Big Brother 15: Power Rankings Week 5! (with Poll)

It’s the 5th week in the Big Brother house, and next Thursday the 5th houseguest will be evicted. Resident Racist Aaryn Gries is in power as the current HOH, being the first houseguest of the season to win the title twice.
The game is becoming very predictable, there are a few targets and a large group of people who surprisingly are attempting to keep each other safe rather than actually play the game. I wonder what they are going to do when these select few outsiders are actually out of the house, bow down and forfeit?
With that being said, Adam, Eric, and I got together once again to combine our thoughts and opinions to come up with our weekly Power Rankings. The rankings include blurbs from one of us, or even combined thoughts on each particular player.


12. Howard

The #1 target of the large group at the moment. I’m not really sure why he’s such a big target. He has two friends (Candice, Spencer), and has won ZERO competitions. Of course him voting against the larger group during the Nick eviction is just an easy reason for why people want him out…

11. Spencer

Spencer is probably the #2 male target in the house because of his affiliation with Howard. People don’t trust him, if Howard doesn’t go this week it’s a pretty good chance Spencer might walk out the door.

10. Elissa

Elissa made herself a target during her warning/question to Kaitlin about her alliance with Howard, Spencer. This ultimately sent Kaitlin out the door, and angered Elissa’s alliance members. The people that have been protecting her for the past four weeks are starting to doubt her commitment to the group. I could see her as another option for eviction this week with Aaryn in power, PLUS she’s lower on our rankings because she has no POV shot this week as it was a punishment for her win last week.

9. Candice

The general idea around the house is that they either need to get rid of Howard, Spencer, or Candice. Candice appears to be at the bottom of that specific hit list, because she hasn’t really offended anyone enough or won anything to be thought of as a big target. People don’t like Candice, and haven’t for awhile. She has a friendly relationship with Elissa and Helen, but they really aren’t willing to protect her.

8. GinaMarie

She’s on the other side of the house in the minority. She’s not the number one threat right now, but she is completely disposable.

7. Aaryn

She may be Head of Household this week, but that means next week, she’s vulnerable because she can’t play in the HoH competition. Aaryn is what I call “The Perfect Double Eviction Target”, because going after her during a double eviction would result in a mutual house agreeance and wouldn’t necessarily create any blood on the DE HOH’s hands. Aaryn really needs to build strong relationships, and even with this HOH reign I don’t see that happening.

6. Amanda

If Candice, Spencer, or Howard get in any type of Power Amanda will be their target. The only reason why Amanda is higher on the rankings is because there are less people coming after her. She is pretty much the strongest female player in the house, and people are trying to save her to get rid of down the line although what they fail to realize is the longer they keep her the stronger she’ll get.

5. Jessie

#1 floater of the season, no target, no game, nothing really to say.

4. Judd

Still has a chance to go far with a few wins but needs to start thinking for himself and actually get a solid alliance. I think Judd made a mistake last week with getting out Kaitlin and spilling the beans about the alliance he was propositioned with. Think about it, if Judd would have kept quiet and kept Kaitlin in the game he would have been a part of two alliances and would have been kept by two sides. He still isn’t a target.

3. Helen

She’s a smart player but still doesn’t know how to handle power. She needs to really cement an alliance with Judd, Jessie, and Andy because her plan to go with Elissa is falling apart. Regardless of the fact that Helen talks way too much, people still seem to trust her and want to work with her. She can be pretty persuasive, so I still think she’ll be around for a while to come.

2. McCrae

He’s playing a great social game. If anyone wants to attack him, they’d have to go through Amanda first, because they’d vote her out over him any chance they get. He also has really good relations with everyone left in the house and has virtually no enemies. McCrae’s fate will depend on whether he can get to the end with Amanda or what he can do when she is gone.

1. Andy

Another week and no one sees him as a threat. He is in the right mix of players and is smart enough to have a plan B and C to get to the end. Andy is playing by far the best game in the house up to this point. One, he’s not being targeted by anyone because everyone trusts and loves him. Two, he probably doesn’t have to win any competitions for a while because he’ll be protected regardless. Three, he pops up in every conversation, so he knows a ton more information than these people should be telling him, which he can totally use to his advantage.