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‘American Idol’ recap: Boys of Slumber

Say what you want about the remaining men of American Idol’s ninth season — call ’em lackluster; call ’em uninspired; or if your name happens to be Randy ”200 percent” Jackson, call ’em ”pitchy” — but in two short weeks, more than half of ’em will be taking to Idol’s big stage as part of our illustrious top 12.

‘American Idol’ Top 10 Men Step It Up

Tuesday night’s (March 2) last-minute switcheroo was as good a lesson as any for the “American Idol” top 20 that if you want to be a star, you have to be ready to roll with it. The top 10 women were supposed to perform, but due to an undisclosed illness for Crystal Bowersox — who was under a doctor’s orders to take it easy — the men had to step it up and take the stage a night earlier than usual.


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‘American Idol’ Gets A Flip-Flop

The men perform a night early and Jim is surprised that some of them actually deliver! (3.2.10)


Ann Powers: The men, in their own world

Last week, “American Idol” entered its always risky semifinal phase and plunged right into territory that made it seem like yet another remake of the “Poseidon Adventure”. Our favorite television pleasure vessel sure seemed to be taking on water, and fast: Nearly every contestant cringed and caterwauled through foolish song selections, and the judges only made things worse with flat comments, rude clowning and utterly undisguised pessimism. The general tackiness of the two performance nights, followed by the voting off of Tyler Grady, the one kid confident enough to show some Sanjaya-style sangfroid, suggested that this season might capsize the franchise completely.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ Is Full Of Surprises

Last week’s Top 12 Guys episode of ‘American Idol‘ was a disaster by almost any measure — the performances were terrible pretty much across the board (with the person who was in this observer’s opinion the night’s best being sent packing on Thursday), the judges’ rhythms were off. Even Ryan Seacrest seemed to be as at sea as someone who’d been dropped into a Bizarro World public-access show.

‘Idol’ guys are looking like a bunch of wimps

Based on early returns, it looks like the women are better than the men so far on “American Idol.” One thing is for sure — the men are definitely more jittery, a trend which continued on Tuesday.

I don’t think there’s been group of semifinalists who have been more petrified to be out there than the guys this season. Forget wanting to be stars, they seem happy enough when their performance is over, like they were back in 10th grade speech class. Maybe it was the late notice, as they got the word this morning that they were singing a day early thanks to Crystal Bowersox’s illness that pushed the girls back, but the nerves were once again evident.


American Idol: The Top 10 Men

Here’s a confession about last week: I liked the guys. No, not the full show, with the full songs, and the full pain, but at the end of the night, when 5-second performer clips were shown. Maybe it was a wonder of editing, but almost every one of the dozen had at least one great moment, it seemed. Not two, but hey, it’s early yet.

NY Times

American Idol top 10 men recap, rankings

After last week’s horrendous opening week, the men improved. That’s not saying much but considering they were supposed to perform Wednesday, they held up okay. A couple of early leaders disappointed and there were too many languid performances.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Tim Urban Mounts A Comeback

Ryan Seacrest begins the evening on a weird note, mentioning Crystal Bowersox’s inability to sing as a result of “doctor’s orders.” Some folks on Twitter were speculating this was a result of her diabetes, but Ryan doesn’t give any details. I get it – she’s on “AI, ” but she’s still a private citizen…at least for another few weeks. The gents fill in as a result – and here’s hoping they outdo their sorry outing from last week.


The ‘American Idol’ Top 20 Night, Part 1: Crystal Falls Ill, But The Boys Recover

“American Idol” normally has a ladies-first policy when it comes to the semifinals, with the girls singing on Tuesdays and the boys competing on Wednesdays. This is how things went last week, when the top 24 performed live for the first time–a bleak week indeed, with very few contestants of either gender showing any true promise. One of the hopefuls who actually did all right was Crystal Bowersox, who uncoincidentally happens to be one of this season’s most aggressively pimped contestants.

Guys fill in for the girls on ‘American Idol’

Idolette Mama Sox had to go to the hospital and the doctor says she cannot perform Tuesday night. So instead of asking one of the guys to perform tonight so, hopefully, Mama Sox can perform Wednesday — all 10 of the guys are compelled to sing after just six days rehearsal (they performed on Wednesday last week), while the chicks (who performed Tuesday last week) will sing Wednesday with eight days rehearsal, which seems grossly unfair. Is there some Old Testament prohibition against a guy singing on the same night as the chicks before the fourth episode of a competition series that I don’t know about?

Washington Post

Top 20 Boys Sing: And I Snooze

Ugh, what another boring-ass episode. The judges are annoyingly inconsistent, giving contradicting advice on the same performance and The Idols are consistently dull. Give them a choice of “Any good song in the last 50 years” or this schlocky song from a wussy performer. They’ll go with option B every time.

Vote For The Worst

Rocking the Onesies and Lithe Mullets: AI9 Top 20 (Guys)

Why do you see 10 guys on stage for this evening’s American Idol? Because Crystal Bowersox is sick. This makes me sad, but at least Ellen DeGeneres kicks things of by being her naturally funny self. And Kara DioGuardi looks like an idiot. As per usual. But this time, her hair is REALLY bad.

Top Idol Blog

Blake Lewis: Michael Lynche ‘set the bar high’ for guys

Tuesday night , there was a change in the American Idol scheduling. The guys had to go instead of the girls, due to Crystal Bowersox’s sudden hospitalization. The show didn’t offer any details, but I sure hope Crystal’s alright. She is definitely a contender in this competition.

The night started off with Michael Lynche singing It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown, and he set the bar high for the night. He had a beautiful tone and really showed the side of his voice that I enjoy — his rhythm & blues side.

USA Today

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“American Idol” recap: Holy war

“American Idol” has always had good manners, and tradition has dictated that the ladies go first. America was expecting the 10 remaining women to perform Tuesday night, but Crystal Bowersox, a favorite to many, had been admitted to the hospital overnight due to “medical complications, ” and a last minute switcheroo was made. This meant that the 10, some boys and some men, competed one day sooner than they were expecting. Maybe this explained why so many sounded so jittery and nervous. Or it could have been too much Red Bull. Or sleep deprivation. Or maybe whatever Bowersox had was contagious.


American Idol Recap: Men of a Certain Range

Last night’s American Idol delivered an actual surprise at the outset of the show: Girls’ night was postponed until tomorrow because Crystal Bowersox (the dreadlocked mommy who forthrightly admitted that she was only in Idol to make money for her son) had been hospitalized and was under doctor’s orders not to perform that day. It’s rumored the sudden trip had to do with her diabetes, but Seacrest was mum on the subject. (Mysterious insiders tell the L.A. Times that she’ll be back for tomorrow.) In the women’s stead, the menfolk sang a day early, hoping to demonstrate that they could improve on their unmemorable performances from last week just as much in six days as they could have in seven.


Top 10 Guys Compete

Greetings, Idol buddies. I love the feeling that while I missed last week’s installments, I actually didn’t miss a thing. Many thanks to good old Leonard Pierce for filling in for me while I was gone. Now, can we just skip to the last few weeks of the competition? Because based on tonight’s performances, I can tell you whom I can do without from here on out.

AV Club

‘American Idol’ Recap: The Top 10 Men Survive The Switcheroo

I’d like to open Tuesday night’s (March 2) “American Idol” recap with a short excerpt of a screenplay I’m working on, which is loosely based on what I think might have happened backstage Tuesday. It’s called “Bower Power.”

INT. CBS Studios, backstage.

The Top 10 men are hanging out. A producer enters with purpose.


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