American Idol 2016 Spoilers – Hollywood Round Update

American Idol 15 Hollywood Week Spoiler Roundup #2

New Names Galore!

Hollywood Week should be just about rounding up if it hasn’t already finished by now, so let’s take a look at the damage. At the end of these cuts, the remaining contestants will compete again later at the showcase round, where the numbers will be cut down once more.

If the cuts are like last year, we should be looking at about 48 contestants remaining for that round. In addition, last week release day took place, where the contestants are allowed to come out and say they auditioned. I included a list of these contestants below in addition to the Hollywood round spoilers. Have a look.

Advanced To Hollywood Group Round:

Ashley Dubose (The Voice Season 5)

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Laurel Wright (American Idol Season 13 and 14)

Jordan Sasser (His wife Alex auditioned with him, but was cut at the judges round)

Dalton Rapattoni

Hannah Sanders

Mackenzie Bourg (The Voice season 3)

Currently Competing In Hollywood Week (placement unknown):

Chandler Leighton (American Idol season 14)

Announced Their Audition On Release Day:

Maddie Hogan

JaTarra Presley

Lindsey Carrier– This girl is goooooood

Ariel Teixeira


Jessica Clark

Jocelyn Faro

Tristan Bushman

Zach Wcislo

Jake Tankersley


Evan Cole – This was a newbie I was excited to share with you. Unfortunately, he was cut.
Andrey Kazak
Caitlin Lucia (The Voice)
Mary Desmond
Cole Thannisch

American Idol Season 15 Masterlist:

Competing In Hollywood Week:

Madilyn Paige (The Voice Season 6)
Jenna Renae (America’s Got Talent Season 10)
Adam Lasher (American Idol Season 14)
Andrew Bloom (American Idol Season 14)
Laurel Wright (American Idol Seasons 13 and 14)
Jordan Sasser
Linda Halimi (Lindita)
Dalton Rapattoni
Melanie Tierce
Ashley Dubose 
Jessica Cabral
Hannah Sanders
Anatalia Villaranda
Chandler Leighton

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