Finale Rumors and News

Finale Roundup Recap – rumors and news

According to Nigel Lythgoe, in an interview on TV Guide channel’s Reality Chat, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks will perform two different “coronation” songs. He said, “Both will sing [their] new records, but it’s not the same song.” 

Elliott Yamin will be performing with R&B singer Mary J. Blige on Wednesday’s finale.

The band Live will perform their new US single, “Mystery” on Wednesday,  according to the Fans of Live Website.  More than likely they’ll also perform with Chris Daughtry.

Katharine McPhee will perform with Meatloaf on Wednesday, according to the Various and Sundry weblog. Rumor has it they will duet on “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”. 

Daniel Powter will guest on Tuesday’s performance show to sing the ubiquitous “Bad Day”.

Last year’s winner, Carrie Underwood, will guest on Wednesday (not Tuesday) to perform her single, “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.”   

Clay Aiken will appear on Wednesday’s finale according to this Entertainment article

Taylor Hicks won the “coin toss” taped after the results show last Wednesday.  He’s decided to go second and will close Tuesday’s performance show.

According to a regular poster on the official forums,  Season One’s Tamyra Gray will host Taylor Hicks’s Birmingham viewing party on Wednesday’s finale.  This has not been announced officially yet. (ETA: Now I’m hearing that Tamyra is hosting Katharine’s party).

There’s a rumor that Bo Bice will be appearing Wednesday as well.  This news apparently came from a forum post on his website,  ETA:  Check out this link.  Bo had to cancel an appearance because “He was asked to appear at the finale of American Idol next Wednesday.”

Some Nebulous Rumors

The “coronation” songs are rumored to be “Make it Happen” and “Through it All“.  Neither of these song choices have been confirmed.  Still a rumor.

According to this article, besides singing the coronation songs, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks will be reprising two songs from earlier in the season.  However, there’s a rumor that Randy Jackson has stated in an XM Satellite Radio broadcast that each contestant has the option of singing a new song of their choosing.

This blog reports that “the two kids have been given a choice to sing a.) either two songs previously performed and judged between the round of 12 through the round of 4 (disqualifying final 3 and semi-final round songs) or b.) they can sing one previous number and a new, not-yet-performed one, if they choose.”  No source for this rumor has surfaced.

There are rumors that Katharine McPhee’s song choices are “Over the Rainbow” and “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and were announced on LA’s Good Day Live this morning.  This rumor is unsubstantiated at this time.  My guess is that the hosts of Good Day Live were speculating, not spoiling…