American Idol 9 Top 6 Results – Recap Roundup

‘Idol’ results show minute-by-minute: Sitting shiva for Siobhan

But alas, it’s the name of the game, so read on for all the offscreen action, including a bonus Lady Gaga post-tape complete with fire-spitting crying angels, lace pasties, black veils and creepy trees.

5:42 p.m. Spotting Crystal’s boyfriend taking their son for a spin in his stroller, a quick chat with stage manager Debbie Williams yields some details about the Lady Gaga performance being taped after the show (and airing next week). Namely, that she practiced until 9:30 on Tuesday night, an hour after her scheduled stop time, that the dancers (a couple from “So You Think You Can Dance”) are male-on-male and cut like nobody’s business and that the performance includes fire, blood and tears in its visually stunning display. Debbie also noted Gaga’s maturation as an artist since the last time she performed on the “Idol” stage, especially in the dance department. And Gaga was hoping she’d notice, asking Debbie, “Did I get better?”

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‘American Idol’: Rascal Flatts, Shakira, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and…Lady Gaga? (On the scene for Top 6 results)

However, after the show was over and the 19 Entertainment logo had chirped, none other than Lady Gaga invaded the Idoldome, and, shockingly, she decided to put on an insanely elaborate spectacle involving a 20 foot (or so) working fountain and a half-dozen (or so) half-naked male dancers. Of course, you at home won’t get to see her performance until it airs during an upcoming results show, so my descriptions of it may not exactly make a whole heap of sense — and Lady Gaga already enjoys tango dancing on the far edge of basic visual comprehension anyway. Some of you may not even want to know anything about what Lady Gaga unleashed upon the Idol stage at all, and I don’t blame you. So when we get to the that portion of the recap, those wishing to remain unspoiled can simply click on over to Slezak’s review of the show itself.

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American Idol in 60 Seconds after the Jump and HERE.

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‘American Idol’ recap: A Note to Remember!

We begin today’s American Idol recap with a fond farwell to Siobhan Magnus — glassblower, moth whisperer, power belter, and possible woodland faerie. You may have loved her. You may have loathed her. Or, like me, you may have been holding on to threadbare hope that Siobhan would return to the magnificent early-season form she displayed on ”Paint It Black” and ”House of the Rising Sun.” But whatever your feelings about this season’s resident quirky-chick contestant, there’s no denying her absence is going to drain a little color from the final eight episodes of this strange and frustrating Idol season.

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Siobhan Magnus Eliminated On ‘American Idol’

It’s getting to that point in season nine of “American Idol” when it gets hard to guess who will go home every week because the competition has gotten so tight. But a night after Simon Cowell compared her tortured screaming to the sound of a woman giving birth, America decided that it wasn’t quite ready for an “Idol” champ as quirky as tattooed glassblower Siobhan Magnus.

After charming the judges and voting public with her offbeat style sense, powerhouse vocals and sometimes sassy backtalk to the judges, Magnus’ luck ran out after she closed Tuesday’s show with an all-over-the-place take on Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine.”


‘American Idol’ loses its most interesting singer

Here’s the thing with Siobhan Magnus: She was a mass of contradictions during her “American Idol” stay, which made her 100 percent more interesting than the blandness of the other remaining finalists.

The glassblower from Massachusetts might have dressed like she spent 95 percent of her allotted shopping time searching for the right pair of glasses and just grabbed whatever was left on the sales rack, but the style fit her persona perfectly. She seemed like the dullest person on Earth in her pre-show videos, but one of the most colorful performers once the music started.


‘American Idol’ Loses Its Heart Of Glass

Well, after all that preseason hype about this season of ‘American Idol‘ being all about the ladies, the show is exactly where it was a year ago at this time — namely, with a Top Five that’s 80% male, and the probability of a guy taking the title for the third straight year probably even higher than that.

Siobhan Magnus’ elimination tonight was pretty surprising, even with my personally cold feelings toward her performance of “Any Man Of Mine” last night. She was beloved by the judges; she was in the last slot of the night, and thus well-positioned to be fresh in voters’ memories; she had passionate fans, if the comment section of my recap last night was any indication; and she was even championed by the pranksters at Vote For The Worst, who turned to her after last week’s dispatching of the always-grinning heartthrob Tim Urban.

‘American Idol’ Results: So Much For That Whole “Girls’ Season” Thing

On the “Twilight”-inspired “Vampire Idols” Ford commercial that ran during Wednesday night’s “American Idol” top six results show, Michael Lynche portrayed the victim of the five vampires played by fanged castmastes Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, and Siobhan Magnus. So when Michael then landed in the bottom three yet again, I assumed this musical vignette would prove prophetic: that in the end, the other five contestants would suck away all of his votes, and Mike would bite the dust.

‘American Idol’ down to 5

“American Idol” opens Wednesday with host Ryan Seacrest announcing Shakira is going to sing a duet with Rascal Flatts tonight, which is great – we can’t wait to hear Shakira sing after enjoying her mentoring of the Idolettes on Tuesday. Wait just a darned minute – Shakira, not Shania? Shakira and Her Undulating Hips performing during country-music week?

A full 33 million votes were cast Tuesday night, says Seabiscuit.

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Somewhere plastic butterflies are sobbing: AI9 Top 6 Elimination Recap

Tonight’s most likely unclimactic American Idol results show features a bevvy of performers, going even more heavy on the filler than usual. And while Shania Twain is nowhere to be found this evening, someone who sang a Shania song will be going home. Obviously.

Randy Jackson is wearing washed red velour and snot is hanging from Kara DioGuardi’s ears. Do you mind if I just put this out there? I don’t mean it offensively, I swear. Rascal Flatts, you see, I always thought that was the name of the guy singing, so I’m gonna keep it that way. Rascal Flatts looks like the stereotypical stout lesbian most people assume all lesbians look like. Like Chaz Bono before surgery.

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American Idol: Amid a ‘Country’ Cavalcade, Another Voice Silenced

After a night of Shania Twain songs in which each of the six finalists were deemed to have been excellent (though perennial favorite Crystal Bowersox was told she was excellent-minus, as scored on a Crystal curve), there was — for the first time all season — no obvious evictee. Some whose time had come, sure, but no easily predicted loser. The anticipation was unbearable, and was only boosted by the show’s use of techniques favored by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock: endless country performances mixed with blatant promotions for cars and animated movies.

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