American Idol Top 10 – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results and Predictions

AMERICAN IDOL XIII:  MK Nobillette peforms on AMERICAN IDOL XIII airing Wednesday, March 19 (8:00-10:00 PM ET / PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX Broadcasting.

The good news! American Idol studio recordings are finally here! And Idol is allowing them to chart! The bad news. The results are pretty depressing.

The only contestant to land in the Top 10 is Alex Preston with “Story of My Life” at #72.  Only 3 contestants charted in the Top 400.

iTunes Rankings

72. Alex Preston – Story of My Life
142. Sam Woolf – We Are Young
397. Jessica Meuse – Pumped up Kicks

And your poll results:

Did you notice Ryan didn’t reveal any voting stats last night?  On the spot tabulations are pretty useless, especially when one of the participants had finished performing  2 seconds before.

Favorite PerformanceAlex Preston took this poll decisively.  The New Hampshire singer is resonating with you AND at least somewhat with the broader public, considering his iTunes ranking.  Jena Irene got some mixed reviews in comments last night, but she’s 3rd in the rankings.  And despite the drubbing from Harry, ya’ll liked Jessica Meuse’s performance of “Pumped up Kicks” anyway.   Malaya Watson really stepped up to the plate this week, and it paid off. There she is in 2nd place!

I would not have expected Dexter Roberts to be dead last in this poll, however.

  1. Alex Preston – “Story of My Life” 30.36%
  2. Malaya Watson – “When I Was Your Man” 16.51%
  3. Jena Irene – “Clarity” 13.9%
  4. Jessica Meuse – “Pumped up Kicks” 13.9%
  5. Sam Woolf – “We Are Young” 11.72%
  6. Caleb Johnson – “The Edge of Glory” 5.65%
  7. Majesty Rose – “Wake Me Up” 4.19%
  8. MK Nobilette – “Perfect” 2%
  9. CJ Harris – “Invisible” by Hunter Hays 0.97%
  10. Dexter Roberts – “Cruise” 0.79%

Who SHOULD Go Home? – Considering MK Nobilettes’ struggles on the Idol stage, she’s had a good run. She  made the tour, which is an important milestone. But I think she’s come to the end of the road here.  She’s just not ready to perform in front of the cameras at this point.  Dexter Roberts was boring last night and deserves a bottom 3 spot, but it’s not going to happen. He’s got people.  CJ Harris might make an appearance, however.

  1. MK Nobilette 44.95%
  2. Dexter Roberts 20.2%
  3. CJ Harris 20.13%
  4. Majesty Rose 3.37%
  5. Sam Woolf 3.23%
  6. Malaya Watson 2.18%
  7. Jessica Meuse 2.05%
  8. Caleb Johnson 1.45%
  9. Alex Preston 1.25%
  10. Jena Irene 1%

Who WILL go home – I’m feeling your #1 and #2. But Dexter?  I’d love to be wrong, but I don’t think so. I think it’s more likely that Jena Irene will be B3. She got praised by the judges, but that performance was a little awkward. Or maybe Majesty Rose once again, who appears to be falling apart.

  1. MK Nobilette 69.27%
  2. CJ Harris 13.83%
  3. Dexter Roberts 7.47%
  4. Majesty Rose 2.37%
  5. Jessica Meuse 1.75%
  6. Caleb Johnson 1.4%
  7. Jena Irene 1.05%
  8. Sam Woolf 1.05%
  9. Malaya Watson 0.98%
  10. Alex Preston 1%

My Prediction: Bottom 3: MK Nobilette, CJ Harris, Jenna Irene or Majesty Rose. MK Nobilette is eliminated WITHOUT the save.

A couple of extra polls I threw in. I like that the judges mix it up at the table, but without animosity. This is the best judging panel American Idol has ever had. If they all came back next year, I’d be fine with that.

Top 10 – Favorite Judge – Look how close the vote is! The last time I ran this poll, Jlo trailed. She’s stepping it up!

  1. Harry Connick, Jr 35.37%
  2. Keith Urban 34.64%
  3. Jennifer Lopez 29.99%

Top 10 – Are the judges arguing too much?

  1. Perfect just as it is 46.28% (554 votes)
  2. No! I like the sass! 36.51% (437 votes)
  3. Yes! It’s annoying me 17.21% (206 votes)
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