Bits and Pieces

ETAA:  Make sure to check the comments section for Dress Rehearsal reports!  A reader just posted a report from a Kat fan at Idol Forums…  thanks doc and folkgirl

ETA:  Latest Elliott Yamin rumor regarding his personal song choice:  Reliable sources are claiming that it’s “I Believe to My Soul” by Ray Charles.   thanks schmed

More on Elliott

Also, I apologize that I don’t have explicit song spoilers this week.  But for Elliott Yamin, I’m hearing that he’s NOT singing “I’ve Got a Woman” or “You Don’t Know Me”.  Claudette (mom) Yamin confirms that Elliott will be singing a Ray Charles song.  thanks angela.

Performance Order

Lastly, rumor has it, and this is UNCONFIRMED, that tonight’s order will be (based on folks checking test phone lines-this seemed to pan out last week, but we’ll see):

  1. Elliott Yamin
  2. Katharine McPhee
  3. Taylor Hicks

Simon on the Tonight Show

Here’s a recap of last night’s Simon Cowell Tonight show appearance from

“On Monday’s night’s Tonight Show, Cowell told Jay Leno, “I would say [Taylor Hicks’s chances are] pretty good, pretty good. I’m going to say he’s the favorite – but what do I know?”

For the final two, Cowell sees the graying 29-year-old from Birmingham, Ala., going up against Katharine McPhee. ‘Based on last week, absolutely she should have gone, ” he said. “But you know, she’s got a fighting chance. I think she’ll make the final – and I’ll tell you why, because I’m choosing one of her songs this week.'”  –edited to add contestant’s name, sawry.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Simon’s appearance, but I’m hearing that what he said about Katharine’s chances to make it to the final was said a bit tongue-in-cheek.   I’ll have more on his appearance later.