Katharine McPhee Watch Pt 2

Katharine McPhee Watch Part 2 – Because one thread just isn’t enough…

Here’s video from Katharine’s Extra segment.  Her sister Adrianna interviews Kat in what I can only describe as sing-song valley speak.  Heh.  And oddly, there are vague references to “voice problems” and the need for vocal rest, but her illness “bronchitis/laryngitis” is never mentioned by name.

The second part of the “interview” will be featured on tomorrow’s Extra.  Also tomorrow–she will guest host and sing “Over the Rainbow” on ABC’s The View.

Update: TMZ.com has posted a less edited version of today’s interview.  Here, Katharine actually mentions that she had bronchitis/laryngitis and that TODAY was her first “official” day of speaking.

I’m hearing, that to begin, she’ll be singing two songs when she joins the tour in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

thanks soma