America’s Got Talent 2022 Recap: Top 11 Finals (Live Blog)

America's Got Talent 2022 Sara James
Pictured: Sara James — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The America’s Got Talent 2022 Top 11 Finalists perform LIVE  for YOUR votes tonight. The acts are vying to win it all, including a $1 million prize and a headline slot at the AGT residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

The acts will perform in front of the America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews.

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TO VOTE: Go to and/or via the “AGT” App (available through Google Play and on the App Store). Limit is 10 votes per act per email per each voting method. 

Tomorrow night (Sept 14) a winner will be crowned at the end of a two hour star-studded finale.

Kristy Sellars – Multimedia pole dancer

Tonight, Kristy will perform a piece dedicated to her daughter who will soon become a teenager. She only had 1 week to put it together. She performs alongside a shadow dancer, that becomes a monster. She kicks it away. The visuals depict fears and anxieties–like an adolescent might face. She hangs off the rafter before sliding down the pole dramatically. The act is not as astonishing as her first and second performances, but it’s still compelling. Kristy is an incredible athlete.

Howie calls it authentic and perfection. “I think you just set a bar…you are the one to beat tonight.” Heidi calls her a great storyteller. Sofia believes that she gets better and better. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” says Simon, who also believes each upped her game with each performance.

Nicolas RIBS – Magician

Nicolas is super nervous this week, says his translater/daughter. He holds up a drawing she made at 7 years old. He sets the page down on his magic board, and the elements come to life. His act is pretty cool. Roses appear and disappear. It’s a very sweet ode to his daughter. It pulls at the heartstrings. he ends the routine with a lovely sentiment: “The real magic is family.” Technically, he didn’t up his game, but this time, he brought on the sentiment.  

Heidi likes that he showed us his life. Sofia thinks the world needs his magic. “I hope America votes for you tonight.” Simon doesn’t think he’s better than the acts that came before. He hated the music. He compared it to an aunt playing piano after lunch. What a weird comment. Howie says, “You made the impossible look possible. That was amazing.”

Chapel Hart – Country trio – Group buzzer

This week, the group will sing an original called “American Pride” which they promise will show America what’s in their hearts. They become emotional during their sit down with Terry Crews. Oh no. The lead singer is having pitch problems this week. This ballady song reveals vocal weakness. Once they sing in harmony, the performance improves. The lyrics are about the need to bring everyone together. Another solo from a different singer is even pitchier. Are they having trouble hearing themselves? The song ends, and there is crying.

Sofia calls them “heartfelt.’ Simon was on his feet. He wished they could sing it a’cappella. He loves the message. He only mentions the shaky vocals in passing. Howie liked their first two performances better. I agree. Simon disagrees. He loves the chorus and that they expressed their love for America.

Mike E. Winfield – Comedian

Mike is the only comedian in the Top 11. Mildly amusing, he beat out funnier comics for a spot in the final. Oh well. He does a bit about people recognizing him after appearing on AGT. And we’re back to jokes about his adult “step man.” He adds jokes about his 12 year old he calls “real kid.” What? He tells a breastfeeding joke that is kind of icky. He was funnier before, and that’s not saying much.

Simon feels whatever he needed to do “you did it.” He calls Mike sharp and funny. “You’ve given yourself a shot at the win.” Eh. Howie hopes that he wins, and once again offers to work with him. Heidi wishes him good luck tonight. Sofia calls him a star. “I want to hang out with you.

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Metaphysic – Deepfake tech

They promise to push the deep fake technology as far as they can tonight. “Elvis” takes the stage to introduce the act. It doesn’t sound like him. AND IT’S CREEPY LOOKING AS HELL. So “Elvis” is the big celebrity they promised. I hate it. Is it my TV or is the lip syncing off. Oh. Heidi and Sofia are background singers. Gotta say. “Simon” is on screen, and I’m not sure what’s happening? Is it a duet with Elvis? This is a big mess. They tried to do too much.

“I was amazing!” says Heidi. “This is my favorite act of the night.” Sofia thinks they are “so much fun.” Simon calls it the most incredible original act they’ve had on the show. The judges are flattered into loving them. “You are going to have your own show in Vegas,” predicts Howie

FUN FACT! AGT and American Idol alum Makayla Phillips sang and stood in for backup singer “Heidi.” The show should really take a minute and introduce the singers doing all the work.

Mayyas – Dance group – Sofia buzzer

This week, the group works with fans. The dancers seem to come from nowhere! There’s some belly dancing this week. The most artistic of all the acts, hopefully the group has a shot at the win. They’ve never done the same act twice. The choreography is never repetitive. Another mesmerising performance.

Sofia says…the crowd is drowning her out! “Another level.” Heidi says, “This is what a million dollar act looks like.” Simon calls them “astonishing…I’m beginning to feel a buzz beyond the show. It’s global.” Howie calls them his favorite act ever. The audience begins chanting behind them. They should have appeared later in the show!

Avery Dixon – Saxophonist – Terry’s buzzer

When he got back after his audition, Atlanta celebrated him instead of bullying him. He performs the Chaka Khan classic “Ain’t Nobody” with a band and background vocalists. He’s a good musician, a REALLY good musician. But it’s his emotional backstory that could propel him into the Top 5.

Sofia wants to have a drink every time she hears him. Poor Avery looks confused. Simon believes he controlled the stage. “Brilliant song choice. You really nailed it.” Heidi is “so happy” for him.

Celia Munoz – Ventriloquist (Wildcard)

Sofia chose Celia as her wildcard pick and America voted her into the final. She’s going to add a “little bit of magic” into her act this time. She’s playing a medium who brings back the spirit of an opera singer. She sings, throwing her voice into a “ghost.” It’s clever! She chews into an apple as she sings! She’s back in rare form this week. Better than her audition. How can she sing opera without moving her mouth? Amazing. Time to toss back a shot! Oh no. Now she’s possessed, and a “ghost” escapes out of her mouth. This week’s act is so much better than last time. This act had it all: Ventriloquism, singing, comedy and magic.

Simon says it was “so much better” than her semi-final performance. Yes. “Genius,” he says. Sofia says “it’s an act that’s so fun and complete.” Howie compares her to a vaudeville performer. He loves that she doesn’t have puppets. Heidi calls her a rare talent. Last time she thought sentimentality could carry her. It did not. It’s so good that she got a second chance.

Sara James – Teen singer – Simon’s buzzer

She’s singing the Song of Summer…1985 AND 2022–Kate Bush’s “Running Up the Hill.” I wondered who the first singing competitor would be to cover this newly hit song. Glad to see the kiddos catching on to Queen Kate Bush! The arrangement removes the rat-a-tat drumbeat, transforming it into a sweeping piano ballad. She’s good, especially on the last chorus when her vocal opens up. She’s a 14 year old in a 30 year old’s body.

Simon can’t believe the young Polish singer nailed such an iconic song. “You’ve just given yourself a shot after that.” Howie thinks many have given themselves a shot, tonight. But believes she’s going to be here in America a lot more. Sara tried fried chicken for the first time recently, and loved it. Heidi calls her one of the show’s greatest discoveries this season. “You are already a star,” says Sofia.

Yu Hojin – Magician

Terry asks Simon to sign a piece of paper for Yu to use in his act. Simon said no at his audition, but eventually Yu won him over. Eh. Nicolas RIBS is a more creative magician. No black t shirt this time, but he’s still using dark surfaces, which make it appear like he’s pulling things out of a secret compartment. His act tells the sentimental story of his road to AGT. With his little pieces of paper, he built a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty. I was expecting a big magical finish. That wasn’t it.

Sofia calls him “magical.” Simon is happy that he “helped” him. “I sort of said no on purpose.” Oh, hindsight. He calls him a “brilliant showman.” Howie said, “You showed us the magic of recycling.” Jokes! “You are my favorite magician this year.”

Drake Milligan – Country singer-songwriter

This afternoon, we received another press release from Drake’s record label, BBR, reminding us that the country singer is appearing on the final, AND that his forthcoming album is coming out on Thursday. Will Drake promote his album on the show? Terry mentions it VERY briefly after his performance and after the judges comments.

Instead of singing a new original, Drake repeats his audition performance, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do.” American Idol and The Voice contestants often repeat favorite performances in the finale, but it being only his third performance on the show, something new would have been nice. But then, the song is  his single, and the label wants to promote it. According to the press release it will impact country radio next Monday September 19. Having said that, he’s an entertaining performer and his band is top notch. He could win it all.

Simon repeats that he admires Drake for not walking away after his song hit number one. Why would he? Each appearance is more promo for his single and album! Simon thinks he was correct to come back to AGT with a reprise. “I really think this is going to be the start of your career.” Sofia wants to buy a ticket to his concert. Heidi calls him a standout. “The audience loves you…you are the one to beat.” Howie says, “I think you just brought it home. I think you’re a star,” he adds about singing his audition song again, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Howie thinks the contest is between Mayyas and Drake. Drake says his new album ia “all because of you folks” as if the album wasn’t in the works before he even auditioned.

Drake will perform with Jon Pardi on the finale tomorrow night.


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