American Idol 2016 Spoilers: Hollywood Week Begins! (VIDEO)


American Idol 15 Spoilers: Hollywood Week Update

The very last American Idol Hollywood Week EVER is happening RIGHT NOT in Los Angeles,

As I type this, right now all of the contestants in the final season of American Idol are in Hollywood likely preparing for a performance. Round one is happening TODAY.

I can now confirm the status of a few contestants, so check out the growing list and let me know what you think. Everyday, new names will be added to the list while almost all of them will eventually come off as we near the live shows.

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Today is  the day of first round performances, which means that you should see how long you can stay up tonight, as the contestants won’t be getting much sleep preparing for the final group round. In the end, the contestants will be whittled down to the best of the best. Will your favorite survive?

American Idol 15 Spoilers – List of Returning and New Auditioners
American Idol 15 Spoilers – More Returning and New Auditioners

Advanced And Currently Competing In Hollywood Week

1- Madilyn Paige (The Voice Season 8)

2- Jenna Renae (America’s Got Talent – Cut at judges cuts)

3- Adam Lasher (American Idol Season 14) – (Auditioned in San Francisco) Remember him from Season 14? He’s Carlos Santana’s nephew. Many were surprised he didn’t make it far.

4- Andrew Bloom (American Idol)

5- Laurel Wright (American Idol seasons 13 and 14)

6- Jordan Sasser – He auditioned in front of the judges with his wife as a duo. In the Atlanta video there is a poster with their names saying “first duo.” Alex was cut.

7- Linda Halimi (Lindita)

8- Dalton Rapattoni –  Member of the band IM5

9- Melanie Tierce

10- Mary Desmond (new name)- This girl could be Hillary Duff’s twin. With her big following she is giving me Lovey James vibes.

11- Anatalia Villaranda (new name)

12- Jessica Cabral (new name)

13- Hannah Sanders (new name)

Cut And Did Not Advance To Hollywood Week

1. – Jillian Jensen auditioned at a bus audition and advanced, but was cut somewhere along the line. She’s not in Hollywood.
2. – Alex Sasser
3. – Ashley Shayne

Stay tuned! Updates will follow as the information comes in.

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