Kenny Rogers is In, Travis Tritt is out?

Kenny Rogers is In, Travis Tritt is out?

According to Kenny Rogers will be the special guest star next Wednesday, rather than Travis Tritt, as previously reported.

Next week’s theme will be Country music.

Paula signs 3 year contract with Idol

Thanks, folks for the heads up on this.  Our Pauler has indeed signed a new three year contract.  Says Paula,  “The contestants truly inspire and amaze me each week…Of course, I also look forward to putting Simon in his place for years to come.”  So we can look forward to more from the unpredictable Paula.  That’s good news.  Her mixture of cheer-leading, nonsense and unpredictability would be hard to replace.  The article did not mention the terms of her contract.

About Face on Ace

I received quite a few emails and comments this morning regarding a little throw-away remark I made in my re-cap last night about Ace Young.

I re-read what I said, which was: “I’d be a fan if it weren’t for that whole his-singing-really-sucks deal.” I realize this morning, after a good night’s sleep, that the remark was a textbook example of lazy writing.  I try for thoughtful analysis when I blog about these kids’ talents–but sometimes the cheap shot is hard to resist, especially for the sake of a laugh.

Here’s a more nuanced opinion.  Feel free to disagree. Heh:

Ace has some vocal limitations–breathy vocals and a tendency to sing sharp or flat. And I personally don’t care for his falsetto (or his corny mannerisms). Unfortunately, his song choices are highlighting his limitations, rather than minimizing them.  I thought “Father Figure” was a great performance, but since then, he hasn’t been “bringing it”.  He’s got talent, I just haven’t seen it lately.