American Idol 11 – Top 13 Results – Recap, Videos and Photos

UPDATE: Jeremy Rosado is Eliminated
UPDATE: Elise and Jeremy are the bottom 2

Tonight, one of the Top 13 will be sent home…but with a twist! The judges will choose who goes home out of the lowest vote getters of the boys and girls respectively. Will the panel make the right decision? Hm

Also, Season 10 runner-up, Lauren Alaina, will be on hand to sing her single “Georgia Peaches” and guest mentor, Mary J. Blige will also perform.


The new Idol boot song will be unveiled tonight! Scotty McCreery covered Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me” just for the occasion. It will accompany the tearful boot video as we say goodbye to tonight’s eliminated contestant

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The right person went home. Shannon Magrane had the worst performance of the night (“It was only one bad note!” she cried. Uh no. You need to see that shiz back, honey!) but she was voted in by America, while Jeremy Rosado was dubiously wildcarded by Jennifer Lopez.  It’s for the best. Shannon should go in the next couple of weeks.

On Elise. I really like her voice, but if she hopes to stick around in the competition, she has to not look pissed off when the judges and Jimmy criticize her. She can’t swear at the camera. And I’m sorry sweetie, if it takes you a month to get comfortable with a song (like she said last night) you’re going to be in trouble!  Elise need some Idol 101 STAT.

Meanwhile, “comments from Jimmy” look to be a regular feature of the results show, which is fine by me. Although, I find it fishy that his predictions about contestants always seem to come true, which makes me wonder if he’s told the results ahead of time. Hm.

I hope this is the end of stupid gimmicks like tonight’s “judges save”.  Put the voting back into the hands of America! It’s the American Idol way. I, for one, cannot wait until the first shock boot!  Even if it’s somebody that I like.

Speaking of which–it was disappointing to see Erika and Joshua in the bottom 6.  They gave two of the best performances of last night. They are both so talented, I hope America eventually embraces them.

It’s the GUYS vs the GIRLS says Ryan. For one night only, the judges decide who goes home by choosing between the girl and guy who had the lowest number of votes.

But, before we get to the eliminations, the Top 13 perform Stevie Wonder’s hit “As” –  OBVIOUSLY NOT LIP SYNCING Y’ALL!  Pitchy awkwardness for the win. I LOVE IT.  And we’ve got some Nappy Tabs choreography right up in here!

It’s the first Ford Music Video of the season! Featuring the Top 13 stomping around as giants in the city to Peter Gabriele’s “Big Time”

After the Ford video, Jimmy Iovine pops up with a random message, “Hey Ryan! Just a minute now! Before anyone comments on any singers tonight, I’d like to say one thing.  God mass produces billions of people, in my opinion, too many.  But in the case of Whitney Houston,  he stopped everything and made one by hand. He made an extraordinary human being and that’s why it’s so difficult for these girls to sing these songs.  As far as Stevie Wonder is concerned for the boys–that’s no walk in the park either. ”

Uhm. OK!

Now it’s time for RESULTS!

Ryan calls Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone and Holly Cavanagh to center stage. Time for highlights and comments from Jimmy!

  • Jimmy on Elise, “I watched these performances 4 times last night. I think Elise got hit with the Whitney Houston stick. These songs were really not in her genre of music. She really didn’t rise to the occasion. I think she’s in trouble.
  • Jimmy on Hollie, “Hollie was at an advantage tonight with Whitney Houston songs. But, she delivered on the promise. She suited up, and she showed up.  She was fantastic.”
  • Jimmy on Jessica, “Jessica’s performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’ is probably the best performance I’ve ever seen of anyone on American Idol.  My only concern for her is that she believes the applause too early and gets overconfident. But there’s no doubt we’ll see her next week.”

After the nationwide vote, America has decided that Jessica…you are safe.  Elise and Holly are left. One is safe, one is in the Bottom 3 girls. Elise is in the BOTTOM 3 girls. Hollie is SAFE

Heejun Han, Jermaine Jones, Colton Dixon take center stage.

  • Jimmy on Heejun, “If I were making a record with Heejun, the last thing in the world I would do is take a Stevie Wonder song. This shows up all of his flaws.  I like his voice. I like the tone of his voice. We’re going to have to do a lot of work with him and keep him in what he does best. And this is not it.”
  • Jimmy on Colton: “Colton took great direction. He deconstructed that song. But in the long run, my concern about Colton, is is he attempting something that’s not really true to him. Is he a pop singer or rock singer? I don’t think he’s found his truth yet.”
  • Jimmy on Jermaine: “Last night I feel that Jermaine had an internal battle going on between tuning and feel. And I believe he lost both.  Jennifer was right. He was thinking too much. But I must take issue with Steven. He said the song fit Jermaine like an Armani suit.  Steven, Armani doesn’t make suits that big.”

While Jermaine had no problems disagreeing with Randy Jackson to his face, he hesitated when asked by Ryan if he disagreed with Jimmy.  He hemmed and hawed for a bit before he said, “kind of…but it’s ok.”

“After a nationwide vote,” said Ryan, “Colton, America did not like what they saw…they loved it! YOU ARE SAFE.” Ryan…trolling Colton again! “It’s too easy,” says Ryan.  Heejun and Jermaine remain. One is in the bottom 3 guys, the other is safe.  Heejun is SAFEJermain is in the bottom 3 guys.

After the break, it’s time to pimp Jennifer Lopez’s new reality show, Que Vida. She says it’s fun to do, but does not mention her co-star, soon-to-be ex-husband, Marc Anthony.  The show airs on Saturday at 8 pm on FOX

Next, Season 10 runner-up, Lauren Alaina, takes the stage to sing “Georgia Peaches”.  She hangs out at the judges table and name checks Randy Jackson. She makes her way to the row of boys  and gets all flirty with Phil and Colton.  The camera cuts to Skylar watching her.  The judges give Lauren a standing ovation. Personally, I love when Idols come back home!

Ryan calls Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane, and Skylar Laine to center stage. Shannon’s all “I only cracked on one note…ONE NOTE and the rest of it felt really great.”  Uhm. No.

  • Jimmy on Erika, “Here’s a case where somebody is not really made for this song. But yet she took it, enhanced it, and did a really believable job. I think Erika’s job is in her presentation. She needs to be direct, and she needs to just focus on it and say this is who I am, and how I present myself.”
  • Jimmy on Shannon, “Nerves got the better of Shannon last night.  It tightened her vocal cords. And what that does, is it stands in between Shannon and the top notes. She has a lot of talent, but she needs a lot more experience.”
  • Jimmy on Skylar, “Don’t punch me for this Jennifer. I like that in her voice. If you don’t like that nasal aspect of her voice, you may not like Skylar in the end. I LIKE NASAL.”  (Skylar dances around when she hears!)

Ryan tells Erika that she’ll be taking one of the spots in the bottom 3 girls.  Erika hugs Elise. “It’s the old ladies,” Erika is heard saying to Elise.  That sucks, but it’s true. Older women have a tough time advancing on Idol.  Now it’s between the teens,  Shannon and Skylar.  Skylar is SAFE. Shannon is in the Bottom 3 girls.

Back to the guys. Ryan calls  Phillip Phillips, Jeremy Jones, Deandre Brackensick and Joshua Ledet to center stage.

Ryan addresses the TMZ report that Phillip went to the hospital. “No,” he says, “I didn’t go to the hospital, I went to the doctor.”  He’s fine!

  • Jimmy on Josha, “Joshua did an uptempo song last night. It’s the first time he’s tried that on American Idol. He’s very very good, but my concern with him is that you get bored of his voice after awhile. He’s going to have to really mix it up–we’ve got to find a few right moments for him. Judges love him–I’m worried about him a bit.”
  • Jimmy on Deandre, “Deandre was a pleasant surprise last night. He didn’t over do it. He didn’t try too hard. He just kind of sat in his pocket and relaxed and did the song. That worked for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the Top 10 this week at all.”
  • Jimmy on Phillip, “Phillip is a great musician, both vocally and instrumentally.  He came, really knowing who he is, and that’s a big advantage. What I’m a little nervous about, is that these girls have a lot of vocal fireworks and could outshine him in weeks to come.”
  • Jimmy on Jeremy, “Jeremy is where I differ the most with Jennifer and Steven last night. Stevie Wonder ballads are custom made for Jeremy’s voice, and he did not deliver at all. If what I think happens does happen–Jeremy will find himself in the bottom 2. All the girls outperformed Jeremy last night. And I think Jeremy will go.”

Randy says, some of the comments, he and Jennifer don’t quite agree with Jimmy always…”we have that  thing with Jimmy…you know” Oh Randy. Always the articulate one! “It will continue through the whole season!” he says.

After the nationwide vote…Phillip you are SAFE. Jeremy, you are in the bottom 3 guys.  Deandre and Joshua are left.  One will take the last seat in the bottom 3 guys. The other is safe. “Deandre, you didn’t make it into the bottom 3 last week,” says Randy, “I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to endure the stress of the competition some more because you are safe.” Deandre is SAFE and he looks so surprised.  Joshua is in the bottom 3.

Ryan stands in between the bottom 3 guys and girls.  “Find out who faces the fire, and who is safe,” he says, turning to Erika, “Like Erika and Joshua”.  There’s a pause…Ryan  looks at Erika, then at  Joshua.  Could it be?  You’re safe and you’re safe, Ryan says turning to each of them. YES.  Erika and and Joshua are safe. “Get to the couches! Get to the couches!” says Ryan. Nice he didn’t make them wait until after the break.

Back from the break, Mary J. Blige takes the stage to perform her latest single “Why”.  Mary, who had mentored the kids, shouts out to each of the judges after her performance

Now we’re back, with the bottom 4–Jermaine Jones, Jeremy Rosado, Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone–center stage.

Ryan asks Steven if any of the four deserve to leave tonight. “Jeremy,” answers Steven.  “How does it feel to be up here towards the end of a results show?” Ryan asks Jeremy. (HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS, RYAN)  “It stinks,” he says, “I know last night wasn’t my best.”

Dim the lights Kieran!  More results.  Jermaine…Ryan walks up to the Gentle Giant, who towers over him. “What does that card say?” asks Jermaine. SAFE says Ryan.  Jermain is SAFE. The girl who is safe for another week is Shannon. Shannon is SAFE.

The bottom two are Jeremy Rosado and Elise Testone

Ryan asks Randy if America got it right. “Not exactly” he answers. “but probably, I’m thinking.”  That Randy…he’s SO DECISIVE (Not).

After the break–the judges have made their decision.  Jennifer delivers the news.  “With the two we have been presented with by America,” she pauses, “We have come to the decision that…we’re going to save Elise.

It’s the end of the road for Jeremy. Jeremy Rosado is eliminated.  Well, I’m glad they didn’t have to face each other in a sing off.  Now it’s time for Jeremy’s goodbye video.  Scotty McCreery’s “Please Remember Me” cover plays over the video.  “I’m going to miss this whole experience,” says Jeremy, “This was awesome.” No time for a sing out. Aw.  He does get hugs from his fellow contestants and the judges. And we’re out.

Bottom 3 girls

  • Elise Testone
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Shannon Magrane

Bottom 3 guys

  • Jermaine Jones
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Jeremy Rosada
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