American Idol’s Kez Ban Presumed Missing, Death Rumors (UPDATE: She’s Been Found)




A received a link this morning to a Facebook account from somebody claiming that American Idol season 12 alum, Kez Ban had passed away. What makes this situation very unsettling, is the person who put up the message hasn’t returned to elaborate.

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Kez is a street performer in Chicago, but is originally from North Carolina. People who claim to be members of her family are leaving messages on the facebook post, asking for more information. One writes that she’s Kez’s aunt and is with her mother.

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Making the situation even more disturbing…somebody has put up a gofundme page to raise money for Kez’ funeral, claiming her body is in the morgue and her family can’t be reached.

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Again, people claiming to be her family are leaving messages at the gofundme page as well. If this is a hoax, it is a particularly cruel one. But on the other hand, please let it be a hoax, and Kez is alive and well somewhere, even if SHE’S behind it all–engaging in some sort of performance art.

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Somebody who claims to be a a friend searched records at the medical examiners site, and was unable to find any “Jane Does” at the Chicago morgue as of September 25.  He “found” the go fund me page. Employing quotes here, because everything about this situation is sketchy. There is no way to confirm anything at the present time. ETA: A commenter noted that if the person who started the GoFundMe knew Kez was dead, the body in the morgue wouldn’t be a Jane Doe. The cops would be working to locate her family.

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Whatever is going on here, hopefully the worst isn’t true, and Kez is safe and sound somewhere. She seems close to her mom. It’s hard to believe she’d leave her family in the dark.

UPDATE: The person who posted the original message, Drew Prince, has updated his Facebook with a “nevermind.” Really? What about that GoFundMe page? Was that an “oops” too? Obviously, there’s more here than meets the eye. It would not be shocking to learn that the GoFundMe page was a hoax, with more than one person involved. Kez hasn’t updated twitter since May 2013. I hope she makes a public statement, and can clear the confusion.

Also: Even if this dude was a victim of misinformation, (rather than knowingly spreading it. Ahem) how irresponsible was it spread rumors without confirmation from the family?

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Kez auditioned in Season 12 and made it as far as Hollywood. She uploaded a full version of her original song, Azure Sky.

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