Finale Rumors

Finale Update: (Don’t miss the updates! I KEEP adding them…)

Oh, the rumors regarding Taylor Hicks’s song choices are non-stop, kids.  Check out the comments section if you’re curious.  From what I can gather from sources, the producers are keeping a tight lid on information.  But, I’ll bet everything you ever wanted to know about this week’s shows will be leaked through the media soon.

Ok.  Here’s a cool little spoiler.  Check out the pictures here.  Squint at the very last picture, and you can make out that Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood are performing “We Made it Through the Rain.”  Burt Bacharach is playing piano in the pictures.  And Dionne Warwick is there too.  Thanks a whole bunch Callie…

I’m hearing that Tamyra Gray will actually be hosting Katharine McPhee’s viewing party Wednesday,  (not Taylor’s, as previously rumored).

Katharine McPhee will be performing a new song on Tuesday’s performance show called “My Destiny” by singer/songwriter Hanne Sorvaag according to Hanne’s website(click on news).  Thanks to xocyxs

“Hanne has written a new song, “My Destiny”, which will be performed by Katharine McPhee, one of the two remaining finalists in the American Idol final, on the 23rd of May 2006. The show has more than 50 million viewers.”

According to Entertainment Clay Aiken will be appearing on Wednesday’s finale.  Celebrities in attendance, according to the article, include the legendary Brian Wilson. Yay. Thanks jodaflo

However, Ken Warwick said on tonight’s E! News, that as far as he knew, Clay will not be performing…

The rumor that Taylor Hicks was rehearsing “Georgia” over the weekend may have been completely fabricated.  Some folks posted on the Vote For The Worst message forum that they helped perpetuate a false rumor started by two forum posters.

It was a rumor that had already made the rounds of the message boards when I posted it–under “nebulous rumors”.  You ain’t kidding me.  Since its origins are looking very dubious,  I’m deleting it from my blog.


American Idol Encores Season 5

Check out the entire album at AOL Music

Mini review:

The casio-flavored backing tracks and canned-sounding background singers can go, but there are some real vocal standouts here.  Just as I suspected, Bucky Covington (awesome growly rock vocals on “Superstition”–I love him singing rock) Melissa McGhee (belting “What About Love”) and Ace Young (here singing “Father Figure” his false is money) shine in the recording studio.  The judges were right, Chris Daughtry has a great recording voice. Sitting here listening to “Dead or Alive” I kind of miss him. Taylor Hicks was just as he was on the show–energetic and passionate. Elliott Yamin’s smooth jazzy vocal on “Moody’s Mood for Love” reinforced my belief that he’s the best male vocalist out of this bunch.  And next, is the best female, Paris Bennett and her smokey soulful take on “Midnight Train to Georgia.”  There’s some good stuff here.