Simon Cowell on Extra

I finally posted some vidcaps in the Top 7 Performance and Results recaps if you want to check it out here.  Yeah, yeah.  I put up the caps wicked late this week.  Sorry ’bout that…

Extra TV

Here’s Simon Cowell’s weekly interview with his “girlfriend” Terri for Extra TV.  What does Simon have to say this week?

  • About Ace, “He had a good run, lucky to have got this far–end of the road. 
  • About Ace’s last performance, [Simon called it charming] “Charming doesn’t necessarily mean winning”
  • On Chris hitting the Bottom 3, “What could he do, the “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple isn’t in the Great American Songbook…maybe he’s [Chris] not doing as well as you all thought.”
  • About Kellie’s terrible performance, “Where she was very smart…she admitted she got it wrong…she didn’t do what so many contestants normally do which is disagree with me then ask the audience…what do you think?”
  • Does Simon still predict Chris, Taylor and Kellie as the Top 3, “Katharine has done better, but I think it’s their [Chris, Taylor and Kellie] place’s [Top 3] to lose at this point.”

Is Simon still predicting a Kellie, Chris and Taylor Top 3?  Is Simon attempting to spur Chris’s fanbase when he declares that Chris isn’t “doing as well as you all thought”?  Are the few bones (in the way of compliments and encouragement) the producers throw Katharine and Elliott’s way just an attempt to keep the public thinking there are no favorites and that anyone could win this competition? Or are there really no clear favorites this season?  Or do The Powers That Be have an agenda that hasn’t even come to light yet?  Hmmm… 

Let’s all don our tinfoil hats and think about this!

No? Ok, then.  I’ll don my tinfoil hat.  ‘Cause I’m a little crazy like that…

The Tonight Show

I think I’ll leave my tinfoil hat on while I watch Randy Jackson on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later tonight (that’s Friday, April 21 at 11:35/10:35 PMc).  Maybe Randy will send me some Supah Sekrit messages through my TV screen!  Hee.  Seriously, I’m sure he’ll have some predictions of his own tonight.  I’ll report back tomorrow…  thanks to chuck for that tip