Katharine Update


Donna Freydkin of USAToday attended Katharine McPhee’s press conference this morning, and managed to conduct a short interview with her. 

But Katharine is back in a major way. She’s co-hosting ABC’s The View Thursday, but says she’s not jittery about it. “Once you come off of Idol, at least for me, you’re never as nervous as you were, ” she says.

And when she rejoins the Idol tour in Pittsburgh tomorrow, she’ll be taking it easy. “I just have to sing easily so I can get through the tour, ” she says. Katharine is under orders from her doctor to get plenty of sleep and guzzle gallons of water.

When the tour is done on Sept. 24 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Katharine will record her album. “I’ve been writing and have been meeting with writers and producers, ” she says. “We’re envisioning a soulful pop kind of album.”

Here is a press release from Big Sexy announcing Katharine’s endorsement deal:

Sexy Hair announced their partnership with American Idol’s Katherine McPhee who will act as celebrity spokesperson for the company. McPhee will also appear in the company’s ads and promotional materials through 2007.

“Katherine is young, strong, confident and beautiful, ” said Michael O’Rourke, Sexy Hair’s founder, who added that McPhee will will not just model but work closely with him to conceptualize and develop products. “She is the epitome of the sexy hair image. She and I will develop the product line together which will include her opinion on the product’s fragrance, its packaging concepts and design.”

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Katharine McPhee Watch

Katharine McPhee will be finally joining her fellow Idols on tour in Pittsburgh Thursday night, but not before completing a round of media appearances.

She’ll appear at the Ritz Carlton in NYC at  10 am for a press conference to, more than likely, announce an endorsement deal with Big Sexy hair products.  She’s also taping the Dr. Keith Ablow show (to be aired in September) in the afternoon.  Later today, Access Hollywood and Extra are both running segments featuring Katharine.  I hear the Extra segment will also feature Katharine’s sister.

Tomorrow she will guest-host and sing “Over the Rainbow” on The View