American Idol to Refocus on Talent Says CKX CEO

In a phone call with reporters to discuss the company’s quarterly earnings, Michael Ferrel, CEO of Idol owner, CKX, said that American Idol will refocus on strong talent this coming season.

“We want to refocus ‘Idol’ on its talent, ” Ferrel told analysts on the company’s quarterly earnings call. He highlighted that Idol’s ratings declined strongly in the 18-49 demo by the end of last season.

Nas to direct Supreme Team docuseri...
Nas to direct Supreme Team docuseries

Ferrel said that Nigel Lythgoe’s return as executive producer, and the new deal with Universal Music Group will better position this coming season to

CKX management also said that talks with potential  “Idol” judges and with possible acquirers of CKX will continue.

Ferrel suggested that an announcement of Idol judges is likely to come no later than mid-September.

Last we heard, the announcement was to be made no later than Sept. 1. A late announcement will push the judges’ round of auditions into October.  Which actually, is not unprecedented.

I just hope TBTB are serious about refocusing the show on the talent.  Hopefully, when Nigel Lythgoe returns to the show this week, he’ll keep everyone on task.

CKX’s six month results showed revenue fell to US$156.1m, with the company attributing the loss to the ending of licensing agreements and overestimation Idol profits.  Revenues at 19 Entertainment also fell by US$200, 000.

However, CKX’s second-quarter results showed recovery, with revenue up 12% on the same period in 2009 at US$89.4m.

Source: THR, C21media, Associated Press

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  1. Standing ovation!!! Woo, hoo! Somebody must have had their smart cereal for breakfast. :-)

  2. “We want to refocus ‘Idol’ on its talent.”

    I’ll believe it when I see (and hear) it. So far the signs are not looking good.

  3. I do not think the problem was no talent. To some extent they could all sing, but it was that no one really became a star on the show this year like they had the past couple of years. I think a big part of this is they didn’t have the performance skills and whatever else it would take to really break out on the show. There was some talent there but it wasn’t as developed and they didn’t have performances and the personalities that would really cause them to stand out and become stars.

    I have thought for awhile that they cast last to start off more evenly than they have the past couple years, meaning that they didn’t want a frontrunner too soon. But this backfired because no one really became a star either. And I do think they cast to get a certain type of winner. So maybe they mean that they are going to cast the most talented instead of casting for a certain reason? That would be a huge improvement.

  4. We seem to be alternating between “It’s going to be about the contestants! Really!” and “OMG! Judge Drama!”. The latter doesn’t help with the former.

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