Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 9 HoH and Nominees)

Find out what has happened inside the Big Brother house since last night’s live eviction here:

Last night Zach was evicted and Nicole won her way back inside the house. But who won HoH?

Cody won HoH. He nominated Donny and Nicole.

Well, this was the outcome I’m sure most people were dreading. Donny and Nicole being the two nominees was inevitable the moment one of them did not win HoH. The other six are completely against them, which will make for a very predictable week inside the Big Brother house. Cody has also chosen Donny and Nicole to be the have-nots for the week too. In addition, the houseguests in the majority have become extremely self-righteous about their position in the house. They get very angry and talk so much smack if Donny or Nicole tries to talk any strategy with anybody in the house. According to their mindset, only the people who were originally in the Bomb Squad are allowed to play the game.

Donny is Cody’s target and he’ll most likely get evicted if he does not win the Power of Veto. If he does win it, then Nicole will be evicted instead. Although, there have been some discussion about taking Christine out of the game before Nicole. So there is a very small possibility that Christine may be backdoored if Donny wins the Power of Veto. However, I very much doubt that that will happen. The six people in the majority (Remaining Bomb Squad members + Victoria) will stay together instead of trying to make a big move. Therefore,  Donny or Nicole will be evicted on Thursday.

I’ll post another update after the Power of Veto competition takes place.

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  1. so sad how they talk about Donny,I honestly hope their goodbye messages aren’t cruel,I wouldn’t be able to watch his eviction interview.
    Donny is probably going home there is no hope now for the game to change specially how Derrick convinced them not to listen to Nicole,i would have thought someone that paranoid would alarm the HG’S but nope…

    i have no idea what the house guests are thinking except trying to survive i haven’t seen either Christine or Caleb trying to have a final 2 deal with anyone?do they think the game ends when the alliance evicts Donny?

  2. Cody won the PoV so his nominations won’t change most likely. So Donny will likely go home next week.

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