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Last week the teams traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina where cousins Alex and Adam were eliminated. In addition, a rivalry was formed between Tanner and Josh and Justin and Diana after Justin’s personality got on their nerves. How will the teams fare tonight? Let’s find out.

Tanner pulled a hamstring in the last leg of the race, and he and Josh hopes it won’t be an issue in today’s leg. Justin and Diana won the last leg of the race, and they’re the first to depart. They learn their new destination: San Antonio de Areco. The race remains in Argentina. They must make their way to the bus station and get on a bus to San Antonio de Areco. Justin and Diana believe the other teams see them as a threat, but they’re not worried. Justin says he has seen every season of The Amazing Race at least three times. All the other teams are getting into taxis on the way to the bus station. Denise and James Earl admits they butt heads often, as do Cindy and Rick.

Tanner and Josh and Kelsey Joey get on the same bus. Team Texas tells the news reporter that they will give the Express Pass to the team that U-Turns Justin and Diana. After this conversation, Justin and Diana hop on board their bus. They are the three teams in the lead. Everyone else is on a different bus except Ernest Jin. They get on the last bus and are at the back of the pack.

Tanner and Josh, Joey and Kelsey, and Justin and Diana arrive at San Antonio de Areco and jump onto separate pickup trucks that takes them to the Roadblock. The task requires one team member to properly hang meat. Once the gaucho approves the way they hanged the meat, they will be given meat and the next clue. Josh, Joey, and Justin do the Roadblock for their respective teams. They are still working on the Roadblock as other teams arrive. Chris, Rick, Jazmine, James Earl, and Tiffany do the Roadblock for their teams. Soon enough, Josh is the first to complete the Roadblock and he gets his next clue. He and Tanner can now make their way to Plaza Principal to deliver a piece of meat and get their next clue. The other teams are still working, and Justin fails the inspection numerous times. Later on, Joey is the next to pass and get the clue. Right afterwards, Rick passes too and so does Justin.

Tanner and Josh deliver the meat to Plaza Principal and get the clue for the Detour: Horse or Carriage. Horse requires teams to carry a mallet and dress up in polo outfits and make their way to a horse station to dress up the fake horses and then deliver them. Carriage requires teams to clean and then deliver a carriage to attach it to a horse. Tanner and Josh choose to do Horse and get an early lead. Kelsey and Joey choose to do Horse too, while Cindy and Rick choose to do Carriage. Justin and Diana choose to do Horse. Kelsey and Joey get lost for a few minutes and walk by Tanner and Josh until they realize they walked too far. Tanner and Josh are the first to start dressing up their horse, but the other teams are not too far behind them.

The other teams are struggling with the Roadblock. Denise shouts out a hint to James Earl, and she quickly realizes she may have broken a rule. The team members not doing the Roadblock aren’t allowed to help at all, so now she’s worried about a possible penalty. James Earl gets the next clue, leaving Logan and Chris and Tiffany and Krista behind. Ernest and Jin have yet to arrive at the Roadblock.

Justin and Diana catch up to Tanner and Josh, as do Kelsey and Joey. Cindy and Rick forgot their whip for the Carriage Detour, so now they have to walk back. Chris and Tiffany finish the Roadblock before Ernest and Jin arrive with Ernest doing the Roadblock.

Tanner and Josh are struggling with the Detour, but finally get it right. They are the first to deliver the fake horse. Meanwhile, other teams arrive at the Detour too. Logan and Chris, Jazmine and Danielle, and Denise and James Earl choose the Horse Detour too. Tanner and Josh deliver their horse and get the clue for the Pit Stop: Museo Gauchesco. They must make their way there by foot, and they take off just as Justin and Diana and Kelsey and Joey finish dressing up their horses. They can now deliver their horses.

Tiffany and Krista get their next clue and they choose the Carriage Detour. They are still toward the bottom of the pack, however, as Jazmine and Danielle and Denise and James Earl have already finished dressing up their horses and are now delivering them.

Tanner and Josh get slightly lost on the way to the Pit Stop, allowing Justin and Diana a chance to get ahead of them. It’s a footrace between the two teams, but Justin and Diana are unable to catch up despite Tanner’s leg injury. Tanner and Josh land on the mat first and are Team #1! They win a trip to Cambodia. Phil informs both teams that there will be a Double U-Turn in play in the next leg. Tanner and Josh are very candid and say that they plan to U-Turn Justin and Diana if given a chance. Justin tells them they better hope the team they U-Turn gets eliminated or they will be making an enemy for no reason.

Kelsey and Joey arrive at the Pit Stop later and are Team #3. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Krista arrive at the Carriage Detour while Cindy and Rick are already working on it. Denise and James Earl are butting heads as they try to figure out where to go to deliver their horse. They do manage to find the location and they get the clue to make their way to the Pit Stop. Jazmine and Danielle arrive there before them and are Team #4. Denise and James Earl are the fifth team to arrive. However, since Denise shouted a hint to James Earl during the Roadblock, they have incurred a 30 minute penalty.

Ernest and Jin have finished the Roadblock and arrive at Plaza Principal. They open their next clue and they choose the Carriage Detour. They get to work on that as Logan and Chris arrive at the Pit Stop. They are the sixth team to arrive, but Denise and James Earl are still waiting out their 30 minute penalty. They are Team #5, and Denise and James Earl are officially Team #6 after their penalty is over.

Cindy and Rick get lost on the way to the Pit Stop as Tiffany and Krista forgot their whip to bring back to the place where they must deliver their carriage. They don’t realize this until they arrive there and must run all the way back to get it. This may give Ernest and Jin a chance to catch up. Cindy and Rick finally arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #7. It is now between the cheerleaders and the dancers. Which team will barely survive and which team will be eliminated?

Tiffany and Krista arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #8. Ernest and Jin are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race. They were hoping winning the race would have changed their lives since they are currently living out of their cars, but they handle their elimination well and are thankful for the opportunity.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tanner and Josh (Won a trip to Cambodia)

2nd place: Justin and Diana

3rd place: Kelsey and Joey

4th place: Jazmine and Danielle

5th place: Logan and Chris

6th place: Denise and James Earl

7th place: Cindy and Rick

8th place: Tiffany and Krista

9th place: Ernest and Jin (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! So what are your thoughts on the episode? Post in the comment section below and come back next week for another live recap!

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