Taylor’s Choice

Taylor’s Choice

I’m just reading through the comments on last night’s show, and many of you are talking about Taylor’s behavior during last night’s elimination.

To clarify my remarks in my recap:  The “2 Groups, 1 Chump” setup is designed to generate water-cooler controversy by putting the odd man out (in this case, Taylor) in an embarrassing, no win situation.  I think Taylor was “bemused” by the ridiculous situation and was “smirking” because the switcheroo he pulled seemed to confuse Ryan.

Taylor shook Chris’s hand before he headed to the other group, and then apologized to the Bottom 3 on his way back to the couches.  His behavior did not seem rude.  I thought he handled himself well, considering he was put into an impossible situation.

I’ve often wondered whether the producers script this bit from the get-go. In fact, my little tin-foil mind tells me that the producers may have instructed Bo to stand in the middle last year. That Taylor was instructed not to stand in the middle would not surprise me.  Very little is left to chance on this show, I suspect.

Personally,   I’m not a big fan of these manipulative “reality show” style stunts.  The judges keep saying that American Idol is all about the singing.  But that’s not really true, unfortunately.