Idol Media Sites

Still working on Spoilers.   That little yellow envelope at the bottom of this post?   My email address.   I’m just sayin’…

I’ve been getting a few requests lately for media sites.   So, I rounded up a few.   If anybody has an AI media site they’d like me to post,  post a comment  or shoot me an email.   Here they are:

American Idol Media  – This  Forum has  video and audio  from all seasons of American Idol, Canadian Idol, Rockstar:INXS and other reality shows.   Registration required.

Idol Media  – Forum with video and audio from American, Canadian and Australian Idol.   Registration required.

The Idol Show  – Forum with complete episodes for Season 5 and some audio downloads for Seasons 1-4.   Registration required.

Rickey.Org  – This blog posts links to mp3s with each AI5 contestant’s recap.

American Idol by Request – Yahoo group  – Audio downloads for all seasons. I’ve been using this Yahoo group for the past couple of years.   A donation to the site provides early access to files–usually posted the same night or the next day.   Registration required.  – Video and Audio of individual performances.

Periodic Thank You Department:

Once again, I’d like to send a great, big shout out to peeps who have been contributing to my comment section.   I urge everyone to check out my comments!   They are highly entertaining, especially lately.   Hee.   I’d like to especially thank those of you who have been defending my honor this week.   I’m simply verklempt.

Seriously, though.   All of you who leave links, additional info, corrections–I can’t say it enough–THANK YOU.   A special shout-out tonight to the posters at these  message boards–Survivor Sucks, Television Without Pity and Idol Forums.   I use so much information from these boards–gossip, organized lists, links, etc.   Y’all make my life as a blogger so much easier.   And the occasional links to my site are really appreciated.

And of course, extry special-special shout-out to the HH.   Gr, lils, nesa, pez–et al….you know the deal!