America’s Got Talent – Tampa Bay Auditions – Recap and Videos

One hour episodes for these competitive reality shows is JUST PERFECT. Although, I know the good times won’t continue.  Howard Stern is very quick on his feet, but I’m a little disappointed that he’s turned into such a softie.  There needs to be some tension on the panel.  I’m surprised that Howard and Howie haven’t turned into rivals.

There were no stand out acts tonight. However, it was nice to hear Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” played during the male clogging segment (All That)  and the montage of successful acts that followed!

Inspire the Fire – Non-profit organization that reaches out to kids in trouble. They’ve been called the “urban glee”. Standing ovation from the judges. The troupe’s intention is very noble, but that performance was amateur at best.  I expect the judges to eat up the backstory.  Sharon: I honestly thought I was watching a production on Broadway. Theatrical but Urban at the same time. Howard: You guys are so upbeat. You make me smile. I hate Glee, but I love you. Howard: I think you are great–remove the story about why you are doing this and it’s still phenomenal. 3 yeses.

Inspire the Fire, Tampa, FL. Auditions ~… by HumanSlinky

NC Bikini Bombshells – A quartet of muscled and bikini-clad “dancers” only get screen time because they are hot. Obviously a joke act. Howie: even though you were terrible, I still loved it. Howard: My 95 year old aunt could move better than you. Sharon: You don’t have an ounce of rhythm between you.

NC Bikini Bombshells Tampa, FL… by HumanSlinky

A montage of really bad acts. – One act is a guy who calls himself “the real Edward Scissorhands”. He cuts a chick’s hair with tiny clippers on his fingers while wearing a blindfold. Howie dances with a super-untalented ballet dancer.

Unsuccessful Tampa, FL. Auditions ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

All That – All male clogging group from North Carolina. Burly, tattooed men clog like MANLY MEN to the Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” It’s quite the gimmick. The audience eats it up. Howie: If you can bring them to their feet with your feet, that’s saying something. Sharon: I loved it, it was great. Howard: I expected you to be klutzes. It was real entertaining. 3 yeses. Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” was part of the video package.

All That! Tampa, FL. Auditions ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

A montage of successful acts (To the tune of  Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying”)

Successful Tampa, FL. Auditions ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

A montage of bad auditions, before the next act.

Michael Griffin – Escape artist who began when he was six years old. He’s trying an escape that “you really can’t prepare for.” He asks Howard to be his assistant. “You know you’re annoying me,” says Howard.  Michael asks Howard to tie him up any way he wants. He calls Nick Cannon out to the stage “Now we’re in trouble. He ties up Mariah Carey every night. Here’s a guy who knows how to tie a knot,”  snarks Howard before he haphazardly ties the guy up. Sharon barks orders at Howard from the panel. “No wonder Ozzie isn’t here, he can’t take you.” The guy gets out of his ropes in 26 seconds, but he gets buzzed twice. Howard and Sharon thinks he needed an expert tying him up.  They have a point. It’s 3 nos.

Auditions continue Tampa, FL. ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Distinguished Men of Brass – The group plays at a local theme park. Became full time musicians when they lost their jobs. Nattily dressed brass band play popular hits with choreography. Standing O from the audience. Howie: One word to describe watching you. Fun! Sharon: It’s so entertaining. I absolutely adore you. Howard: There are people who can’t get to the next level. You’re not one of them. You’re there. 3 yeses.

The Distinguished Men of Brass, Tampa, FL… by HumanSlinky

Ulysses – A big African American dude does not sing soul or R&B as you would expect. Instead, he croons “The Love Boat” theme. Inexplicably, the crowd loves it. Howard buzzes him. Howie: I haven’t heard that song since the early 80’s I wasn’t expecting that. At Howard’s request, he breaks into “The Green Acres” and “Addams Family” theme. Howard: This is not a million dollar act. Sharon: You are very loveable. Howie and Sharon want to hear more. Howard says no.  Two yeses menas he’s through to Las Vegas.

Ulysses, 49 Tampa, FL. Auditions ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

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