America’s Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 3

America's Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 3 - Daniella Mass

America’s Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 3

I don’t even know how to kick off this review. After the bloodbath that was last week’s show, I lost 2 acts that I thought were a shoe in for the top 12, both of which were cut in favor of a talking sock that is meant to appeal to babies. At least I still have my number 1 favorite in Piff, but he is flaming out quickly and is gonna need an incredible performance to make the finale. I’m just so frustrated with AGT, so let’s just get right on with this week’s rankings.

12- Daditude – Their wildcard should have gone to someone like Scott Heierman. These dancing dads do not deserve to still be in the competition at this stage. Next.

11- Chapkis Dance Family – This 28 member dance troupe stole Aiden Sinclair’s spot and also shouldn’t still be in the competition at this stage. Next.

10- Metal Mulisha Fitz Army– I really am not liking how some acts got a straight pass over the middle rounds to go straight to the live shows without a golden buzzer. This freestyle motocross team weren’t that impressive the first time and are destined to be fodder.

9- Gary Vider– Drew Lynch is going to be dominating the comedy block this year, so I doubt Gary and his “subtle comedy” will have any chance of trumping him this season.

8- Selected Of God– Did anyone else notice that for the past 2 weeks it has always been the big voiced gospel singers closing out the show? I placed this gospel choir at 8, but I know they will be following the trend and getting the pimp spot and advancing.

7- The Professional Regurgitator– I don’t like this act at all. It grosses me out and is definitely not a million dollar act. If he advances this week it will only be so he can be fodder for an act like Drew, Uzeyer and such.

6- Oz Pearlman– Oz the mentalist is good, very good. With Piff faltering and Derek Hughes…. something, Oz is really magic’s last hope this season. I hope he does well.

5- Mountain Faith Band– I really like this bluegrass family band’s lead singer. They are high in my preference, but I’m still a little unsure how they will do with the votes.

4- Benjamin Yonattan– Benjamin, the blind dancers, is this week’s sob story, but still pretty talented. He has a lot of fans and if he performs well should do just fine

3- Freelusion Dance– These guys remind me of Freckled Sky, so excuse me as I go cry a river. While still a poor man’s FS, they are still very solid and should do well.

2- Alicia Michilli– I really like this bluesy soul singer. While I still think she would have been better suited for Idol, here on AGT I really hope she does well. I rank her high, but I worry Daniella competing against her this week could have a toll on her ranking.

1- Daniella Mass– This Colombian opera singer is my number 1 this week, but as my past week’s #1s have done (Piff and Freckled Sky) they usually either end up cut, or flaming out. Hopefully Daniella can be the exception.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? How do you rank this week’s batch of contestants? Sound off in the comments! America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday night at 8/7c PM on NBC. Join us for our live blog!

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