America’s Got Talent 2015 Predictions Semifinals Week 1

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1021 -- Pictured: Siro-A -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Hey guys, it’s Adam, here with my weekly predictions of last night’s America’s Got Talent performance show. So I just finished up my recap of the performance show, it is kinda late, so let’s just dive right on in to the predictions. Since I am back in school and I have a lot more commitments now and I have to get up early for classes, I’m going to cut my assessment for each act to only a sentence or two. As always, when you are done reading feel free to let me know in the comments what you thought of my predictions.

I’d Eat My Computer If They Don’t Advance

1- Siro-A– These guys brought the house down and were easily my favorite of the night. Watch out guys, these dancers could be contenders.

Likely Going To Advance

1- Drew Lynch– I was not a fan at all of his act tonight, but the guy definitely has people who find him an inspiration. While I find him laughing at his own jokes annoying in addition to the fact that he isn’t that funny, I almost find it a shame that he is going to be in the finale.

2- Oz Pearlman– Not as great as his last performance, but still pretty amazing. He might just be in the top 5 at the end of this journey.

Heading Home On The Bus Of Shame

 1- Ira– I think I have said enough about this act in the past to the point that you should know how I felt about his last performance.

2- Metal Mulisha– Fodder once, fodder again!

3- Derek Hughes– Oz is a much better performer, and even Drew Lynch is funnier then him.

Could Go Either Way

1- Arielle Baril- Arielle was solid with her pimp spot performance, but only 3 acts are going right through with the bottom 3 facing the judges. I predict Arielle will be one of those bottom 3 acts.

2- Mountain Faith Band– #sigh. I loved this bluegrass band, but with their early performance slot and lukewarm critiques I think they are heading home. I’m gonna miss them. That lead singer though should give Idol a shot; maybe she could pull a Nick Fradiani. I’d vote for her.

3- Benton Blount– Of the singers who performed tonight, Benton was one of the weaker ones. However, being a WGWG and performing later in the set should help his chances. He definitely still has a shot.

4- The CraigLewis Band- People loved this duo, but I felt like they were just screaming at me. A little restraint would have been appreciated, and would have showed that they had some versatility, but if it works out and they advance, I guess they should just ignore me.

5- Samantha Johnson- A pimp spot and standing ovation didn’t keep her safe last time around, so an early performance with okay reception will probably mean she is going home. If she manages to be in the bottom 3 she might have a chance though.

Should be the top 5 advancing:

1- Siro-A
2- Drew Lynch
3- Oz Pearlman
4- Arielle Baril
5- Mountain Faith Band

Will be the top 5 advancing:

1- Siro-A
2- Drew Lynch
3- Oz Pearlman
4- The CraigLewis Band
5- Arielle Baril/Benton Blount

So those are my predictions, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below!

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