American Idol XIII – Hollywood Final Judgement – Live Blog and Videos

The American Idol XIII Hollywood Rounds continue as the contestants perform a solo for the judges and a chance for a spot in the Top 30.

We’re live blogging the performances right here!

The Official Schedule was misleading, creating the impression that the Top 48 would sing their solos tonight, and the Top 30 would be revealed tomorrow. What we got instead was a two part green mile episode that included performances from the contestants. Does that sound a lot like last season’s format? Yep, it was. I guess the new producers didn’t hate EVERYTHING Uncle Nigel did in season 12.

Another well-edited show, except that I would have cut most of the judges banter during the reveals. None of them are very good at delivering news to the contestants. I thought I’d scream if I heard Jlo say one more time how hard it was to make decisions, or Harry talk about needing to find THE AMERICAN IDOL. The judges attempts to fake out the contestants were pretty lame too. It would have been better to hear longer clips of the solos, or maybe more celebratory (or heartbreaking) footage in the waiting room after the contestants learned their fates.

I don’t have arguments with the judges over who they cut. But there are contestants who should not have advanced. Jordan Brisbane, at barely 16, is not ready for this jelly. I still have my doubts about Spencer Lloyd.  I am predicting he’ll be this season’s Tim Urban. Sweet, affable, good looking, but short on talent, yet staying way longer than he should. Ugh.

And Emmanuel Zidore, with his over the top caterwauling, borders on a joke contestant. While Harry wondered if Malcolm Allen was commercial enough for the competition, they allowed Emmanuel and his OTT stylings to sail through. He’s cannon fodder. I’ll be surprised if he makes it past rush week. Ca

Speaking of which. I’ll get back to Emmanuel in a second here. So, how about MK Nobilette coming out as gay to the judges? It’s about time American Idol joined other reality shows, including The Voice, in featuring out and proud contestants. When MK said that the world had changed and was ready, I got a little misty. She’s right, you know. While she came out, Emmanuel’s obvious campiness–agreeing to a “walk off” with Jlo ONLY if she bought the heels (with the judges laughing WITH him) was a tacit acceptance of his queerness. If Emmanuel lasts longer, I expect he’ll be open about his sexuality on TV, as he is in his social media accounts, as well. This is all good, people. All good.

The green mile sing off has been done before. Unfortunately, even in the hands of new producers, the gimmick still feels contrived. It’s still hard to believe the eventual result isn’t inevitable and pre-determined. It’s 100% TV drama, and too obviously fake to be compelling.

Some great talent, however, made up for annoying scripted moments. I am VERY excited that my favorites, Jessica Meuse, Malcolm Allen, Dexter Roberts and Alex Preston are through! Hoping for even more favorites tomorrow…


It’s 9 am. Harry speaks to the kids. His pet peeve: People whining about not feeling good. He advises the contestants not to share how they are feeling, because THE AUDIENCE DOES NOT CARE. SUCK IT UP he says to the remaining 70 or so contestants who will sing solos. They are all vying for a spot in the Top 30.

Wait… The Top 30 will be revealed tonight, says Ryan. I’m a little confused now. Let’s wait to see what happens.

The day before, the remaining contestants performed solos. Many of them were sent straight home. Ryan explains how the green mile will work. The contestants waiting, will be called to make a long trip on an elevator, to the judges in order to learn they’re fate.

Emily Piriz – 17 – “Stars” by Grace Potter – She volunteers to be first. She sings seated at a piano. Jlo whispers to Keith that her voice is so “airy and light.” She’s got a beautiful tone and pitch. Very lovely performance. She’s got a gorgeous vibrato and wonderful phrasing. Harry thinks she looks like a movie star! At the final judgement, Emily reveals that she’s Cuban. “Latina in the house!” says Jlo, and that she’s been a fan from the beginning. The others don’t always agree with her…but luckily this time they did. Emily is in the Top 30

Emily Piriz – Stars (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Spencer Lloyd – 19 – Original Song – Spencer has the image, but does he have the talent to make the Top 30?  He’s nervous as he sits in front of the judges. Jlo thought he was a front runner when she saw him in Hollywood. The judges were NOT impressed with his original song in the final round, however. Harry cracked that the preachy song about being yourself was like a public service announcement. The lyrics were pretty silly. Like a literal Ed Sheeran. I’m still not sold on this guy. It was a tough decision, says Jlo, but… It’s time for a break! We’re back and Spencer makes it anyway. Of course they’re going to let that pretty face into the Top 30. Singing/sminging.  Spencer is in the Top 30

Spencer Lloyd – Original (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Jillian Jensen – Original Song – Jillian wants to show the judges EXACTLY who she is as an artist. She’s a writer! That’s what she does! She strums a guitar through the earnest and emotional performance.  The song is a pretty lament, and not a bad effort. Harry says it’s such a tough job, putting together the Top 30. They’re looking for people who can win! Is it about singing? Artistry? Ugh. Quit spending so much time trying to psych out the contestants. You guys aren’t good at it. As it turns out, Jillian makes the Top 30. AND GUESS WHAT GUYS SHE CRIES. Of course she does. And she keeps crying, all the way down the elevator, into the waiting room and through a conversation with Ryan. – Jillian is in The Top 30.

Jillian Jensen – Original (Solo) American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Jillian THANKS Demi Lovato for CUTTING her from X Factor 2

Madelyn Patterson – 22 – “Up on the Mountain” by Patty Griffin – She’s had an emotional journey on American Idol! She’s happy to have made the Top 48…she breaks down talking to the camera. Oh. This is the contestant Harry criticized for unneccessary runs. She cut him off when he tried to give her advice. She sings the same song as she did in audition, and she’s still oversinging. I can’t imagine this turning out well. Keith says she’s had some great performances, but so sad. THEY HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE. They tell her she should come back next year. Aw, Savion and some others cry as they learn the bad news. Madelyn is cut

Michael Simion, Labryant Crew, Sabrina Lentini are all cut.

Madelyn Patterson – Solo (Few More No’s… by IdolxMuzic

George Lovett – “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz – He’s not about to give up! And his soulful, passionate version of “I Won’t Give Up” gets the judges to their feet and a spot in the Top 30 – George is in the Top 30

George Lovett – I Won’t Give Up (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

Shelby Ann Marie Miller – 16 – “Wide Open Spaces” – CUT

Connor Zwetsch -20 – (Original) – Ohhh. Harry notes that her song sounds like “Sweet Home Alabama” – CUT

Sam Woolf – “I Try” (Original) – Sam wrote this song a few years ago when his mom moved away. Oh. It’s a heart string puller! The emotional song is a solid effort, and the judges are visibly moved. Sam is so connected right now, I can’t imagine them turning him away. At the final judgement, Jlo says the week was so intense. It’s so hard to choose! Who can be the American Idol! Are we going to get a variation of this for every contestant? We get it! It’s hard! Now tell us if Sam made it. Of course, the answer is yes. Harry wonders if Sam thought he’d make the cut. He didn’t know! Jlo tears up a little as he leaves the room. Hugs from his adorable grandpa in the waiting room. – Sam is in the Top 30

Sam Woolf – Original (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

A parade of nos are next. Keith makes a weird water faucet analogy that I didn’t quite understand.

Keri Lynn Roach – 24 – “I’d Rather Go Blind – She thinks she deserves a spot! Her performance is very soulful, but the embellishments are too much. Her stage presence and phrasing are way affected. She’s trying too hard. During her performance, Harry made his decision. No. Keith was on the fence. “It’s a stylized voice,” notes Jlo. In the end, they tell her no. Keri Lynn is cut.

Keri Lynn Roche – I’d Rather Be Blind (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

Malaya Watson – 16 – “I Believe” by Fantasia – Harry stops her in the middle. He thinks she’s in the wrong key. After a confab with the band, she begins again. Now, the judges are impressed. She’s got a voice that’s both strong and delicate, if that makes sense. When she powers through notes, I never feel like I’m being bludgeoned. She really is something special. Jlo gives her a standing O. Harry says her name wrong, and she corrects him. Harry is glad. Because that name has potential. She’ll be in the Top 30. Harry has taken a shine for her. He playfully mocks her little dance. Malaya is in the Top 30.

Malaya Watson – I Believe (Solo) – American… by IdolxMuzic

Maurice Townsend – Wrecking Ball – This dude has a powerful R&B voice. There’s nothing to fault here. He handled the song beautifully. Keith tells him at the final judgement, that he makes a connection and is a good singer. But they need other things! Still, they’d like to see him in the Top 30. “He’s a badass!” says Harry. Maurice can’t wait to tell his wife and his babies that he made the Top 30 – Maurice is in the Top 30

Maurice Townsend – Wrecking Ball (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

RANDY JACKSON IN THE HOUSE I REPEAT RANDY JACKSON IN THE HOUSE. Judge us says Harry, as he and Keith sing and dance on stage. “TERRIBLE GET THE HOOK” says Randy. He never said in it to win it. OR PITCHY. No drinking tonight.

Bria Anai Johnson – 16 – “It’s a Man’s World” – Whoa Bria is getting ugly people, REAL UGLY and that is NOT a bad thing. Jlo says, “You know what’s crazy? You made it into the Top 30!” But maybe not so crazy, because Bria killed that final solo.  The young singer breaks the good news to mama. Hugs all around. Bria is in the Top 30

Bria Anai – It’s a Man’s World (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

Jessica Meuse – “I’m Done” (Original Song) – She was really hurt by the Stage Mom From Hell letting loose on her after the disastrous group round. “I’m gonna redeem myself.” says Jessica to the judges.  The song is called “I’m done” and “It’s about an idiot.” Heh. Welp. Trouble may follow Jessica wherever she goes, but who cares. She’s sensational. So much raw passion, who could deny her? The judges better not. Oh. She and Jesse Roach will sit in front of the judges together? That’s harsh.

Jesse Roach – 27 – “Wide Open Spaces” – Hm. Jesse has had better performances. She loses the lyric for a minute and doesn’t seem focused. Uh oh. Why are they pitting Jesse against Jessica? This is silly.

Jesse and Jessica sit in front of the judges. Basically, they are being told it’s either or, and so close…they have to sing AGAIN. A SING OFF PEOPLE WE’VE GOT A SING OFF. Jessica sings “Simple Man.” It’s raspy and beautiful. Jesse sings “Do Ya” and it’s better than her solo, but Jessica outsang her, easy. The singers leave the room so the judges can talk. Harry kind of likes Jesse! Jlo disagrees. Keith thinks Jessica has a broader talent, but Jesse is compelling. IT’S CLOSE! They’re called back into the room. Harry says they’re both extraordinary, but it’s Jessica who makes the cut. Jessica’s fighting spirit is what sealed the deal, agree the judges. Jessica is in the Top 30. Jesse is cut.

Jessica Meuse & Jesse Roach (Solos) – American… by IdolxMuzic

Dexter Roberts – At the final judgement, Dexter admits that he’s scared to death. Keith says in order to make it into the Top 30, you can’t be phony. In more colorful terms, “All hat, no cattle.” And I guess Dexter has plenty of cow because he makes the cut! “He’s the real deal, that guy,” says Keith.  Indeed. Dexter is in the Top 30

Dexter Roberts – Solo – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Emmanuel Zidor – 24 – “I’m Going Down – I am so on the fence over Emmanuel. He brings a theatricality that borders on the ridiculous. He skirts the Zoannette zone. He’s got to be careful NOT to turn into a joke. OMG this conversation between the judges and Emmanuel. Harry wants a walk off between Jlo and Emmanuel, who is all for it, BUT Jlo has to buy the heels!  Emmanuel is already crying as he enters the final judgement room. He can’t believe his dreams are coming true. Jlo is all blah blah this is so hard blah blah. But, as it turns out, Emmanuel makes the cut. “I guess the next time I see you I’ll be bringing the shoes!” says Jlo. Emmanuel is in the Top 30

Emmanuel Zidor – I’m Going Down (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

MK Nobilette – 20- “A Team” by Ed Sheeran – She’s taking the cuts hard. She says it’s hard to say goodbye. Oh. She’s got a really canny sense of timing. MK just draws the listener right in. Her phrasing is intricate, gorgeous.  Jlo notes that she’s not the typical American Idol.  MK blessedly cuts right to the big ole elephant sitting in the room.  With her androgynous and boyish appeal,  “I’m very obviously gay.” she admits. “But in the last two years, there have been a lot of positive changes…” Harry says, “Thank goodness.” Jlo says. THE WORLD IS CHANGING. MK thinks the world is ready for a gay American Idol.  And the judges agree!  IT’S ABOUT TIME IDOL. GOOD FOR YOU MK. GOOD FOR YOU! MK is in the Top 30

MK Nobilette – A Team (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Kristen O’Connor – “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry – A solid performance. But will it be enough to get her into the Top 30? Jlo liked her last performance a lot, but if you don’t have the drive…it’s not going to work. Or something Oh. YOU get to guess via a hashtag poll. Will Kristen make it through? We find out after the break. 88% of you thought she’d make it…and you’d be right! Kristen is in the Top 30

Kristen Oconnor – Unconditionally (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

7 girls have made it to the Top 15, and 6 guys.

Jordan Brisbane – 16 – “Halo” by Beyonce –  Jordan’s youth is apparent during this performance. There’s potential, but he’s not quite there yet. He’s got some growing to do before he’s ready. Oy.  Jordan turns 16 on the day of Final Judgement. Say no to THAT judges. Keith mentions that he hasn’t had a lot of nos in his short life. And he’s not going to get one today.  Jordan is through to the Top 30. . Jordan needs a few more years to bake, so I expect he’s going to hear no soon enough. Like, next week when America votes. – Jordan is in the Top 30

Jordan Brisbane – Halo (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Casey McQuillan – “Glitter in the Air” – I loved this girls voice when she auditioned! She feels she’s ready. But the judges feel otherwise.  Nica Nashae  sings “I’d Rather Be Blind and She goes home too. Jlo lets her know she said yes. Casey and Nica are cut

Leah Guerro – “I’d Rather Be Blind” – A very soulful performance from Leah. But the judges are pitting her against Adrina, as they enter final judgement together. Andrina Brogden – “Burn” by Ellie Goulding – This is much better than her audition. She’s got a certain something that’s missing from Leah’s performance.  We don’t see them sing off (If they did) But Leah is told she didn’t make it, while Andrina did. Leah is cut. Andrina is in the Top 30

Leah Guerro & Andrina Brogden – Solos… by IdolxMuzic

Malcolm Allen – “I’m Going Down” – This kid is so good. I’ll be pissed if he doesn’t make it. His group could have been better. Malcolm doubts himself in voiceover as he makes the long walk to the final judgement. Harry likes his voice, but wonders if he’s marketable. What? He’s an old style R&B crooner. So sexy here. He’d have a career in the genre, at least. Malcolm ends the performance on his knees, a total showman. Dude has it all–a great voice, and charisma. And thank jeebus, Malcolm makes it through! “America, I hope you’re ready for me!” he says. I love his swag. Malcolm is in the Top 30

Malcolm Allen – I’m Going Down (Solo… by IdolxMuzic

Alex Preston – 20 – Original Song – This kid is a talented songwriter and a terrific guitar player. He’s off beat, but I like that about him. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however. Alex hopes to inspire people on the show! Alex brings his guitar to final judgement, like a security blanket, which Harry notes (like Linus, he says). He confesses that he didn’t think he’d make it this far, because of his unique style. After some blah blah lets try to obfuscate badly (seriously judges, you need to work on your fake out), Alex learns that he did, indeed, make the cut. Alex is in the Top 30.

Alex Preston – Original (Solo) – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

CJ  Harris and Casey Thrasher meet the judges at the same time.  They’re friends. Oy.  They live close to each other and auditioned at the same Idol bus tour city. Casey sings “Amazed” by Lonestar and it’s SUPER NASALLY ugh. CJ sings “Bring it On Home To Me” by Sam Cooke and it’s AMAZING. If they can only pick one, it should be CJ, hands down. Oh geez. They have to sing a capella on the spot, in front of the judges. CJ keeps time with his palm of his hand and his version of “Whipping Post” is like a freaking primal scream. I can’t with this guy! Casey sings “Don’t Ya” a typical bro country song and it’s solid. But CJ blew him away. And we dont find out what happens to CJ and Casey until tomorrow!

CJ Harris & Casey Thrasher – Solos – American… by IdolxMuzic

Check out a 20 minute video of ALL the performances, sans the judges remarks

See you then for Final Judgement Part 2.

Top 30 So Far

Top 15 Girls

Emily Piriz
Jillian Jensen
Malaya Watson
Bria Anai Johnson
Jessica Meuse
MK Nobilette
Kristen O’Connor
Andrina Brogden

Top 15 Boys

Spencer Lloyd
George Lovett
Sam Woolf
Maurice Townsend
Dexter Roberts
Emmanuel Zidore
Jordan Brisbane
Malcolm Allen
Alex Preston


Madelyn Patterson
Shelby Ann Marie Miller
Connor Zwetsch
Michael Simion
Labryant Crew
Sabrina Lentini
Keri Lynn Roach
Jesse Roach
Casey McQuillan
Nica Nashae
Leah Guerro

Sang, Results on Thursday

CJ Harris
Casey Thrasher

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