American Idol 2019 Hollywood Week Kicks Off in Los Angeles

Hey kids. Guess what! American Idol’s 2019 edition of Hollywood Week has kicked off at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. ABC calls it Season 2. But pshaw! The real Season 2 featured Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and happened in the early aughts. We fans know it’s American Idol Season 17.

Taken a bit off guard by the timing? Last season Hollywood happened in January. But I’m sure the scheduling has everything to do with the availability of the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Also, host Ryan Seacrest and his dozens of jobs need to be taken into consideration!

The contestants heading to Hollywood were picked during the judges auditions which took place in October and November. The round kicked off in Denver early October, moved on to Northern Idaho a week later, and continued in the city of Louisville soon after. October closed with the judges heading to New York City where they auditioned hopefuls and appeared on Live with Kelly & Ryan. The Judges Auditions officially concluded early November in Los Angeles.

Additionally, three singers plucked from a slew of Instagram auditions, taped performances for a shot at competing in Hollywood. The clips were voted on during the CMA awards last month. Reigning American Idol winner Maddie Poppe announced the winner, Meghan Woods, on Good Morning America.

Who will show up in Hollywood? Season 16 contestant Laine Hardy and Season 15 singer Thomas Stringfellow auditioned in front of the judges.  Surely there will be some familiar faces among the Hollywood hopefuls.

As always…stay tuned for SPOILERS!

UPDATE: Reigning American Idol Maddie Poppe wishes all the hopefuls good luck:

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  1. I guess it is too much to hope that they will let the voters pick the top ten this time. As much as I would love to see a diverse cast, with the judges trying to force in minority and LGBT contestants, it only looks worse when the voters don’t choose them the first chance they get. If someone really stands out with talent and interest then hopefully they will get in on their own. One or two wild cards might be fine. But letting the voters pick only six then having the judges make a big production out of being defiant and putting in their four choices does not work for long. Patterns have been set and I doubt they will change. The top ten can’t even look forward to making the tour now so what did they really gain by being placed in the top ten? Most only lasted one week.

  2. All I want for Christmas is a longer Idol season with more live shows and more viewer control in the earlier rounds. ?

  3. They seem on track for starting in March again. So a longer season would require them to have the finale after May sweeps.

  4. I would second that, and add – make the Top 10 mean something again by qualifying all ten for the Idol Tour. ?

  5. If this lack of promotion is reflective of the upcoming season then let the disappointment begin. I suppose they are counting on the Perry star power to bring in viewers…she is after all thanks to ABC the highest paid singer in the US!

  6. ” Katy has a net worth of 330 million and it did not come from Idol.”

    Undeniably, This. Of course, if Idol PTB *could* take all of the credit, they certainly would…that has always been their MO…but in this case, there are receipts. Heh.

    It is certainly about time to start ramping up the PR, for both the new and old contestants, IMO. Either Fremantle or FOX used to have a very professional publicity unit for Idol, knew how to make good videos that went for the sweet spot in getting viewers involved with the cast, lots of B rolls, hometown visits, interviews – – good stuff ….if it was Fremantle who paid them – hope they didn’t lay them all off in the interim between Networks!

  7. Would be nice if ABC stepped up some cross promotion for their Idol talent. Christmas songs are nice but not really career advancing or high profile gets. NBC makes sure The Voice talent is represented on any and all major events on NBC. Sure it is TV coaches that get all the opportunities and exposure but it is still good cross promotion to bring attention to the show. Blake is even hosting the Elvis Tribute Special but I don’t think he would have been chosen to host if it were not on NBC. They look out for their people and at least make it look like the demand is big. But I give NBC credit for making sure their talent is front and center even if most of the careers of the contestants don’t take off. The show still looks like a player cause the coaches are included in all the station’s big events. ABC fought to get Idol but I don’t see a lot happening to make them look as if the reboot was worth it, imo.

  8. Actually Katy’s world arena tour is what made her the most money as always. She was also the highest paid female singer in the US with her last tour before Idol so I don’t think they get all or even most of the credit. Her Idol salary was a large but added bonus. It is not as if she were making 5 to 10 mil a year then she got a 25mil payday that far exceeded what she would normally make. Katy has a net worth of 330 million and it did not come from Idol. But Katy nor the judges/coaches are solely responsible for the ratings. They need exciting talent and to put on a good and buzz worthy show. The producers pick the talent and all three judges and voters have a say in who advances. Katy is no more responsible for the ratings than Luke is with his wisdom and great comments. If ABC is not promoting the show that is on them.

  9. ”…We fans know it’s American Idol Season 17”

    ? Found some re-inforcement for that at the seasonal Broadway Holiday show…
    The Tee shirt from the Clay/Ruben holiday show at $30 may cost more than some of the comped $5 tickets, but the pun from the OG Idol Season 2 top finishers also *pointedly* points out that the current Idol reboot is heading into Season 17, as Aiken and Studdard reinforce their claim to “Season Two” ?

    An Idol-ish graphic, with the middle line inside a circle,

    “Tis the
    Season Two
    Be Jolly”

  10. I agree. I haven’t seen the Idol judges on any other high profile ABC shows. Kelly has had lots of NBC opportunities after only one season of The Voice.

  11. the television air dates don’t start for a while…why would there be a lot of promotion for the show now?

  12. All three are pretty big stars and don’t actually need the promotion. I mean, I can’t imagine Katy hosting some cheesy Elvis show.

    Hollywood week is usually under the radar. Later this week, reporters will be invited to watch the group rounds and there will be some publicity for that. The show doesn’t kick off until March. It’s too early for a promo push.

  13. I don’t have a problem with NBC giving opportunities to their coaches. The Voice is pretty cheesy and almost a comedy show to see who can be the most loud and obnoxious at this point, so good for their coaches getting other exposure even if the talent does not. ABC doesn’t need to give more opportunities to their judges (Idol has never placed their judges everywhere) but would be nice if they stepped up for the contestants.

  14. Will they be cutting them four at a time again? Will Katy be acting like a desperate wh#*e again? Will one of the contestants have a prior relationship with a judge again? Oh, can’t wait …

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