The Biggest Loser 15 – Episode 13 – Recap and Results

The Biggest Loser -- Season 15

It’s makeover week already ! The contestants are understandably excited to see their families and show off all their hard work.  They start out though visiting style guru Tim Gunn and celeb hairstylist Ken Paves.  Paves says it’s important for the contestants because the makeover makes it possible for them to look in the mirror and not continue to see themselves heavy. It’s always amazing to see the contestants rewarded and able to shop easier. Their personalities definitely came out in the new clothes . For example Chelsea in boots and a dress.

We get an update on Jay who is proud to be a role model to his boys in not giving up and he’s able to rope on his horse for the first time in 2 years!

Now the contestants head over to Paves to finish off their look. David says over a year ago  he decided to grow a beard until he lost 100 lbs. or made makeover week.  Seems the producers always have some of the men grow one for shock value. Always works! The big reveals are very sweet and their family members are all dressed up as well.  Chelsea got a special surprise with her brother visiting all the way from South Korea. Jennifer , Marie and David definitely look the most different.  I agree with Gunn these contestants may be in the best shape of any group ever at this point in the show with Rachel leading the way.

Rachel gets the Tim Gunn Treatment

The New Improved Rachel

David’s Miraculous Makeover

Next up it’s time to get back to work in a last chance workout. Makeover week is not always the best for weight loss. Allison announces there will be a double red line at the weigh in sending two home. Bobby is the first on the scale and after gaining 2 lbs. last week he lost 6, Tanya 4, Chelsea 4, Rachel 4, Marie 3, Jennifer 4, & David 7.  That means Marie and Tanya are automatically sent home just shy of the top 5. What did you all think of the amazing transformations?! Another double red line next week. Who do you think will make the top 3 or do well in the triathlon?