mixed bag for me.

  26. Michelle ITA about HMH. I always thought that or a couple others (NOT BA) from ADD should have been given a great video and he would have taken off. I wish him much better luck this time!

  27. Well, WTF was that hat, I wanted to reach into the video and fix that dam hat, it looked so stupid. I didnt mind the song, kinda catchy. But what was he saying, ( March with me?? ) I never can understand words to songs. And was there any beatboxing??? That’s what I liked about him. But his voice was toooo high pitched, he doesnt have a great voice.

  28. I really like it. I also think that it’s radio friendly, and if given an opportunity it could do well. I think Blake needs a makeover though. I think that would help. Shallow, yes, but it couldn’t hurt.

  29. Man that takes me back to my teens, big hair, too much makeup, lying in front of the TV watching music videos on MTV all day long.

    Suddenly nostalgic for Thompson Twins/ The Fixx.

  30. I liked Blake, but I don’t like this song very much at all. It sounds like 80s techno-ish pop, which is DAMN ANNOYING. I looked forward to hearing this song since I haven’t heard much of Blake after his Idol run, and he was my second favorite in season 6 for his creativity, great song choices, and versatility. Then I find out that this song is generic, overly techno/80s, dull, and annoying. Blah, this kind of techno pop is one of my least favorite types of music, though, so that might have to do with it. It’s forced and dull on the ears and not fun to dance to.

    Sorry, like Blake, but not this.

    Hah, I feel like Simon Cowell right now :P. But I really hate this song. I really do.

  31. I played it – almost didn’t bother but thought what the heck.
    And I don’t hate it and given how I feel about Blake’s music that is a big compliment from me.

  32. I’m gonna echo what someone else said which is that the first thing that came to my mind when I played this – “why is he singing in a British accent?”

  33. Liked the video, though the editing could have been less spastic. Very 80’s, which fits the tone of the album (both “Heartbreak on Vinyl” and Binary Love” have a very New Wave sound).

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