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  • Mhole was right in front of me at the AI concert.  Later, we boogied at the LiMBO show.  Here recap here of her Idol show experience.
  • My Idol pal Mrs Trep describes her Idol experience here. (fixed link)

More from Me

I just re-watched my videos from last night and I have a few more thoughts:

  • Taylor seemed a bit winded during “Living for the City”, “Do I Make You Proud” and “Takin' it to The Streets”.  I've heard him sound better, but his performance was quirky, animated and entertaining.  I'm not sure what was going on with him vocally last night, but he seemed a bit off–nearly skipping the money note on “Do I Make You Proud” and missing lyrics or just biting them off in a few other spots.
  • He inserted the song “9 to 5” (the Dolly Parton song) into the middle of “Living for the City”.
  • Somebody in comments mentioned that the parrott heads were borrowed from the mascot of the local minor league hockey team, the Portland Pirates.  The mascot's name is Crackers.  Har.

More on the LiMBO showA picture named limbo.JPG

  • I was hoping to chat with the band, but there were so many peeps in the audience, I was waylaid!  Not that I minded.
  • Somebody mentioned in comments that “Tiny Dancer” with just flute and Brian Less on Keyboards and vocals was “magic”.  I am in total agreeance.  I really like Brian's take on Elton's “Honky Cat” too.
  • Another favorite was “Not Fade Away” that went on and on and on, but in a good way.  There were times when I just closed my eyes and grooved with the music.
  • I was right up front at the side of the stage, and I did get some pictures.
  • I'm really looking forward to the show in Wilkes Barre Sunday.  Keyboard player Brian Less says that the guys will be there, and hopefully the girls too.  It should be madness…
  • In the meantime, here's an article about Sunday's upcoming LiMBO gig. And, the rest of LiMBO's After Idol Party tour schedule:

Sep 23 2006 10:30P  Daniel Street Club Milford, CT
Sep 24 2006 10:00P  The Woodlands Inn and Resort Wilkes-Barre, PA