Big Brother 16 Episode 12- Recap and Discussion

That was an interesting episode of Big Brother. My main takeaway from this episode is that the girls are going to get picked off very quickly if they don’t start targeting the guys of the house. The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the house last week. This recap included the situation with Caleb and Amber and Cody’s involvement with her. Caleb was not happy that Cody and Amber were spending so much time together. Cody also mentioned that Caleb needed to leave the house because he was making him uncomfortable. The recap of the past week also included how Devin went home unanimously. Who will win Head of Household? Who will they nominate for eviction? Who will win the Battle of the Block? What is Team America’s new mission? We’ll find out tonight.

When the show comes back on, we rejoin the Head of Household competition that started at the end of the show on Thursday. The Head of Household had a “devil” theme and involved the houseguests passing eggs back and forth through a wire fence into egg holders. The first team to successfully complete 12 eggs will become the Heads of Household for the week. Jocasta and Brittany start out doing well and so do Amber and Zach and Frankie and Cody. Caleb and Victoria struggle a lot with this competition. However, Frankie and Cody continue to do well because Derrick coaches them in the competition by telling them to use 2 eggs at all times rather than 1. After awhile, the competition comes down to Frankie and Cody and Amber and Zach. Frankie and Cody are the 1st team to transfer 12 eggs and become the 2 Heads of Household for the week. After the competition is over, Brittany knows she could be a target for eviction while Cody contemplates nominating Caleb for eviction. Derrick and Caleb also think the Bomb Squad is over but they still want to target the outsiders this week. Frankie and Zach also discuss the same thing while Brittany talks to Donny and knows that she could be a target for the week.

It is then time Cody and Frankie’s Head of Household room reveals. Frankie is worried about people finding out his sister is famous but he only gets a picture of her when she was a baby so his secret remains safe. Cody also gets pictures of his brother and sister. Frankie also gets a letter from Ariana while Cody gets a letter from his dad. After everyone leaves the Head of Household room, a 5 person alliance forms between Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Christine called the Detonators. Christine is excited that yet another alliance falls into her lap.

The show then goes to a segment with Cody and Hayden talking about Zac Efron and how Cody has a “man crush” on him. This segment is kind of cute. The show then goes to Team America finding out what their mission is for the week. This week’s Team America mission is to get a physical threat nominated. Derrick suggests Amber as the physical threat since she is the strongest of the girls . Donny and Frankie then go along with this plan. This should be an easy task for Team America to complete since Frankie is already 1 of the Heads of Household for the week. Brittany and Frankie talk in the hive room and Brittany knows she is a target for Cody because she doesn’t follow him around like the other girls do. Frankie then dices to tell Cody and Cody is not happy with Brittany. Cody and Brittany talk about what she said and Cody is still not happy with her. Cody also says that he and Brittany are friends but the way Brittany was acting would make it easier to nominate her.

Cody and Amber then talk about feeling like they can’t do anything because of how Caleb and how hea acts around them. At the same time Frankie and Caleb talk about Amber because Frankie wants to see how Caleb would feel about her being nominated. Caleb seems okay with it. The show then goes to a bad discussion and how one one wants to sleep with Victoria. A little drama then erupts between Victoria and some of the other girls. Brittany talks to Victoria about the bed situation. Frankie then tells Amber that she could be going up on the block and Amber wants to know why she has to go up as a pawn.

It is then time for the nomination ceremony. Cody reveals his nominations 1st and chose to nominate Victoria and Brittany. He decided to nominate them because he doesn’t know where they are game wise in the competition. Frankie then nominated Jocasta and Amber for eviction because he wants to see how they do in the competition. Brittany is not happy with Cody for nominating her and Jocasta is determined to win the Battle of the Block. After the nomination ceremony, Cody assures Victoria that she is not the target for the week. Team America also completes their mission for the week since Amber ended up on the block. Amber also talks to Christine about making an alliance to take out the guys but Christine doesn’t seem too interested.

It is then time for the Battle of the Block competition. This weeks competition is called “Knight Moves” and has a chess theme. Each of the competitors must move like a knight on a chess board. This means that they could only move in an “L” shape. Once a competitor moves on a square, that square comes out of play. If a competitor can’t make anymore moves, they are eliminated from the game. The last competitor standing would win the competition. Jocasta makes the first move and the other  competitors follow her. Jocasta traps herself and is the 1st one is eliminated. Brittany is eliminated 2nd, followed by Victoria. Amber is the last 1 standing so Jocasta and Amber win the Battle of the Block. This means that Cody is the final Head of Household of the week and Brittany and Victoria remain on the block. Who will win the Power of Veto? We’ll find out Wednesday. As always, feel free to discuss the episode in the comments.