American Idol 15 Spoilers – List of Returning and New Auditioners


What is up people, it’s Adam here with some super exciting news and spoilers for this upcoming finale season of American Idol! I have teased these for a while, but the wait is finally over, and here is what I have to share. Please feel free to check out the below contestants and their accompanying videos, then I want to hear from YOU who your favorite of the batch is! I think of the contestants who I have discovered, there are 2 potential ringer in the mix, but as always you can feel free to disagree with me in the comments below. Alright, lets get on with it!

Judges Audition Dates So Far:

Atlanta: September 12th-13th
Little Rock: August 22th-23th
Philadelphia: August 15th- 16th
Denver – September 26th-27th

These are contestants who advanced to the judges round.


Emily Brooke (Season 14)

Laurel Wright (Seasons 13, 14 and 15).

America’s Got Talent Vets:

Jenna Renae (Cut at Season 10 Judges Cuts)- Potential ringer right here. She has the same story as last year’s winner, Nick Fradiani. My personal favorite of this batch.

The Voice Vets:

Mackenzie Bourg (Season 3)- Wow, what is Mackenzie Bourg doing on Idol?! Another ringer here. He was spotted in a recent video about the Atlanta auditions, which you can check out here:

Watch his The Voice audition:

Ashley DuBose (Season 5)

Watch her Instagram video here

Note: Season 14 vet Maddy Hudson and season 13 vet Jillian Jensen did in fact audition again this year. Their placement as of now is unknown, but stay tuned for a potential update with more news on if they made it to the judges.

Regarding Jillian, in a video describing her experience auditioning, a hopeful described meeting her at the bus auditions. The hopeful mentions that Jillian made it through to the producers, but beyond that I couldn’t find anything regarding how far she made it. Here is the video she is mentioned in, skip to 13:25 to hear what the hopeful had to say:


Dalton Rapattoni- Member of band IM5

Parker Zucha– Youngest contestant this season it seems. The next Daniel Seavey?

Source: Little Rock Arkansas Auditions

Sarah Barrios– This girl could be Holly Henry’s twin. I really like her.

Madeline Bales

Victoria Lyn

Ashley Shayne– Can’t find videos of her singing, so here is her Twitter.

Michelle Marie– Just found her from this guy’s Tweet. Nothing else found.

Kelsie Watts

See Kelsie’s photo here

Linda Halimi (Lindita)- Really like this girl.

Karina Caro

See Karina’s Instagram video here

Cole Thannisch

See Cole’s Instagram photo here

Alyssa Ryan

Source: Arkansas auditions

Loni Licciardello– I spotted her name on a sign in the video below.

Cory Jackson

Cory visits a radio station to announce he’s headed to Little Rock. See the Instagram photo here.

Chris Ryan– I THINK this is him singing in the link below. His name is really generic and matches a few people. He auditioned in Little Rock after he received a silver ticket from Fox and was guaranteed an audition with the judges.

Source: Arknasas Matters

Daniel Farmer – His name turned up nothing on Youtube. I found his name here: http://wwwArkansas Matters

SOOOOooooooo that’s all I got for this roundup! I hope you guys like the contestants (I think they are all fantastic) and I’ll be back in the future sometime with some more names. My personal favorites at the moment are Jenna, Lindita, Mackenzie, Emily, and Sarah. For now though, who is your favorite contestant so far? Sound off in the comments!

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