American Idol 15 Spoilers – More Returning and New Auditioners!

Who’s ready for some more American Idol 15 spoilers?!

I have another batch of hopefuls who auditioned in front of the American Idol judges–Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.-at audition cities around the country.

There are some great voices in this batch, some I actually really like, but whether or not they made it to Hollywood is still up in the air. Check out the names and let me know what you think! This is probably going to be my last update before Hollywood Week by the way, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the spoilers so far!

American Idol 15 Spoilers – Returning and New Auditioners Part 1

Advanced To The Judges Round:

American Idol Vets:

AMERICAN IDOL XV: L-R: Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr., at the taping of American Idol XV on Aug. 22 in Little Rock, AK. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © FOX Broadcasting.

Adam Lasher (Auditioned in San Francisco) Remember him from Season 13? He’s Carlos Santana’s nephew. Many were surprised he didn’t make it far.

Chandler Leighton (Auditioned in San Francisco)- I really liked this girl last season, so I am glad she is back!

The Voice Vets:

Madilyn Paige (Auditioned in Denver)- I can’t even put into words how excited I am that Madilyn is going to be on Idol! This girl is amazing and is definitely in my top 5 contestants I am most excited for this season. She is interviewed at the beginning of the source video.


Caitlin Lucia (Auditioned in San Francisco)

The X Factor Vets:

Malie Delgado (Auditioned in San Francisco)- Malie was on The X Factor’s finale season. This girls’ got a strong voice.

X Factor Audition:



Dustin Hickok (Auditioned in Denver)- The first sob story I found this season. He suffered a traumatic brain injury after a skateboarding accident at the age of 16. Still has a great voice.


Emily Wears (Auditioned in Denver)


Alex Sasser and Jordan Sasser (Auditioned in Atlanta)- Apparently this married couple auditioned together as a duo. I really like Alex of the two, but Jordan still has a great voice. In the Atlanta video there is a poster with their names saying “first duo.”


Singing for Kelly Clarkson

Jessi Tyler Brown (Auditioned in Denver)

Blake Rackley (Auditioned in Denver)

Jeneve Rose Mitchell (Auditioned in Denver)

Tank Jackson (Auditioned in Denver)- Found nothing of him singing. Here he is cutting up with Ryan Seacrest.


Ryan Hammond (Auditioning in San Francisco)- Apparently Ryan won a competition that let him advance straight to the judges. He has a good voice.


Joseph Kohlruss (Auditioned in Denver)- I found his name on a sign. His voice sounds like it fits best with opera, but there are no videos of him singing on youtube. He has some performance clips on his Facebook, however.


Beth Tschantre (Auditioned in San Francisco)- I really like this girl’s voice. Beth reminds me of last year’s Shannon Berthiaume.


Melanie Tierce


Giovanna Salley


Advanced To The Judges Round Master List:

1- Jenna Renae (America’s Got Talent Season 10)
2- Emily Brooke (American Idol Season 14)
3- Chandler Leighton (American Idol Season 14)
4- Adam Lasher (American Idol Season 14)
5- Laurel Wright (American Idol Seasons 13 and 14)
6- Andrew Bloom (American Idol Season 14)
7- Madilyn Paige (The Voice Season 6)
8- Mackenzie Bourg (The Voice Season 3)
9- Ashley DuBose (The Voice Season 5)
10- Malie Delgado (The X Factor Season 3)
11- Dalton Rapattoni
12- Parker Zucha
13- Sarah Barrios
14- Kelsie Watts
15- Linda Halimi (Lindita)
16- Madeline Bales
17- Cole Thannisch
18- Alyssa Ryan
19- Loni Licciardello
20- Justin Sullivan (Mr. Kelly Clarkson)
21- Ashley Shayne
22- Michelle Marie
23- Daniel Farmer
24- Victoria Lyn Tubbs
25- Cory Jackson
26- Chris Ryan
27- Dustin Hickok
28- Blake Rackley
29- Will Bundy
30- Tank Jackson
31- Emily Wears
32- Jessi Tyler Brown
33- Beth Tschantre
34- Alex Sasser and Jordan Sasser
35- LaPorsha Ranae
36- Karina Caro
37- Jeneve Rose Mitchell
38- Joseph Kohlruss
39- Ryan Hammond
40- Caitlin Lucia
41- Melanie Tierce
42- Giovanna Salley

So that is all I got for this update! What did you think? Of this batch, my favorites are Madilyn, Chandler, Adam, Alex, Jordan and Malie. Let me know in the comments who you hope will make it to Hollywood!

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