America’s Got Talent 6 – The You Tube Acts – VIDEO Recap

America’s Got Talent moves on from the Quarter Final performances to the You Tube submissions. Were these acts really chosen based solely on a You Tube submission? If so, that could explain why most of tonight’s performers fell flat. But, oh, that’s pretty much every week on AGT, isn’t it? Never mind.

Probably moving on: (I really got this wrong last week!)  Matt Wilhelm, Powerhouse, West Springfield Dance Team and Gymkana.

VIDEOS: America’s Best Talent

TNC Elite

Cloggers. The routine felt like a tap dance recital, said Howie, and I have to say I agree with him. Piers and Sharon weren’t impressed either.

Illustionist Brett D.

The judges liked the concept–building the magic act around the iconic Marilyn Monroe who appears and disappears–but the execution was poor. The middle part was a huge mess.

Gabe Rocks

The bull dog who does the “tricks” is adorable, but there have been way better doggie acts on David Letterman’s stupid pet tricks over the past 30 years. Piers hated it, but for some reason, Sharon and Howie LOVED IT. Bowled over by doggie cuteness, I suspect.


This combinations of street dance and gymnastics was poorly choreographed and executed. Sharon and Piers hated it. Howie liked it–thought it was edgy, original and new.

Brena Bell – Creepy kid gymnastics

Ugh. This little girl is straight out of Toddlers and Tiaras. Her routine was a mixture of dance and gymnastics that bordered on child porn. I felt really really uncomfortable watching it. Gah. Parents what the hell is wrong with you? Take your little girl home and let her grow up.

Kevin Colis – One more WGWG

Another crappy white guy with a guitar. He’s very humble and sweet, and the judges liked him. Apparently, he’s only sung on You Tube (I bet that’s not really true). As an underdog type, he’s ot a chance to advance to the semi-finals.

Beth Ann Robinson – Tween Dancer

No doubt this 14 year old dancer has talent. Her routine mixed up contemporary, jazz and ballet.  But I think she’s too young.  In 4 years, when she’s old enough, she should check out So You Think You Can Dance.  By then, she could be phenomenal.


University of Maryland gymnastic troupe perform a routine that is clever, professional and visually stunning. The judges loved it. They have a shot.

Kalani Basketball Freestyle

Whee! Spinning basketballs! How exciting! Only not.  For an act like this to work, the tricks have to be fantastic and mistake-free.

West Springfield Dance Team

This young dance troupe performed a routine that owes a lot to Thriller, with the goth costumes and spooky eye contacts.  Professional and well choreographed, they have a chance to advance. The judges were impressed.

Matt Wilhelm

Want to advance on America’s Got Talent? Whatever your act is? Perform it under a black light.  Matt was chosen by the You Tube community as their favorite submission, so I expect he’ll have no trouble advancing to the semi-finals.


Not only did this Burbank, CA show choir inspire the creation of Glee, but I do believe the high school where these kids are from has been used by Glee production to film some of the hit show’s best loved numbers. *Heart* Howie buzzed them because he felt their performance of “Firework” was not up to Glee standards.  Silly Howie. Those Glee routines are created by world class pros and are performed by professional actors in their 20s–not to mention autotuned and backtracked to the nth degree. The kids, singing live without any pro advantages, are irresistibly infectious. Piers said it best, “It’s Glee meets Star Trek, meets a two ton slab of cheddar cheese.  It’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen. Does it make me happy? It does!”



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