AGT: Extreme – Jonathan Goodwin Sues NBC Over Botched Stunt

Pictured in this screen grab: Jonathan Goodwin — (Photo by: NBC)

AGT: Extreme contestant Jonathan Goodwin Sues NBC for damages after on set accident that left him paralyzed.

It’s been nearly two years since the catastrophic stunt gone wrong on AGT: Extreme that nearly killed Jonathan Goodwin. Now, the former stunt performer is suing NBC over his injuries, alleging the network didn’t do enough to ensure safety on set.

According to a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Jonathan claims NBC and producers kept upping the ante on stunts to go bigger and bolder to keep eyeballs on the America’s Got Talent franchise. He claims that mindset led to producers signing up contestants to perform extreme stunts, while simultaneously cutting corners on safety.

In the documents, according to TMZ, Jonathan claims the show controlled, designed and interfered with the safe performance of stunt, which he claims nearly took his life when he got seriously injured on set.

Jonathan states he was “catastrophically injured” during an October 21 rehearsal at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia, where he was crushed and burned by 2 exploding cars before falling more than 20 feet to the ground and landing violently.

Injuries included dislocated spinal cord, loss of left kidney, 3rd degree burns

In his suit, Jonathan details horrific injury. He dislocated his spinal cord, lost his left kidney, suffered 3rd-degree burns and fractured his legs, ribs and shoulders.

The footage shows the cars sandwiching Jonathan in midair. Sources who were on set during the accident told TMZ they thought Jonathan had died.

Jonathan says there’s no end to his suffering from his mental, physical and emotional injuries from the “catastrophic, life-altering” incident.

In his suit, Jonathan “blasts” the show for what he describes as a failure to implement industry safety standards. He says the production hired unqualified people to oversee and design the stunt, which he says wasn’t tested with a crash dummy before he got in the ring.

He’s suing for damages. In the meantime, AGT: Extreme was a one and done format. It aired Winter 2022 after filming delays to allow an NBC investigation.

Jonathan has shifted to screenwriting and a hypnotherapy practice

These days, Jonathan forging ahead with a new life as a screenwriter and Hypnotherapist. Here is his official website with more information about his hypnotherapy practice. He shares his life with followers on Instagram. However, he hasn’t logged on there since October 3.

On his Instagram, Jonathan is also cheering on his partner, actress Amanda Abbington who is competing on the new season of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

For awhile after his accident, it seemed to be a matter of time before the other shoe dropped. He never mentioned the show, the network or Simon Cowell after his accident. It was unclear if he settled with the network after the accident, or eventually he would sue. Now we know.

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