Randy Jackson on the Tonight Show

Randy Jackson on the Tonight Show

There’s a nice recap in the comments section, but I think I’ll do one too.  The highlight of the interview was Randy’s review of the six remaining contestants.  At the top of the interview Randy said, “Four out of these five kids can definitely have a shot at a real career.” He doesn’t name names.  And never mind there are six kids right now, not five.

Jay held up pictures of each of the finalists and Randy commented:

A picture named LenoKath.jpegKatharine: Some applause when Jay held up her picture.  Jay mentioned that her mom is her vocal coach.  Randy says, “We’re dispelling all the rumors here…her mom can’t coach her now. She does everything that the other kids do, really…we have a vocal coach on the show…they live in this house, it’s a different kind of thing…they are sequestered.”  Jay said, “It’s like a prison, it’s like Guantanamo.”  Randy laughed, but then he didn’t discuss her singing.


A picture named LenoChris.jpegChris: Big applause when Jay held up his picture.  Jay asked if a rock ‘n roll guy can win.  Randy said, “I think a guy like this could win, I think he’s really really great and really great for the show…some of the rock guys sitting at home are saying ‘aww man, that show is cool but no rockers ever win it’s all pop, ‘ but Chris is definitely a rock star.” Note to Randy: Rock guys are NOT at home saying ‘that show is cool’.  I’m just sayin..



A picture named LenoKellie1.jpegKellie: No applause when Jay held up her picture.  Jay said, “This is kind of a Jessica Simpson thing a little bit here.” and then Randy started “well…now….awwww….”  Then Jay added, “In a good way.”  Randy said, “She’s a very talented girl, I love her whole country kind of vibe. You’re talking about the calamari??”  Then Jay says, “Well, I’m saying you’d win the chess game.”  And Randy burst out laughing, “Ok, yeah, ok…anyway…”  And it was on to the next picture.


A picture named LenoTaylor.jpegTaylor:  Jay said, “I like this guy ’cause he looks like me.” BIG applause when Jay held up his picture.  Randy said, “Actually, there’s quite a resemblance, Jay.”  And Jay replied, “Any man who can’t dance is a real man…and he can’t dance.” Then Randy said, “You know what? I love him because he’s like, the Southern kind of throw-back rocker guy…it’s a little take-off on a Ray Charles meets kind of a Joe Cocker.”


A picture named LenoParis.jpegParis:  No applause for Paris when Jay held up her picture. Randy said, “She’s another great talent…her mom and her grandma are both great talents too.”  Jay asked Randy what he was doing when he was 17 and Randy said, “I hanging out trying to get my junior pimp on, dawg.”  Thanks for sharing, Randy!  And that was it for Paris. 



A picture named LenoElliott.jpegElliott: No applause when Jay held up his picture.  Randy said, “He’s a great singer…this guy’s got a very beautiful velvety voice.  And do you know what’s cool about him? I don’t know if people realize, but in one ear, he only has 10% hearing left.  This guy is like, so amazing to me.”  Then Jay said, “Sounds like a Beethoven to me.” And Randy pointed to the audience and wondered if they heard of Beethoven.


Randy went on to say that he thought Idol was the only “real” reality show. Errr, sure, if you say so, Randy.  Randy said, “We aren’t on some weird trip.  Jay, you and I will never be in a car, trying to figure out how to get to Italy on $10.  I’ll never be in the rain forest eating bugs…it’s like, come on…I’m not going to be in Guadalupe in some weird jungle…it’s not real. Singin’s real.”

About theme shows, Randy said, “…it’s a competition.  We want to throw wrenches at the kids…everybody knows every song on the radio right now, but what about some great songs from yesteryear…it’s been going really good…”  Then Jay made fun of Kenny Roger’s plastic surgery for a bit and Randy said, “You know what’s cool about Kenny, though…he’s a real man’s man…he at least admits that there’s plastic surgery…”

Jay asked about “sexual tension” between Simon and Ryan.  After joking for a bit, Randy said, “There’s none of that Brokeback stuff.”  Thanks, again, for sharing Randy!  Then he said, “We rib each other a lot.”  Jay asked, “Is Paula ok? She’s not loopy?” and Randy said, “Nawww, Jay, she’s cool man, she’s a good girl.” Randy also said, “I think the last time we had her out [a night out with Simon], I think she went out on a date with one of Simon’s friends from England…it was a great night.”

More blah blah about Randy that included a story about a security guard they knew for 3 years suddenly auditioning for them in the middle of the garage.  Then more blah blah that included a crazy picture of Randy when he was in Journey. And,  the segment ends.