The Latest on Elliott Yamin

The Latest on Elliott Yamin

Here is a new interview with Elliott Yamin from  Elliott says the tour “is not rigorous at all” and that “just a matter of taking care of my voice and getting used to singing every night.”  He goes on to say that “We do a lot of five or six-day stints in a row, so it’s just a matter of getting used to that kind of schedule. There is a lot of downtime, a lot of time to yourself, so that’s good…it’s nothing like the show, totally different.”

About he and the other Idols hanging out, “We all hang out together, especially the guys. We’re like a band of brothers; we all hang out and we all get along. So we’re having a blast. It’s like taking an awesome road trip with your brothers or with your family.”  They tease each other too, “Everybody gives each other a lot of grief; it’s funny. We all joke around a lot…A lot of times when we’re joking around, we call each other by the number we were voted off on. So, Bucky’ll be like ‘Whatever, Number Three.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, Number Eight.'”

When asked about signing a recording contract, Elliott says, “We’re getting close, yes. Pretty close.”  And if he was given complete creative control over recording his CD? “It would have a very live, soulful R&B feel to it. With a lot of live instruments and so forth. Nothing too overproduced – just really raw, you know?”

Elliott also mentions that he’ll be working with juvenile diabetes organizations in the future, “We’re gonna be in Pittsburgh on the 26th of July, and I’m gonna be speaking at the American Diabetes Association – that’s where their home base is, in Pittsburgh. We have a day off there and I believe I’m going to be visiting a camp for kids with juvenile diabetes. I’m going to go visit with kids there while I’m off, and I’m not sure whether this is going to be a speaking engagement or whether I’m going to perform, or what, but it’ll be a good time. And then I’m also going to be working close with the JDRF as well.”

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