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A post-idol interview without the words,  “you haven’t seen the last of me yet…” or a breathless description of what that first album–the one the newly-minted Idol just knows is inevitable–  is going to sound like is pretty remarkable.   Amanda is so grounded, she doesn’t seem cut out for show business bullsh*t.   Her determination to be herself is admirable.   Unfortunately, I can’t see anyone willing to  bank on her with out changes.   Firmly rooted in classic rock, her sound doesn’t fit into any current niche.   Her one chance?   She might want to consider Nashville…  

Reader, Beesims, posted a quote in comments that I missed this morning:

That’s the attitude I’ve had with all of this. I’m thankful to be here and feel very privileged to have come this far. But I absolutely refuse to be nostalgic about it. You know why? That’s when you lose a sense of reality. I saw it happen with a few people. It’s just ridiculous. We have the potential to be stars right now. We’re not stars. All we are now is recognizable. That’s it. I’ve got a hell of a lot more work in front of me before I can exhale and say, ”All right. I’ve made it.”  

More excerpts from Amanda Overmyer’s exit interviews ahead:

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Eonline, ETOnline

  • Song she would have performed next week for “Birth Year”, “On the Dark Side” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.
  • On Vote for the Worst, No, it didn’t personally hurt me at all. Votes are votes, you know? From what I hear, they weren’t too harsh on me. [Laughs.] I think a chunk of them liked me for real.
  • Her favorite and least favorite performances, The two that I did on the big stage were both equally my favorite, because I was more in my element there with a crowd in front of me and everything. The least favorite would have been all the group numbers we had to do. [Laughs.] But if I had to pick my least favorite one, it would probably be the Kansas one [“Carry on Wayward Son”]. Personally, I liked it … but that’s the one I got slammed on.
  • About the judges comments, Their comments weren’t going to sway me one way or the other as far as what I’m going to do. The objective of being on the show was to just go out there and show America me ‘  perform like me ‘  and see how well it would take. The comments from the judges were more often than not about trying to win, and I just had a different agenda.
  • About singing a ballad, I wouldn’t have done it. If we got to do four or five songs, sure, I’ll throw a ballad in there. But when you’ve got people like Carly and Syesha and big ballads are what they do, I’m not even going to try to do a big ballad. Take Chris Daughtry’s song ”Home.” Excellent song. But put it right there next to a Celine Dion ballad and whose is going to be better?
  • When Simon told her “You can smile now”,   That particular day I had caught the bug that everyone else had already. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound like, ”Oh, woe is me. I am sick.” Now that I’m off the show, I can tell you I just didn’t feel good and wanted to get off the stage as quick as I could.
  • Does she think the spat with Simon hurt her? I was just being honest with him. With Simon, the only thing with him is he’s a male and men have huge egos and pride and they gotta have the last word, but he didn’t get the last word. I did. I didn’t consider that an argument. I was just being honest when I said it’s fine if I’m selling 50 tickets in a bar in Lafayette.
  • Would she ever go back to being a nurse? I might have to. You never know. Number 11 is still pretty far down there on the food chain. Hopefully I created enough attention that somebody wants to pick me up and let me do something with music. But chances are they won’t and I might end up right back where I started. I’ll probably give it a good six months or so and beat the pavement. If this ends up being my 15 minutes of fame I will gracefully bow out and move on to do something different. This will not be the unicorn I will chase for the rest of my life.  
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