America’s Got Talent 2021 Auditions 5 Recap and Live Blog (Video)

Pictured: (l-r) Simon Cowell, Alexandra Cote — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

Heidi chooses her Golden Buzzer tonight. She’s the last!

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Positive Impact Movement – Acrobats 

Leader Travis Brewer calls himself a “movement artist” and has been a finalist on American Ninja Warrior. The group also sells an apparel line. The quartet met on Muscle Beach in California. They also help people overcome injuries. So, Simon and his back. They strip off their shirts first, and then mix weight lifting and tumbling. These are certainly feats of strength. Typical trick: Standing on shoulders/head while lifting a huge barbell! The judges give a standing ovation. THE FAKE CROWD LOVES IT. Sofia says the energy is amazing. Howie loves that the act is simple. One of the men honored his mother, who died of melanoma. Simon liked that it was a mix of danger and gymnastics. Heidi was skeptical at first, but they won her over. Especially after she lifted one of the barbells and proved its heaviness. – 4 yeses

The Empower Pack – Dog Act 

Chrissy Joy, the head dog trainer also works to supply dog performers to TV and movie productions through her Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. Her celeb dogs are called The Joy Crew. She is the 2018 National Stunt Dog Champion and ranked 2nd for National Dog Trainer of the Year (2019).  Miss Petunia, the pug, has an enormous crush on Simon. OK then. Since she works for Hollywood, I expect the tricks to be impressive. But they are just OK. Even the wizard theme has been done before. Hm. That was boring! Sofia enjoyed it. But Howie didn’t find it inspiring or aspirational. Simon agrees with Howie. Heidi likes it. Simon and Howie say no, Heidi and Sofia say yes

Alexandra Cole – Dog trainer 

Her website indicates that she’s French-Canadian dog trainer who specializes in Freestyle dancing and canine Frisbee. She also works on behavioral issues. She’s appeared on several French-Canadian television programs. Alexandra isn’t as professional as the prior group, but her tricks are way better. Maybe it helps that she works with only two doggos, who are VERY VERY CUTE. They can jump SO HIGH. And they perform tricks perfectly in sync. Simon is on his feet. It’s his favorite dog act of the season. Heidi calls it adorable. Sofia wanted them to keep going. Howie noted the energetic, unique tricks. Simon joins the act on stage to greet the dogs. 4 yeses

Gangstagrass – Country/hip-hop group

The group fuses country music and hip-hop. “Gangstagrass” is more of a concept that has released music featuring various musicians and guest artists. The mastermind of the group, Rench, put together the “gangstagrass” style theme song for the FX series Justified. All four members are dads, and want to leave the world a better place. They hope to tour the country, spreading a positive message of unity. NBC previewed the audition earlier this week. The group performs a song that’s a mix of country and hip hop. There are banjos. fiddling, and….rapping. The fiddle player is good! But the unison rapping is a little messy. Terry calls it Yee-haw hip hop. Howie declares it emblematic of what America needs right now. Sofia calls it the perfect combination. Simon calls it a “very very good audition,” adding “this is one we’re going to remember.”  – 4 yeses

Delicious Duane Douglas – No contact wrestler

He calls himself the greatest No Contact Wrestler in the Universe and a former Isolation Wrestling champ. Don’t be too impressed. Isolation Wrestling is a thing born recently out of the coronavirus quarantine and is basically wrestling fans recreating 80s/90s era wrestling promos, which are voted on by Instagram users. The act consists of Duane “smack talking the judges into submission.” By day, he’s a legal clerk. So I guess this is a comedy act? Or trying to be. He’s got a huge wad in his shorty shorts. Hm. As Duane trash talks the judges, they each buzz him. Simon notes that the FAKE CROWD hates him. – 4 nos

The Mooncity Masters – 70s style Rock duo

Twin brothers Talor and Jordan Steinberg play original music steeped in the style of 70s guitar bands like Grand Funk Railroad and Humble Pie. The two hope to work as musicians for the rest of their lives. They cover The Beatles “I’ve Got A Feeling.” Sibling harmonies are good, good rock voices. But Simon buzzes them! He calls the act boring. Well, it’s very karaoke. Heidi likes them. Aw. They weren’t great. But they weren’t terrible either – Heidi says yes, the rest says no.

The Sklar Brothers – Comedians

These identical twin comedians hosted the show Cheap Seats which aired for FOUR seasons on ESPN Classic. So, another act that’s already kinda famous. More than kinda famous, actually. It’s silly that they’re on AGT. Their bit focus on their kids. It’s so weird to have twins on stage delivering jokes. Howie is laughing. But not anyone else, really. Their schtick is talking in unison…like twins often do.  Heidi wasn’t totally won over. But Simon likes the twin gimmick. Howie loves them. As if he has never heard of these guys before. I mean, check out their Wikipedia page. Heidi gives them a yes because she heard the whole fake audience laughing. She’s hallucinating! – 4 yeses

Melodie Blaize – T-Shirt snip artist

Snip Tease appears to consist of clothes designers with scissors who design outfits out of t-shirts while still on a person’s body. Heidi takes the stage in an oversized T-shirt while Melodie goes to work. Simon isn’t impressed. He buzzes her. In a few minutes, Melodie created a very fashionable dress. Maybe it’s not for AGT, but it’s something. Heidi says yes, the rest say no. 

Lea Kyle – Quick change artist and magician – Heidi’s Golden Buzzer!

A French quick change magician, Lea also competed on France’s Got Talent in 2020. Her boyfriend, Florian, appeared on America’s Got Talent last year. She acts like she’s never been on stage before, but she already did FGT. Quick change is so weird. But Lea is very good. Her outfits change in a blink. It’s magical. I’ve never seen quick change married to magic quite like this. Most quick change is easy to deconstruct. Not this particular act. Howie calls her the best quick change artist ever. “Your presentation is beautiful.” Sofia also calls it beautiful. Simon is impressed that she’s solo. “This was very very cool.” He compliments her showmanship. “You were doing real magic,” says Heidi, so impressed she hits her Golden Buzzer! I didn’t see that coming. Honestly. FUN FACT: Hayley Rinehart’s car commercial song plays as the confetti falls! – Heidi hits her golden buzzer

Thomas Evans – Jump Roper

He’s from Seattle, but lives in Berlin now. Howie hates it. He buzzes. Heidi disagrees. He’s a skilled jump roper. Simon calls Howie “Mr. Grumpy” who insists that he didn’t see anything new. Howie says no, Heidi, Simon and Sofia say yes.

The bit is that now Howie is the MEAN ONE instead of Simon. He’s Mr. Grinch in green as he says no to Lea Hinz, a Hoop Artist, New Wave camp act, Space Kidettes and flash mob group, Bob’s Dance Shop.

Tory Vagasy – Singer

Tory appears to be studying musical theater at Broward College in Florida. She took part in Broadway’s Next on Stage competition. While she has almost 29K followers on Instagram, she has over 266K on TikTok. She sings in the bathroom! She works as a princess at kids’ parties. Howie’s face is still green as she starts singing “Into the Unknown” from Frozen. Her voice soars. And as she hits that last note…Howie’s face changes to pink. I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING. /sarcasm.

Heidi and Sofia think she belongs on Broadway. Simon calls the song choice brilliant. He sees potential. Howie loves her energy, stage presence. OH NO HE SAYS NO claiming he hates show tunes. His face is green again. The FAKE AUDIENCE BOOS HIM. That’s serious! *eyes roll*. Simon gives a big speech about supporting talent and defeating the Howies of the world. This is such a fake bit. Howie gave an enthusiastic yest to that Broadway a ‘capella group a few weeks ago. Howie says no, the rest say yes

Peter Antoniou – Psychic comedian

His website describes his act as “telling jokes and fortunes.” Aka, he attempts to “read minds” in a humorous way. He grew up in London, but lives in Seattle now. Terry assists the act. He picks something out of a doll house that includes a room for each of the judges. Peter’s phone message describes where the item that Terry picked was hidden. Also, a sign gives it way. Then Sofia takes her engagement ring and gives it to Simon, so he can lose it.

The entire judges panel goes backstage to a room filled with ring boxes. Simon picks a box to put the ring in, as Sofia and Peter turn their backs. Peter finds the ring and tells a Google available detail about how her husband Joe proposed. Howie calls him smooth and confident. Heidi loved the whole thing. Sofia can’t believe he knew about the rainbow. She swears it’s not on the internet. Hm. Simon was unsure. But in the end he loved it – 4 yeses

Dokteuk Crew – Dance group

South Korean dance group mixes hip-hop and martial arts. Their dance is also influenced by Anime. The show previewed this audition a few days ago. They’ve always dreamed of auditioning for AGT. Sofia notes that the group includes a woman. The group’s hip hop moves aren’t super-fancy, but they’re fun. The storytelling is solid. Sofia calls it fun and dynamic. Howie agrees that they are amazing. “My favorite dance this entire season.” Heidi wasn’t sure what was going on, but she liked it. Simon calls it K-dance. He loves their personalities – 4 yeses

Jayy – Singer

Also calling herself J-Swag, the Latin singer competed on Univision’s Raina de la Cancion. Watch her audition HERE. She’s from the Dominican Republic, but lives in Philadelphia now. Sbe’s performing in honor of her parents, who were murdered in a robbery. They owned a grocery story. It happened right in front of Jayy. It’s a horrifying story. She had to put music aside to take care of her siblings. She sings “Lost Without You” by Freya Ridings. Her vocal is very trembly and vulnerable. Sofia calls it spectacular. Howie assures Jayy that her parents are here, watching over her. Heidi calls the performance “moving.” She declares, “Now it’s your time.” Simon call her performance incredible and extraordinary. “People like you are why we make this show.” – 4 yeses

According to the previews, there is another Golden Buzzer next week. All the judges hit the button at the same time, making AGT HISTORY!


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