Kris Allen and Matt Giraud Want Some Taco Bell

Kris Allen and Matt Giraud goofing around: They busk outside the concert venue in Syracuse, NY–so they can buy some Taco Bell!   Syracuse was the next to the last stop on the American Idols Live tour,   which ended on 9/15 in Manchester NH.

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  1. That was funny! These guys are too much, Matt with his hat, asking the fans for tips. Maybe Chris Sligh leaked his blog advice early to these guys…

  2. Thank you for posting this MJ. They both have so much personality. It was great to see them joke around togther.

  3. The other day during his first twitter party when Kris was asked which song did he sang with Matt he answered “the best song ever”. He told the truth for sure! “I do it like this, you do it like that, Kris Allen, OMG it’s KRATT”. Matt’s lyrics and Kris’ guitar playing and dancing are hilarious!

  4. Awwww. Love Kratt.
    I hope Matty G gets signed someday.. He is so talented and deserves it

  5. Hysterical! They were definitely getting a little “punchy” at the end of the tour! Can you imagine those people who watched it. “Hey, isn’t that Kris Allen, the American Idol?” Love it! Matt is very good with the ad lib lyrics. LOL!

  6. I guess KRATT is better than MISS, although the latter more aptly describes Matt’s falsetto.

  7. So funny….and to think….everyone wanted a Kradam duet! I remember one of them had said before the season that if things didn’t work out, maybe they’d do something together. Well, it obviously did work out, but a Kratt collaboration would still be full of WIN!

    The rap thing they did on the Ford Commercial (and White Chocolate) was pretty good.

  8. Hee! It takes some doing to not be completely charmed by these two. I love me some Kratt.

  9. I liked the look on Kris’ face when the cute girl dropped a buck in the hat at 1:31. If his eyes got just a liiiiitle bit bigger, it might have qualified as a gate. Just missed, though.

  10. I was hoping someone taped this when Kris tweeted about this. These guys are so sweet. I’d love to see them tour together.

  11. Love it! They have a real chemistry, not in a bromance way, but in a fun, friendly way. Someone PLEASE SIGN MATTY G.

  12. Awww, this reminds me of White Chocolate. Hollywood week was when I was like <3 with Matt. Still love him, he's so multitalented ;). Go KRATT! #signmattgiraud!

  13. Aww, this reminds me of White Chocolate! Hollywood week was when I was like <3 with Matt. Still love him, he is so multitalented :0. GO KRATT! Oh, and #signmattgiraud!

  14. Hilarious! I could see Matt having a career doing live improv music and comedy shows. Those were some funny lyrics!

  15. I could see Matt having a career doing live improv music and comedy shows.

    That’s kinda what dueling piano bars are like, it’s all about the improv and horsing around. He’s great at it, yeahm but I’d love for Matt to have a career making music…

  16. I was actually laughing out loud, which I rarely do, well I do, but mostly just with my friends… I’m confusing myself… but that was really funny. I wish I could have been there when it happened!

  17. So, Matt tweeted that he’d be heading back to LA soon to do some writing sessions, and some fundraisers in Napa Valley. Could those fundrasiers be at all connected to the performance Kris is doing in Napa Valley? I don’t remember when Kris was scheduled to do that performance, or even when it was happening. Shout out, anyone who has info about this!

  18. LOL! I love this! KRATT! We do it like this, we do it like that!

  19. Awwww. Too cute. I miss the guys & concert nights so much.

  20. OvenMitt,

    if Napa Valley and Vineyard is the same place (sorry,obviously i am not from the USA) then Kris performs there on the 9th of November. So if Matt goes there now i don’t think we can have a KRATT reunion. Good luck to Matt (#signmattgiraud) and Kris.

  21. I <3 KRATT.

    I love it when the guys have fun with each other. Both of them are lookin' GOOD.

    I am Kris fan, but I love Matt and his voice.

    #signmattgiraud darn it!!!

    and anoop too.

  22. I love these guys. KRATT FTW!

    I am a Kris fan, but I always loved Matt’s voice and he is sexy. Matt and Kris are so crazy! LOL

    #signmattgiraud darn it!!!

  23. Very fun! Matt is a natural with this – love the accent, improv & the way he stayed in character. Kris tried to chime in, but I couldn’t really hear his verbal contribution…. (did anyone hear what he sang?)

    Wouldn’t it be fun for Matt to play on the Timberlake comparisons somehow? If only we could get him in a skit the next time JT’s on SNL. I can totally see Omeletteville redux.

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