Idol Headlines for 3/21/08

Season 7 Idol Mentors Are Announced

Finally, watching the tedious results show paid off! Ryan Seacrest announced last night that the (thank goodness only) four mentors for the Top 10 will be Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil “Sweet Caroline” Diamond. Each mentor will help the remaining finalists prepare for their Tuesday night performances and will perform themselves on the Wednesday night results show.

TV Guide

Last words: Fallen Idol Amanda Overmyer says goodbye

…It really is such a crap shoot being the square peg in a round hole, explained recently eliminated …Idol contestant Amanda Overmyer in a conference call with the media this morning. Throughout the call, Amanda seemed both utterly unsurprised by her ouster and at peace with it. …I know how different I am and I know that I target an older audience and a different audience than maybe ‘American Idol’ provides, said Amanda.

When a reporter asked Amanda about her behavior while receiving feedback from the judges, Amanda response was startling coming from an “Idol” contestant: …I just wanted to be respectful and listen, but the comments werent gonna sway me one way or the other. Yes, Amanda actually admitted that the judges advice did not affect her performance one iota. …Their comments are based on excelling within the competition, Amanda later added, suggesting that success within the competition wasnt what she was after. Amanda was much more concerned with staying true to herself.

LA Times

Who Swept the Ratings Last Night? You Get One Guess.

About 25.5 million people watched Amanda Overmyer, the rocker nurse with the two-tone hair, get eliminated from …American Idol on Wednesday from 9 to 10 p.m., a figure that easily pulled Fox into a first-place position for the night.

NY Times

Idol Cutie Jason Castro

He may not play for our team, but American Idol cutie Jason Castro is winning our hearts. And while the dreadlocked guitar player croons for the masses, these candids show him pre-fame.


American Idol: The Jason Castro mania continues

Jason Castro is among the top-10 American Idol contestants, joining Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Chikezie, David Archuleta, David Cook, Kristy Lee Cook, Michael Johns, Ramiele Malubay and Syesha Mercado. We’re aware that Jason mania is spreading. Around here, you can buy a T-shirt or join a group of moms wearing dreads.


DeRosa following Idol competition Second baseman is friends with final 10 contestant Johns

No matter how American Idol contestant Michael Johns finishes in the competition, he wants to sing the national anthem at a Cubs game this summer.

Johns, an Australian singer who has reached Idol’s final 10, is friends with Cubs second baseman Mark DeRosa, and the two have been keeping in touch since the auditions began. Johns and DeRosa met in Buckhead, an Atlanta suburb, when the singer was performing.


Is Carly Smithson in real trouble? Amanda Overmyer exit interview

I dont think many people thought Carly Smithson would land in the bottom three so soon. She definitely has the strongest female voice in the competition, but her stage presence is iffy. Her dress Tuesday night looked like she had a lei on top of her shapeless red dress and that tattoo certainly doesnt play well in what we call …Middle America. Plus, she makes some odd facial expressions while singing that gives people the impression she harder edged than she really is. (See above)

But all is not lost for Carly. Plenty of past contestants who ended up in the final three or four have been in the bottom three at some point in the early stages of the top 10/12.

Access Atlanta

Fans hope singer gets record deal despite ‘Idol’ elimination

Fans of Amanda Overmyer, the “American Idol” contestant with two-toned hair and a raspy voice that won comparisons to Janis Joplin, are hoping she can still land a record deal despite being cut from the show.

The 23-year-old respiratory nurse, whom Idol judge Randy Jackson had dubbed the “Rock `n’ Roll Nurse, ” was voted off the show Wednesday night, a day after performing a feisty version of The Beatles’ “Back in the U.S.S.R.”

Although the audience seemed to enjoy her performance, Overmyer was cut after receiving the fewest number of votes from viewers. Her elimination kept her out of the group of 10 Idol finalists who will tour the nation later this year.

Overmyer’s departure stunned about 50 fans and friends who watched the show at the Southfork Restaurant & Pub in Mulberry, the small north-central Indiana farm town where Overmyer lives.

Times Online

Redoing David

Whether it’s Sanjaya’s infamous “faux hawk” or Amanda Overmyer’s frightfully cheesy “skunk” streak, the look of “American Idol” contestants can be as buzz-worthy as their vocals are ear-splitting.

Consider Utah’s David Archuleta. The front-running teen’s style is as humble and sweet as the Boy Wonder’s “aw-shucks” attitude – restrained and simple but, well, a bit bland.

Every year about this time, “American Idol’s” own makeover consultants swoop in and begin redesigning the contestants’ looks.

So we asked ourselves: How can we help David’s couture match his soulful voice?

Salt Lake Tribune

Ho hum, now it’s the usual pop smorgasbord

It’s a bit of a shame but no big shock that Amanda Overmyer got the stiletto Wednesday night on “American Idol.” She’s a strong flavor, even for rock, and to be a Top 10 “Idol” you need to be more versatile — or less passionately yourself, depending on how you view it.

Sadly, she’ll now probably discover just how hard it is to make it as a woman in the hard rock mainstream. Or maybe she’ll have the good sense to take time to regroup, find a band she loves and get out there on a tour with Donita Sparks or the Donnas.

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Apple Stores host American Idol songwriting workshops

American Idol has announced the return of its songwriter contest and Apple is stepping up its efforts to help people prepare.

Apple Stores across the US will host ‹Idol on iTunes Songwriting Workshops this Saturday, March 22 at 2:00 p.m. and Monday, March 24 at 6:00 p.m. Participants will get tips on what makes a great song as well as instruction on creating a hit song using Apple consumer-level GarageBand music creation software.

You dont have to know how to play an instrument or write a song ‘  Apple said they will cover the basics in the free one hour sessions.


Forget about those American Idol cruises on Royal Caribbean

The Times story, which ran Feb. 10, said Royal Caribbean was planning five American Idol cruises in November and December on the soon-to-launch Independence of the Seas — trips that would feature live Idol performances and Idol-themed parties.

But the announcement was premature. Almost as soon as Royal Caribbean had spilled the beans to the Times, which prints its travel section in advance and thus often is given an early heads up on industry news, the deal fell through. The Times ran a retraction earlier this week.

USA Today

‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds

Another Beatles Week: Like ‘Mannequin 2’

This week we say goodbye to Amanda Overmyer, after an odd second round of Beatles songs and performances.


On ‘American Idol, ‘ it’s song choice, song choice, song choice

Just one week into the “American Idol” finals season and already the first shock waves spread across the Idoldome; not really for the ouster of rocker girl Amanda Overmyer, a delightful personality but ultimately an underperforming novelty candidate more than a serious contender. Far more shocking was the first intimation of many heartbreaks to come with the horrifying placement of the Great Irish Hope, Carly Smithson, in the bottom three.

LA Times

On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 11 results show

Time for the results, dim the lights: Brooke makes it through to the sofas, but we are immediately struck with the most jarring blow of the night. Carly’s in the bottom three! There is MASSIVE booing, much of it coming from Journo Row. Meanwhile, Archuleta’s being put through without a hitch, and Kellie Pickler raises her arms in triumph. As Michael Johns makes it to safety, too, I notice that Carly is looking awfully forlorn over on her stool, and frankly, kind of sick. Thank God we go to commercial ‘  it’s pretty obvious she’s crying buckets. The minute the cameras are off, Ryan walks straight to her stool and gives her a big hug, adding another 50 bonus points to my “I Am Impressed With Seacrest” tote board. Debbie goes over to sit with her (“We hate Wednesdays, ” she says over the P.A.), Brooke fixes her makeup, Nigel embraces her… most of the girls in the “mosh pit” don’t care, taking this opportunity to just screech at Archuleta some more.

So this is where I was introduced to what we shall now call The Curse of Access Hollywood: In trying to figure out who’d be the last member of the bottom three, Journo Row was looking at seating order from earlier in the evening, and determined that Chikezie and Amanda ‘  seated together at the end of the front bleacher ‘  were the likeliest candidates, given the order everyone had been marched out. Laura from Access Hollywood then mentioned that they’d hosted a viewing party for Amanda’s friends and family last night. And it seems that nearly every time Access Hollywood hosts a viewing party, the person they’re allegedly celebrating is bottom three. It happened to LaKisha Jones last season. It happened to Mandisa the season before. “Dear God!” I said. “Is that true?” “Yep, ” answered Laura. “It’s because their family and friends are talking to us, instead of voting.” I started to get a funny feeling in my stomach.


Singers must stay true yet stand out By Carmen Rasmusen

The minute I was picked to be in the top 12 of “American Idol, ” I had one goal ‘ ’  to make the top 10 so I could go on tour. I ended up making it to the top six, so as you can imagine, I was ecstatic.

Utahn David Archuleta appeared equally thrilled on Wednesday when he made the 2008 “Idol” top 10.

But to get so far and be cut one or two spots before the top 10 is devastating.

Vanessa Oliverez from my season was the first to be cut from the top 12. Charles Grigsby was the second. But because one-time Utahn Corey Clark was sent home early (because of an undisclosed arrest) and Josh Gracin couldn’t go on tour (because he was in the Marines), Grigsby joined the tour. (Oliverez did not, so there were nine of us that year.)

Deseret News

‘Idol’ Banter: Amanda after my own heart

It a bit of a shame, but no big shock that Amanda Overmyer got the stiletto tonight. She a strong flavor, even for rock, and to be a Top 10 …Idol you need to be more versatile ‘- or less passionately yourself, depending on how you view it. Sadly, shell now likely discover just how hard it is to make it as a woman in the hard rock mainstream. Or maybe shell have the good sense to take some time and regroup, find a band she loves, and get out there on a tour with Donita Sparks or the Donnas.

…It fine, it fine, she said to the one who should have lost ‘- vapid Kristy Lee Cook, whose utter nothingness well now have to endure on the …Idol tour ‘- as Ryan read her fate. The future will be fine for Amanda. She clearly belongs to a music community back home, and if she never makes it out of the Indiana bars, shell still have a good decade of playing out. Ill look for her next year at Austin South by Southwest music festival, where the real rockers go. And if she decides to hang up her leather pants, she always has nursing. Ive known a few indie musicians whove turned to that profession after poor became boring.

LA Times

Reality Check: ‘Idol’ Contender Keeps Hanging On

It may not be the name of the show she’s on, but man, is that Kristy Lee Cook a survivor.

Week after week, the girl delivers routine performance after routine performance and yet, in a situation vaguely reminiscent of last year’s Sanjaya-gate, she manages to never get kicked off.

And this isn’t one of those Howard Stern or votefortheworst-driven campaigns (VFTW has actually been encouraging people to pledge their support for Amanda Overmyer ‘  the, um, one who just got nixed.)

Fox News

‘American Idol’ Recap: Amanda Overmyer Handles Elimination Announcement With Grace

It’s back to sporting scrubs for Amanda Overmyer.

The 23-year-old Harley-riding nurse ‘  with streaked hair, an adoration of Southern-fried rock-and-roll and a proclivity for using the word “killer” ‘  won’t be spending this summer on the road, touring with the rest of the “American Idol” contenders. She’s headed back to Mulberry, Indiana, after being voted off the show during Wednesday night’s episode.

Overmyer ‘  whose gravelly vocal style drew comparisons to Janis Joplin from the “Idol” judges ‘  was the latest contestant to get the boot, following her Tuesday night performance of the Beatles’ “Back in the U.S.S.R.”


‘American Idol’: Nurse Overmyer Sent Packing

Who’s in, who’s out, who will get to be part of the “American Idol” tour? Who’s in this week’s Bottom 3 — other than Kristy Lee Cook?

Someone’s number is up, show host Ryan Seacrest reveals at the top of this week’s results show. If this is news to you, you probably can’t read this anyway.

This is a very special night, Seacrest tells us. Sure, there’s that whole Beatles music thing. But this week we get to go behind the scenes of an actual Ford Music Video. This week we will hear even more people we don’t care about asking stupid questions of the Idolettes and the judges while talking on actual telephones. And Season 5’s disarmingly dumb blonde Kelli Pickler will perform.

Washington Post

Amanda Overmyer: In Memorium

Is there anything more excruciating than watching American Idol’s elimination episodes? The phoned-in questions! The phoned-in attempts to stretch out the Idol ad inventory by pummeling the audience with medleys, rehashing the things that everyone already saw, and endlessly previewing “Idol Gives Back”! While there are some useful moments on these episodes–like finding out that Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey, and, uh, Andrew Lloyd Webber will be serving as mentors this season–all the business done within could be done in way, way less than an hour. But that’s an old complaint. Here’s a new one: Amanda Overmyer went home in lieu of Kristy Lee Cook, who skated by on her “only countryish artist in the whole group” charm for the second straight week, despite being one of the weakest performers from the whole top 24, let alone the finalists.


Carrie’s carnival ride

When Carrie Underwood took the …American Idol crown in 2005, the discussion at the time was all about whether Underwood was ready for stardom and whether Nashville, Tenn., would embrace a pretty young blonde from a TV talent contest.

Since that time, Underwood has sold more than 7 million copies of her debut album …Some Hearts, the best-selling debut ever for a female country artist. It won her two Grammys in 2007, including best new artist, plus Song of the Year for …Jesus, Take the Wheel.

Journal Gazette

Carrie Underwood extends the ‘Carnival Ride’

Last month, according to her publicist, the country songstress sold out the first round of dates on her “Carnival Ride Tour, ” and she resumed the trek last night (3/18) in Bethlehem, PA, following two weeks with Urban. Underwood’s headlining jaunt is currently making its way through the eastern US, with a couple of stops in Ontario, and she’ll rejoin Urban next month for nine dates along the East Coast. By late April, Underwood will be on her own again, playing a month’s worth of newly added shows across the US. She also has a June gig booked at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and several fair/festival performances stretching into September. Details are listed below.

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Semi-country Bon Jovi is totally irresistible

“American Idol” vet Chris Daughtry proved the ideal opening act with his clutch of sometimes angst-y, sometimes inspiring radio hits with names like “What About Creed?” and “Feels Like Tonight (I’ll Wax My Chest Again).” Well, that’s what they should be called, anyway.

Twin Cities

Sevendust sets tour, talks ‘Chapter VII’

Two years ago, Sevendust and Daughtry met when both of them were scheduled to play a festival. Excited, Rose woke up Witherspoon with the news that Daughtry’s bus was parked next to Sevendust’s.

“We were like schoolgirls, ” Witherspoon said with a laugh. “We’ve been waiting and talking and admiring. I love the fact that he’s able to take the vehicle of ‘American Idol’ and do it because he’s always had the talent.”

That led to Daughtry’s guest spot on “Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow, ” due in stores April 1. The band was in the studio and Rose suggested Daughtry perform on the track “The Past.” Witherspoon had the same idea.

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American Idol Night with Guarini, Caldwell & Glocksen on April 12

President/CEO Bart Rogers announced today that American Idol Night will take center stage on Saturday, April 12, when the Rivermen face off against the Iowa Stars at 7:00 PM. The night will also feature the world-famous Ralph Rashid/UFS Downtown Outlet Center Fan Appreciation Night.

Former Idol participants – Justin Guarini, Kimberly Caldwell and Gina Glocksen – will sign autographs from 6-8:00 PM and then follow that up with a post-game Idol-style concert with each person singing two songs. Guarini, a native of Columbus, Georgia, was a runner-up to Kelly Clarkson from Season One; Caldwell, a Katy, Texas native, was the seventh-place finisher from Season Two; and Glocksen, a Naperville native, took ninth place in Season Six.

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Billy Masters

Nikki had some advice for contestant David Hernandez. “You know, I stripped before ‘Idol.’ Who cares? It was no big deal. By not talking about it, it seems like he’s ashamed of it. I say just go out and own it.” Of course, Hernandez had a perfect opportunity this week when he was asked on the air to talk about his previous jobs. Instead, he talked about being a waiter and a student. America collectively yawned, the gays turned on him, and now he’s history.

This past week, I was with another “AI” alum, Justin Guarini, at the annual Southland Theatre Artists Group Event. For the past 24 years, the STAGE benefit has raised money for HIV/AIDS organizations throughout Southern California. Each year, the show features stars of stage and screen singing the work of a single composer. This year, the composer was Burt Bacharach. The first act consisted of an abbreviated version of “Promises, Promises, ” while the second act was a traditional concert.


Idol Chatter

Michael Orland, the keyboardist for “American Idol, ” is joining J.B. Miller on 97.9-FM at 8:15 a.m. Tuesdays to get fans fired up for that night’s “American Idol” show.

Miller said it’s not a gossip fest but about chatting with this music man who spends major time with each contestant each week.

You can check out more about him at www.

From Season Three of American Idol, New Orleans native soul gospel singer, George Huff, who put out a CD on Word Records, will be the guest artist on April 17, at the world premiere of Francesca Karle’s latest docu-drama “Back to the Bottle” that will take place at the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center.


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