Katharine McPhee Update

Update: Latest Kat update from Katharinefans.com:

“Kat will  be doing the View on Thursday.  Most of you knew that though, and I apologize for saying Wednesday in my last post.

Kat plans to start her tour in Pittsburgh Thursday night.”    thanks soma

Where in the world is Katharine McPhee?

Hopefully, she’s in LA, getting ready to join her fellow Idols on tour later this week.  Katharine McPhee and her absence from the American Idols’ tour has been a hot topic of this blog for the past couple of weeks.  Donna Reynolds does a nice job here summing up Katharine’s absence for Foxes on Idol.

According to Donna’s sources, Katharine “will be back on Friday as long as the doctor gives his approval.”

Katharine, according to the webmaster at Katharinefans.com,  (who is in reguular contact with Kat’s mother) will be appearing on The View this week.  However,  Katharine’s name is not yet listed on show’s website.

We shall see.  The Katharine watch continues…