America’s Got Talent 2022 Recap: Final Auditions Live Blog (Video)

Pictured: Mr. Moo Shakes — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent season 17 auditions END tonight! At the end of the episode, judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara will deliberate on which acts to advance to the Live Shows. Terry Crews hosts. See the last of the acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

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Emily Bland – Lip-Syncer 

She lives in Arkansas and works as a desk clerk. She loves Garth Brooks. And the joke is that her husband is off stage singing like Josh Turner. And she has the ability to lip-sync accurately without looking at him? I guess that’s a talent? It did seem at first that she was singing with a very deep voice. Still, I don’t get it. The judges are intrigued and want to see more. – 4 yeses.

Mind2Mind – Mentalists

James and Marina, also known as Mind2Mind is a psychic/mentalist type act. They are the recipient of Ukraine’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer and appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Marina is outside with Terry. Her first trick is guessing the battery percentage of Sofia’s phone. She pulls it off! Next, audience members write down “powerful memories” on a piece of paper. Heidi picks a memory out of the sack. She reads it and then concentrates on it. Marina describes a father holding a young child as they watch the ocean for the first time. And she gets that correct. These guys are really good.

“This is amazing” says Simon. Sofia calls it mysterious and spectacular. Heidi calls it “wild.” Howie appreciated the extra level of difficulty – 4 yeses

Aubrey Burchell – Singer (American Idol S16 Top 70)

Aubrey is a 21-year-old pop/soul singer from the Pittsburgh suburb, North Huntingdon. NBC leaked her audition on Friday (WATCH). In it, Aubrey shares that she was recently diagnosed with level 1 autism. She hopes to inspire others like her to follow their dreams. She’s already emotional before her performance of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.” Her voice is deep and soulful. She throws a few growls into her intense performance. She’s very connected and present as she sings. The tears flow right after. That looked like a religious experience!

Heidi calls her voice “fantastic.” Howie realizes she’s nervous and calls her “brave.” Simon calls her “absolute genius.” Simon believes her career is about to skyrocket. Sofia calls her the “perfect package.”She thinks Aubrey could win the competition (that’s a bit much–there are a TON of great singers alone this season). – 4 yeses

The Lads – Hand balancing duo

The Lads are an acrobatic duo made up of Jack (UK) and Tiago (Portugal). They mainly perform at festivals/circuses across Europe. Heidi goes there and asks why one likes being on the bottom and the other on the top. They pull off each other’s shirts first. They do hand balancing without props. It’s all about strength. It’s almost like wrestling combined with ballet! Sometimes, these balancers appear to be working REALLY HARD to keep things up. But this dudes make it seem effortless. Also, the routine is beautifully choreographed.

Heidi calls it “smooth and elegant.” Sofia calls it “perfect.” Howie calls it strong and graceful, but it didn’t bowl him over. Simon agrees with Howie. He found it slow. Howie and Simon are WRONG. The audience is booing. Simon says no, Heidi and Sofia say yes. The crowd chants, but Howie doesn’t care. He says no. – Simon and Howie say no, Heidi and Sofia say yes.

Penny Starr Sr. – Burlesque

At 84 years old, Penny Starr Sr. is the oldest  burlesque dancer. She is in the Burlesque Hall of Fame and performs in Vegas every year at the Exotic World. She’s been married 8 times, and they’re all dead, she quips. She performs a patriotic strip tease act, but doesn’t take much off. She’s very modest. Terry runs out with a robe for her.

Simon will advance her if more clothes come off. She’s all for it. 4 yeses

Mr. Moo Shakes – Drummer

Mr. Moo is dressed as a cow while he drums on plastic trash cans. He’s like a street drummer, basically. He’s talented. 

Howie finds the act very Vegas. Heidi is not impressed. Sofia calls it “a lot of fun.” Simon thinks his son Eric will love it, so he says yes. – 3 yeses, Heidi says no.

Bay Turner – Singer

Music comforted him as a kid after his parents divorced. Bay is a worship and soul singer who took part in the “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” Tik Tok Run Challenge which went viral. He trained as an Opera singer. He works in a call center, but virtual and sings to callers. However, during a surgery to remove benign tumors, the anesthesiologist nicked his vocal cords and he had to retrain to bring them back. He has a commercial tone and sings with a beautiful falsetto. He shows off his range with a few big notes. Another talented singer in a season chock full of them.

Simon calls his tone “beautiful” and compliments his taste. Howie calls it powerful, while complimenting his range. Heidi loved his high notes, and calls him extra special. Sofia noticed that he started off nervous, but overcame that. 4 yeses.

Waffle – Double Dutch Jump Rope

This double dutch dance crew from Japan was the Double Dutch Contest World Champions. NBC leaked this audition early (WATCH). The group incorporates hip hop moves into their intricate double dutch routine. It’s high energy and a lot of fun.

Simon calls it “brilliant.” Sofia calls it “amazing.” Heidi loved the fashion, and the way they changed it up. Howie wasn’t in the house for this audition. 3 yeses

Neguin – B-Boy Dancer

Neguin is a Brazilian-American based in NY. He is a performer, DJ, and creative director. He has 651K followers on Instagram. The bit we see of a montaged performance is impressive

Simon calls him “super talented” – 3 yeses

Unreal Crew – Dance group

Unreal Crew are from Rajasthan, India. They won Dance India Dance 7: Battle of Champions (2019). These guys are a mixture of Indian dance and hip-hop. They are also funny.

Heidi loved the comedy, and that it was never boring. Simon compliments their timing – 3 yeses

David Snyder – Pianist

This performance, from a concert pianist, was also montaged. Originally from North Dakota, David lives in Los Angeles and is also pursuing a career in modeling and acting.

3 yeses

Camille K – Singer-Songwriter

Camille is a 16 year old Philadelphia based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She learned to play electric guitar at 7. She wants to spread love and joy through her music! Kumbaya! Simon stops her after one bar. He wants to hear an original song. She sings “Still in Love” a thing she’s never experienced, she says. “Nor have I,” jokes Simon. She sounds kind of…old fashioned? She needs to enunciate better. Her upper register and her phrasing are pretty. She’s a work in progress.

Simon calls the performance “beautiful.” Heidi says, “you have that gift.” Sofia calls, as she does many things, “SPECTACULAR.” 3 yeses

The Nerveless Nocks – Danger

The Nerveless Nocks from AGT: Extreme return to AGT with father and daughter, Michelangelo and Angelina Nock. They perform a terrifying act with super tall poles. Their family has been in the business since the mid-1800s. Simon mentions that the duo competed on Extreme. They made the final, but Michelangelo got sick. Now they’re back. The do a modified version of their act indoors. The poles are so tall, they are situated on the floor outside the stage. The big trick is how they sway and switch poles while Angelina is blindfolded.

Heidi is exhausted after watching that. Sofia calls it intense. “You look so normal, and you’re not!” Simon says. It was more intense for him this time, because the action was so close. Michelangelo calls AGT the greatest stage on earth. – 3 yeses.

And that’s the end of America’s Got Talent season 17 auditions! The judges said yes to 138 acts. They must choose less than half for the live rounds. Simon confirms that instead of 36, 55 acts will go through to the next round, now called “The Qualifiers.” 

NBC announced the 54 acts definitely going through, including the 6 Golden Buzzer acts that received automatic passes. Only Aubrey from tonight’s show advanced to the lives, which begs the question, why did they even bother with tonight’s show?

Viewers have until Friday morning to vote for one of 4 acts to become the 55th act. Our mega-post lists the acts, and explains the format changes. No more weekly instant-saves. However, fans will vote an 11th act into the finale. 

America’s Got Talent 2022 Unveils a Top 55 and New Format


The judges and Terry meet at Simon’s house in Malibu to “deliberate.” Sofia couldn’t be there, so she sends her “notes.” First, it’s time to review the six Golden Buzzers. After many minutes of filler, the last three minutes include the judges “battling it out” amid clips of contestants.

TWIST! Viewers will VOTE for the 55th act.

Vote for the 55th act at

  • Ben Waites – Singer (Watch)
  • Debbii Dawson – Singer (Watch)
  • Auzzy Blood – Sword Swallower (Watch)
  • Jordan Conley – Comedian – (Watch)

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