America’s Got Talent 2015 Week 5 Recap Live Blog VIDEOS

America’s Got Talent 2015 Week 5 Recap Live Blog VIDEOS

Time for another night of AGT! I’m Adam, your guide for this evening. Lets just get right down to it! Here we go, AGT starts right now!

The auditions are still going on? It’s been like 5 weeks now! Bring on the next round already!

After a cool intro, we are ready for the first act of the night! So far, Heidi is the only judge who can still use the golden buzzer, as the others have used theirs already.

First up, The Gentlemen, a duo of two young brother dancers aged 12 and 9. They love to dance and they practice all the time after school. They tell Heidi their act has it all, including “smooth moves.” For their age, they’re pretty good. There are better dancers this season, but adding in their youth and appeal to the older viewers and I think they have potential. Personally their act is not for me, but I think grannies will love them. The judges eat their act right up though! Of course the brothers are through to the next round with 4 yeses.

Oz Pearlmen is a mentalist who became fascinated with the subject after witnessing a magic show on a boat ride. He left his job on Wall Street (dude…) to pursue this passion of his. On stage, he does some basic mind reading trick, and while his act is impressive it is going a little long. He does a trick where he reads Mel’s mind and predicts a past trip she went on. Eh, this could have been 2 minutes shorter. Regardless, Oz is through to the next round with 4 yeses!

Next, we have Brittany Allen a young singer. Brittany found her love for music from her father, and while she loves to sing she has great stage fright. Her fiance is a soldier and she wishes she had some of his courage. Brittany takes the stage and sings Wherever You Will Go and she does fantastic….. until she misses a note and starts to panic. The judges give her a second chance and wow… she is really good! It might not have been perfect, but she is interesting and intriguing. If she gets her nerves under control she will do great. Howard gives her a no, but the other judges send her through with three yeses! I liked her a lot. Nerves aside, I think if she controls herself we will have something special on our hands.

It looks like it is time for an animal act! After a montage of some really scary creature including a stripping dog (I’m not kidding), we have a bird whistler…. WHAT?! Ok look, this girl definitely has a talent, but is it really something you want to share with America? Byrdie Sue does this whole act singing as a bird…. and I’m amazed to say it, but it is actually really impressive and cool. I take it back, I think this girl is really talented! Howard sums it up by saying she is so bad it’s good! This talent is so out there, but I just can’t stop watching. Wait, the judges say no and she doesn’t advance. Have I gone crazy that I would have said yes!?

After a gross act involving a balloon and nose (the less said about them the better)…. wait, they advanced?!?!?

Semeneya are a salsa dance group who are up next. With four members, they break into two groups to perform a hot routine. If you have seen the commercials you know where this is going. Yep, after a quick introduction one of the dancers suddenly stops dancing having hurt his knee. The medics are called and soon the dancer is off to the hospital. Heidi offers them the opportunity to try out again the next day with the remaining three members… and we have a cliffhanger!

After the break, two of the three remaining members perform right then and there as a duo act and they are pretty good! The judges are wowed and send the group on to the next round! As a duo those guys were fantastic. These guys are one to watch.

After a montage of a few cool acts, including a awesome metal mariachi act, we have… more commercials.

Arielle Baril is up next, and she is a singer. After learning about singing from her brother, she developed a love for singing after some prodding from her supportive family. Ohhhhh she is an opera singer, wasn’t expecting that. Girl’s got a great voice. I feel some nerves, but she is definitely talented. She looks like she is freaking out as she sings, but her strong voice is still coming through. Loved this girl! She breaks down as soon as she finishes her last note. The judges love her and then HEIDI HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER FOR HER! Good move Heidi, this girl definitely deserved it. She is a contender.

After a montage of old people acts getting buzzed, we have Shel Higgens, a danger stuntman. He used to work in real estate, but after a mid life crisis switched to performing. His wife refuses to watch him perform as his act is so dangerous. Shel does some crazy stuff with a chain saw and it is just that: crazy. Eh, do I really want to see this guy again and cut his nose off…… kinda. With three yeses Shel is through to the next round!

Our next nut job, I mean contestant, is Oleksey who dances with a mannequin with no head. I am just to creeped out to appreciate this guys talent. He says they met in his garage… and she is wearing his wife’s wedding dress… *facepalm* He does some pretty impressive balances, but Howard sums up my thoughts by calling the entire thing strange. I must be the crazy one, because the judges advance him to the next round. I’m going to see that mannequin in my nightmares, aren’t I? It would make a good horror movie character though, now that I think of it.

Alex Boye is going to be our last band of the season to audition. Alex is from Nigeria and Britain. He performs with his band who take pop songs and rearrange them. The band takes on Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and they have a lot of great fun energy. Their leader singer is really feeling it! Lot of fun entertainment in the band. The judges call them crazy talented, one of them even saying they found them to be their favorite musical act ever on the show. With their strong approval from the judges Alex and his band are through to the next round.

Whelp, it has come down to our final audition of the season. Goofy duo Daniel and Syum are closing us out. Taxi drivers at night, they love to perform during their spare time. They are pretty horrible, just another joke act. Their performance is riddled with mistakes and it frankly is rather difficult to watch. Thankfully they do not advance.

The judges for whatever reason start dancing, closing out this season’s auditions round. It was…. something… to say the least.

Oh… guess not, seems there is another week of auditions…. really?!? These have officially gone on too long.

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This is AdamSLM signing off…

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