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Tripp Taylor American Idol 2023

American Idol 2023 Recap Auditions 3 – We’re Live Blogging More Season 21 Performances!

American Idol 2023 Recap Auditions 3a – Post Oscar edition! – Season 21 continues tonight with a special one hour post-Oscars edition, including MORE auditions from Las Vegas, New Orleans and Nashville. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest will introduce a new crop young hopefuls. Who will snag that golden ticket to Hollywood? Or better yet, will a hopeful earn a Platinum Ticket!

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The episode begins with a season recap. So soon?

Dany Epp – 23 – Suffern NY – The One that Got Away by Katy Perry

Dany lives with her girlfriend in Oklahoma now. She hasn’t seen her mom, who still lives in New York, in a year. Mom is a big American Idol fan, so they add her as a “fourth judge.” They have a chair ready for her, even.

Dany’s voice is tremulous and pitchy, but features an appealing rasp. She seems nervous. The performance improves as she becomes more comfortable in front of the judges. Katy begins singing harmony along with her.

Mom has notes! She thinks Dany needs to connect more with her eyes. Lionel agrees. “Just believe in yourself,” he says. Katy approves her rendition. Luke calls her voice real and emotional. 3 yeses. Mom approves too.

3 yeses

Amara Valerio – 20 – – Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan

ABC previewed Amara’s audition a few days ago. The singer describes how her performance of the National Anthem during a 2019 graduation ceremony at her high school was interrupted–a fellow student literally grabbed the mic out of her hand. The rude girl insisted that she deserved to sing the anthem because she was graduating and Amara was not.

The judges are mad on Amara’s behalf. While she sings a soulful and assured version of “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan, the judges shout names, attempting to learn the scene stealers identity. Props to Amara for keeping focused on her performance with all that racket coming from the judges panel. Sheesh.

After the performance, Amara admits that its an “S” name and the panel guesses, “Sarah.”

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” admits Katy looking into the camera, “But you’re finished messing with our girl!” After, the judges shout in unison “You’re going to Hollywood!”

3 yeses

Savanna Christian – 23 – Darlington SC – Eye of the Tiger

For some reason, Savanna is singing wearing VR goggles, and so are the judges. Part of the audition is displayed in that creepy “metaverse” animation, where people have no legs or feet. NO THANKS. Oh. her friend created “Metaverse Idol” which operates as a singing competition, but in the metaverse. Hard pass. The panel enjoyed the gimmick. But Savanna’s warbling, not so much.

3 nos

Hannah Nicolaisen – 23 – Houston TX – Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan

Hannah chats with Ryan about playing volleyball. She competed at the Division 2 level for the University of Illinois, Springfield. She learned a lot from sports, but music is her dream. Her grandfather is from Denmark.

The singer confesses that she’s only been singing for a few months. It’s surprising. Maybe she sang in the shower a lot? Her tone and especially her phrasing are pretty great. She has a ton of potential as a singer. Her rendition of the Bob Dylan classic is full of emotion.

“You just spiked the ball in our face!” jokes Katy. “You need to start the engine girl.” Lionel adds, “Your unique voice is what we pray for in this business.” Luke says, “You were definitely born to sing.”

3 yeses

Reette Thorns – 20 – Madison WI – I Believe by Fantasia

Reete had an unstable life. Mom struggled with addiction. At times, there was no food, or a way to make meals. The kids were afraid to tell anybody because despite it all, they wanted to stay with mom rather than be in foster care. Reette still loves and forgives mom.

Only Fantasia can sing the treacly “I Believe” and make it soar. Reette is obviously nervous. There are pitch problems in the singer’s higher register. The judges are obviously rooting for Reette nevertheless. Lionel gets up to comfort the singer.

Lionel noted the singer’s nerves. “You touched me.” He says Yes. Katy acknowledges that the performance was not perfect. She still says yes too. “We want to help you through this process.” Luke says no, to ensure the singer works hard in Hollywood.

Lionel and Katy say yes, Luke says no

Tripp Taylor – 18 – Florence SC – I Believe to My Soul by Ray Charles

Ryan notes Tripp’s deep speaking voice. He shares that growing up “racially ambiguous” in the South wasn’t always easy. He comes from a musical family and has been singing all his life. He admits to loving old soul music like Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. He’s big on TikTok with 335.8K followers. His “Hit The Road Jack” cover has over 9 million views and 2 million likes.

Tripp sits at the piano to sing another Ray Charles classic, “I Believe to My Soul.” His style is steeped in the old school era. He sounds like a 50 year old dude. Does he smoke a pack a day to get that raspy sound? Hopefully not. Also, the panel kids around about Lionel being Tripp’s long lost father.

Luke calls him incredible, and appreciates his attack at the mic. “You have your own kind of sound.” Katy thinks he has “all of it.” Including the “it” factor and a phenomenal voice. Lionel compliments his stage presence. The judges send him to Hollywood.

3 yeses

Rach Karma – 28 – Newington CT – Holy Diver by Dio

The judges stare at Rach slack-jawed as if they never heard a heavy metal singer before. It’s silly. She’s not even screaming that much. But they behave as if they have never seen such a thing on the show before. (They most certainly have). Luke looks like he smelled something bad. “Shall we pray,” he jokes. Katy says “no for American Idol. But keep rocking on.” Lionel also says no, but then shares that he and Rob Zombie are good friends. They both did “Brickhouse” together on a record. The more you know! Then Luke wonders about the meaning of the phrase “Holy Diver.” Ahem.

Colt Glover – 21 – Magnolia TX – Rock Salt and Nails by Flatt & Scruggs

As a freshman in college, a friend helped Colt finally get serious about music.

The singer brings a friend along to play guitar. He’s a little nervous, but his authentic and raw sound make up for it. He sings like he’s straight out of the hollar, with emotion and feeling.

“You are the best country singer we’ve seen so far,” declares Katy. Lionel says he needs to learn what to do with his hands while he’s performing. “I’m really happy you’re out here with us,” says Luke, “You’re going to see things you haven’t seen.” Katy calls him “Top 10.” All three judges send him to Hollywood.

3 yeses

Cay Aliese – 24 – Dandridge TN – City of Nashville (Original)

WOW. Cay’s father is the late Nolan Neal. Singing show fans know him from The Voice and America’s Got Talent. He died last year of a drug overdose. He was a singer and a gifted songwriter who just could not find his way in Nashville. She explains that Nolan was in and out of her life. Before he died, he was helping her produce an original song that she wrote. His passing has inspired her to pursue music even harder, despite having two young toddlers to raise. “He didn’t mean to die,” says Cay. “He was a light to other people but couldn’t be that for himself.”

Cay sings an original “City of Nashville” which she wrote for her dad. The judges ask about him. She names him and even mentions the shows that SHALL NOT BE NAMED. Luke wants to know how he did on those shows. “He did good. He went a little ways on both of them.” Cay didn’t audition for those shows because “American Idol has my heart.” She adds, “He had his journey.” And now Cay is embarking on her own.

Accompanying herself on piano. Cay shares a nostalgic look at her bittersweet relationship with her dad. Katy is on the fence. “I didn’t feel a connection,” she says. “You have a really good voice, just bring the emotions.” Lionel agrees with Katy. Luke also thinks she has a good voice, but needs to connect more. Despite their reservations, the judges say yes. The segment ends with a little clip of Nolan singing his song “Send Me a Butterfly.” Very sad.

3 yeses

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