Cowboy Casanova Available on iTunes Today!

Carrie Underwood’s new single, “Cowboy Casanova” is available for download from iTunes today.   Her 3rd album, Play On will be available everywhere on November 3.     Carrie will appear on ABC’s Good Morning America that morning to promote her new album…

Decibel Peak // Sunset Overdrive (T...
Decibel Peak // Sunset Overdrive (Teaser) #shorts

Download Carrie Underwood’s new single, “Cowboy Casanova” here:

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  1. It’s already the #31 song in all genres and #4 in country. Moving fast!

    Also, the digital version has a longer intro than the radio edit. It makes the song sound even better.

  2. It’s #3 in Country on the Canadian itunes last I checked. Go Carrie!

  3. This is going to be huge for her and I think will def be number 1 country song and maybe top 3 hot 100. I am happy for Carrie. Now got to go buy my own copy. (I don’t even like country music, but love Carrie)

  4. it’s no.2 @ country and no.14 @ all genres now!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  5. (I don’t even like country music, but love Carrie)

    Thats me too dhunken.
    It’s now #2 in country and #18 in everything in Canada

  6. I agree dhunken, going to be a big hit with crossover appeal. I agree, will be number 1 country song, and do well outside of tht as well.

  7. Well, it’s #12 on iTunes US right now on my feed. #2 in Country behind Taylor Swift’s You Belong to Me.

  8. I’ll be buying this later today. Thanks for posting the link MJ, I’ll be using your link when I hit i-Tunes :)

    As of 3:45 PM Eastern Cowboy Casanova is at #11 on the i-Tunes top 100. Here’s where the climb gets steeper.

  9. I’m not particularly fond of country (although I do like some of Carrie’s songs), but this is fun!

  10. Ok the song is now #1 on Itunes top Country songs and #9 on all Genres

  11. Good luck to Carrie, I think the album is going to do well but her 2nd album sold a lot less compared to her first one so it’s hard to say if she’s going to have better sales with this one or just go even lower with the sales. I think her 2nd album only went 2x plat while her first was 7x plat? I don’t think she’ll have Taylor Swift numbers though, nobody else does.

  12. For the week ending 09/06, Carrie’s album sales are as follows:

    CARNIVAL RIDE – 2,960,280
    SOME HEARTS – 6,835,973

    Carnival Ride has definitely cleared the 3-million unit shipment and is only missing the certification for 3x platinum.

  13. Today, iTunes Top 100 has Cowboy Cassanova at #6, Country at #1. I’m so happy for Carrie, have both her albums and will buy her new one for sure.

  14. Carrie performed last night at the 2nd Annual ACM Honors, which paid tribute a number of country music legends including Merle Haggard, Kenny Roger, Hank Williams, and Randy Travis. Carrie got to close the night by performing Randy’s “I Told You So” and someone got it in youtube!

    She sounds great. One thing that’s great about Carrie is that she can do traditional country such justice but at the same time she can do something like Cowboy Casanova which combines country, rock, and a beat and do that naturally too!

    On Twitter apparently Randy Travis told Country Standard Time he loves Cowboy Casanova. I got a kick out of that! By the way Cowboy Casanova’s up to #5 on the i-Tunes top 100!

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