Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 10 – Nomination Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 10 - Nomination Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 10 – Nomination Results

As expected, Vanessa nominated the Goblins–James and Meg–for eviction. James is the ultimate target. John is the renom (he’s unaware) if James wins PoV.  (ETA: As someone pointed out in comments, Vanessa has thrown out some other names for renom. She is very interested in working with John.) There is one tiny problem–Vanessa made a deal with James a few weeks ago that if she was HoH she’d keep him and Meg safe. Her “reason” for going back on her word–James nominated Clelli after making a deal with them, so his word is worth nothing.

This week’s Havenots: John, Julia, James, Meg. The supplement is gumdrops. It’s the last week for Havenots. James was PISSED that Austin didn’t volunteer. He’s never been a Havenot or up on the block. James called him a “big ass baby.”

Right before the nominations ceremony, James and Meg began to suspect they were going up. After Vanessa nominated them,  she told James she didn’t have a target in mind, and wished him good luck. James suspects he’s the target. Meg was upset and crying.

Vanessa’s “reason” for nominating the goblins: Their failure to congratulate her when she won HoH, and some other stuff that made no sense, to be honest. James and Meg were confused. I’m confused. Vanessa said she’s trying to be a good person and give them “reasons.” (I’m sure it will make her even angrier if the Goblins don’t “appreciate” that properly.) I think Vanessa is partially pissed the Goblins wouldn’t cough up information when she fished for it. They didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus.  Look where that got them.

Vanessa also made a bunch of F2s–with Steve, Austin and Julia. None of them know about the others, of course.

The super catty twins, who spent last week alternately trashing Steve and John are now trashing the Goblins. It really is high school up in here. But then, they swallowed Vanessa’s story about how the Goblins were planning to target the Austwins. Vanessa continued to throw them under the bus, saying that their refusal to rat on the Austwins means they are hiding dirt on them (!!!)

Sidenote: Austin can’t believe Jason and John got such amazing applause from the CBS audience. In an ego stroking move, John told Vanessa that the crowd erupted when he said he’d work with Vanessa if he returned to the house (All he said was he’d target Meg, and Julie looked at him as if he had 3 heads). Austin is convinced they are all fan favorites. Snerk.

When Vanessa eventually turns her back on Austin–she’ll take Julia or Steve to F2–I can’t wait to break out the popcorn and the Mai Tais.

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