Elliott Yamin News

ETA:  I’m hearing Elliott Yamin had to miss an appearance on Entertainment Tonight today due to a prior engagement.  He’s fine.  His family is fine.  And he’s still on the tour (rumors rumors).  All is cool in Yaminville…

A Couple More Things Thanks to Amanda, Schmandy and Bruno

Elliott Yamin can be found on three tracks of this CD by gospel hip-hop artist Big Planz.  The CD is up here on Rhapsody. You can hear him on tracks 7, 8 & 9.

Prince barely made it to the Kodak on time Wednesday night.  He kept the producers guessing until the last minute.

“[Ryan Seacrest] even stated, ‘No more surprises, ‘ just in case Prince failed to show – but then the singer walked onto the stage and wowed the crowd and millions of TV viewers.

Seacrest recalls, ‘We’re in a commercial break just before the surprise of Prince and he wasn’t at the Kodak Theatre, so what do we do?

‘He walked on the stage 30 seconds before he was to go live, sings and was in his car before I toss to the next commercial break. He was there for a total of five-and-a-half minutes.'”